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  1. Adventurous. I skipped a shot across the lake on 10 (skimmed maybe 5 times before ended on the other side) and then hit a crow sitting on the fairway (on the fly) on 12.
  2. Two things happened to me today on the back nine. First I hit a low line drive off the 1oth tee that skipped four times across a pond to come to a stop 20 yards clear on the other side. Then on the 12th tee, I hit a crow that was chilling in the middle of the fairway on the fly. Normally, he would have been in the safest place on the course, but I hit my drive straight and long. Caught him right in the chest and sent him reeling.
  3. On the 16th green of my local course, my son and I noticed a buzzing sound. We soon saw a drone (quad copter) hovering about 30 feet overhead. It followed us from the green of 16 to the tee box at 17 and then disappeared. A little unnerving as we couldn't see anyone within eyesight of us at the time.
  4. 1. Tee up the ball. 2. Step to the ball. 3. Take 1 practice swing. 4. Drive the ball. 5. Go search the woods for said ball.
  5. Shot a 54 on 9 holes, including a triple bogey on a par three. Hit some good drives but I was constantly short with my irons.
  6. Just started playing recently, so it will most assuredly go down. It can't go up.
  7. Just started golfing about 4 months ago. Spent a month or two after getting clubs going to the range and getting my swing down. I have played a total of 4 and 1/2 rounds (3 full rounds and 3 9 hole days). The first 9 I played I shot a 67, then a 58. My first full round I shot a 124 on a par 72. The second full round I played I shot an 98 (3 pars and 5 bogeys). It was one of those perfect days where all my drives found the fairway, and I didn't blow up on any holes. The biggest difference was I started using an app on my phone to determine the distance to the green. That and I kept a che
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