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  1. I propose humanity be changed to hubeingity. We are now all hubeings. Perbeings need to conform. Any males that still identify as males caught using the word man or son will be subjected to 200 hours of feminist re-education to include a minimum of 20 viewings of the Vagina Monologues and Bridges Over Madison County. Examples of Acceptable conversations: how was your day? did you see the new dancing with the stars? would you like to watch the sunset and talk about your feelings? Examples of unacceptable conversations: What's for dinner tonight? Can we watch the Bears game? may I go out with my male identifying male friends for some guy time? (just having some fun with it)
  2. Driver does seem inadequate since it's got a big head on it but a 3 iron for those who carry would do just fine I imagine. Better yet, just get a cattle prod. It can fit in the bag and doesn't count against you as a club. A lil ol zap to the zipper fly area ought to adjust a persons attitude right quick.
  3. I have not seen the fight yet. That clip makes me wonder why he wasn't at least warned for evading and running. I will say, you can see Diaz get frustrated though so it did have some effect on him no have to see this fight so I can throw my two cents in.
  4. lol! Exactly. He should keep playing with it.
  5. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho, great, great scene) approved!!
  6. I make it a point to stab a person weekly just so I don't get rusty.
  7. Wow! 61 years old, golfing with the wife, AND making people respect his gangster! They must be a lovely couple to socialize with. For the love of god don't salt your soup if they invite you over for dinner, unless you don't mind a fork in the neck (knew a guy who thought it a good idea to marry a gal who admitted doing that to her ex husband. Shockingly their marriage did not last either but he is still alive). His favorite movie must be Crocodile Dundee. Good to know chivalry isn't dead, a couple that stabs together stays together.
  8. That is because he had already caught Goldfinger using his caddy to cheat when they found Goldfingers real ball. The caddy dropped one out his pants and pretended to find it. "You play a Slazenger 1 don't you?"
  9. Welcome! What part of Florida? I'm in Tampa. It's wet season
  10. Yup. Me too
  11. We saw Bad Moms. Typical comedy for the day but funny We also had time to see Suicide Squad. It was rushed, they did focus on Deadshot too much (I am sure Mr. smiths agent said this is Mr. smiths movie) but even still it was entertaining. Did I mention it had Margot Robbie in a hot getup playing a crazy bad girl? It had Margot Robbie playing a crazy bad girl. She went from hot to smoking hot in my eyes. It was worth seeing.
  12. I have on ocassion pulled one I real close for a stern talking and might have choked it a little. Usually threatening to leave it outside to rust a slow death in the humid weather works.
  13. Shot my best yet today on a course I had never played before at Champions Gate Orlando. So many shots I wished I had back and a few putts but shot a 105 from the whites. Closing in on 100. Had a blast with some great company will mention in my other threads including a 92 year old WWII fighter pilot
  14. Yesterday what I found interesting was them showing a few biclyclers drafting behind a car. I don't know the first thing about cycling but did find it odd that they were allowed to do that. Maybe @boogieliciouscan help me with that. The accident where she skidded off and wrecked was nasty, glad she didn't break her neck.