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  1. When it is drizzling or I'm sweating from heat, I wear rain gloves. Other than that, I never wear them.
  2. The 57's are a full cavity....The 60's were more of a partial cavity, less forgiving unless hit off the sweet spot and the sweet spot felt smaller. You hit the APs so you know the feeling of that iron when hitting the ball well. Now x that feeling by 2 and that is Mizuno MP-57, even on a small miss hit.
  3. Haha, I was just thinking how ugly these irons were a few weeks ago, I saw one in the $10 bin at a golf show. I used to have the putter.
  4. Yeah, your irons are forgiving. I would keep playing and working on your game, go demo a set and see what you think.
  5. Thanks guys.. ^ That is a good deal. Also, I thought I liked the AP look but after a while it bothered me.
  6. Pet peeve of mine is people who complain about their pet peeves. If you read my post you would understand that I do in fact somewhat care.
  7. Irons simply because their technology has drastically changed over the years and you have to get them and the shafts correct. You can two putt with anything.
  8. Can't remember my birdies or eagles but now a hole in one is something to remember..Which I have not had yet.
  9. I could care less what happens to my irons or what they look like as long as they get the job done. I do however take care of them, I do what I can to stop bag chatter and try to avoid scratches but it is not the end of the world if they get banged up. Lets just say I don't think about it.
  10. Yup. I played the AP2's fine, they felt good.... I have been playing golf for 14 years and never hit a Mizuno (that I'm aware of). Hit a demo 6 iron MP-57, immediately tried the 60, 62 and 32. Lined up a sale on my AP2s and bought the 57's. That feel of the Mizuno's is unreal and my shots were awesome. I cannot wait to get out on the course with them.
  11. Funny..I'm selling my AP2s to my buddy and going to hit some MPs tonight.
  12. I'm not certain on my swing speed as I have not had it checked since 2006 but depending on many factors (fairway angle, tee box height, wind and beer consumption ) I am anywhere from 265 - 300 average. It is really tough to get my average, if I stood at the range and pounded on balls or am playing a fairly open course, my average would be a lot higher than if I played a course with dog legs or uphill lies to get my average. I do have confidence in my drive and the ability to hit it long but my number one concern is hitting the fairway and if I have to tone it down off the tee to later club
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