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  1. This. I am a sucker for this line of reasoning because I happen to believe that we, as a society, need a whole lot more respect for logic.
  2. Is it a crazy resurrection of this thread to ask about your friend? I hope he's playing and happy.
  3. 7th May, 10 minutes on posture and ball position. I was told my an experienced playing partner that I set up too close to the ball. I later read that my OTT move could be (in part) caused by being too close to the ball and getting too steep. After that, 15 more minutes on takeaway and keeping the clubhead outside my hands on the way back. Hopefully ingraining these two changes will help me come more from the inside.
  4. Just gonna throw out a few points to consider: Head weight / swing weight Shaft weight Shaft flex profile Have any of these changed substantially?
  5. 6th May. 10 mins trying to keep the clubhead outside of the hands during the takeaway and backswing. 1 minute spent hoping I can do it on the course.
  6. Yep... The guy who stands *directly* behind me (DTL) on the tee box. Ugh!!
  7. 5/5 Played 18. Was +4 through 8 (which is unspeakably phenomenal for me) then earned myself three 10's in the next 5 holes. Spent 15 minutes pondering the meaning of life. Spent another hour later on reading about simplifying swing thoughts and tidying up the mental game.
  8. Congrats, MacDutch! Mine was a simple little PW from the fairway that I struck dead clean and it hopped, stopped at three feet. Baby steps...
  9. Some of those 7i distances are nuts! It would be an interesting addition to see the lofts of the clubs as well. Bit more "apples to apples."
  10. 4th May, 45 mins continuing to hone swing speeds on partial pitches. Starting to get more consistent numbers: 7:00 chip - 10mph 8:00 chip - 17mph 7:00 pitch - 23mph 8:00 pitch - 36mph 9:00 pitch - 45mph These are pretty much the same through the 52*, 56*, and 60*. PW47 is a shade quicker on the pitches, by 1-2mph. I don't care a lick what the actual speeds are, just that the same "feels" are producing some consistency in terms of speed. Seems like progress, but we'll see if it translates to reliable distances.
  11. 3/5 10 minutes working on setup with a putting mirror that I've drilled to add some beads like the Pelz Putting Tutor. 15 more minutes on partial swing clubhead speeds.
  12. 5/2. Played 18 today. Spent 20 mins beforehand working out pitching distances with the 52, 56, and 60. Seems like contact is getting better, but really need to nail down consistent clubhead speeds on the partial pitches.
  13. New here, so thought I'd jump in the deep end. This morning featured 10 mins or so working on partial shots to get consistent speeds on various length backswings for pitches and chips. I'm focused on trying to get the feeling of letting the club come up and stop before starting down on these shorter shots to keep my balance and weight forward through the transition and downswing. While I'm at it, many thanks for all the great info you people have shared over the years. I've been reading for a long time now and am looking forward to being more engaged as a member. Every time I have had some odd ball question in my head, a search reveals that someone else has asked it before, usually with a civil and informed discussion (blades vs GI threads not withstanding :)) . Anyway, just thanks a lot, guys.