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  1. Yeah, I just read the article again. It said the payment was trumps responsibility quoted in article as saying "but the obligation was Trump's". He wouldn't have had any involvement in his or his charity's behalf if clearly nothing at all to do with it. I also googled and it's all over the place including several major distributors such as Chicago sun NYT, Huffington Post, Business Insider etc. So what you say and what is happening are two different things. We can go back and forth but it's pointless. It's out there, has been, and can be damaging. If it were me in his position I would have handled it differently and that's not a "bad business decision". I just got to thinking about something else as well which relates to your rich people and people don't care comments. Trump owns and has owned gaming ventures. The drop in most of these locations just at to keep the lights on is very high. I remember when the Mirae opened the daily drop was $1M a day to break even. In gaming people like us help a casino to break even but the real money and profit comes from the gambling activities of the rich guys you just mentioned. They also travel in packs, set up their entourages, and dine where they have good gaming relationships (I know this because I worked in casino marketing and tracked play for Wynn when he owned Mitage resorts which was about seven properties). That is where your profit comes from, the guys with the scratch to play 25k a hand baccarat and black jack. If I am Trump I don't want a reputation even word of mouth amongst high rollers (especially hedge fund guys with a penchant for gambling) sitting around tables I. The high roller section talking about how Trump didn't make good on a bet on one of his locations whether it was "his fault" or not. Just saying, think about that in perspective to the 1m. The groups of high rollers who travel together and play millions of dollars a night at high roller tables. It puts 1m in perspective.
  2. Actually it is not. It's taking something that people will perceive is bad associated with you, your brands and your business as Trump and making sure it doesn't affect you negatively. People saying it's not his fault and would be bad business are failing to see the big picture. He generates so much money off of his name and reputation and brand that if something is associated with him negatively, wrong or right, it could have already cost him far more than a million dollars of revenue or EBITDA. And this was another executive not sure I want the word on street to be that I didn't make good for another CEO. It's the same reason why when Chik Fil A made a statement about gay marriage they also were outside handing out free bottles of water to protesters. And their sales went even higher! They controlled the message and paid for it and what happened? They came out winners. There are multiple examples of this in business. That's why I disagree with @iacasand with @newtogolf And apparently over 70 percent of the voters on this poll agree. Ultimately we can have our own opinions on it and that's mine.
  3. Not true. Believe me good deeds and information are leaked to journalists all the time. It's silly to think Trump doesn't have media people loyal to him who he could have this story given too and they run with it. This scenario is different. Sam Walton and others are not and were not running for president where journalists will report any and everything they can get their hands on. Further your examples are private engagements where a tournament with a hole in one prize is public information with advertising attached and follow up stories printed after the fact.
  4. You have heard the saying there is no such thing as bad publicity? This toes that line. And in fact CEOs have to take the blame for mistakes their underlings do all the time. It's the buck stops here type of thought. Taking what could become (and has) a bad publicity item and spinning it with magnanimity and a showing of responsibility is not a bad business decision when you pay millions in advertising already. It's just good business sense to turn a bad situation into a good one.
  5. Not really. It shows ownership for your grounds crew not giving a legitimate chance at something you have offered. Did the insurance company cut the hole?
  6. It's all relative. What's a million dollars to a multi billionaire in a public forum where he is burning cash on publicity already? As a business person if I am in his shoes the answer is a resounding yes.
  7. I don't understand this at all. The smart play would have been to pay it off if even out of personal funds. You can't buy (pun definitely intended) better publicity than being a golfer who sees the error and pays it off in the spirit of the game. The good will created would have been enormous and shown him as a stand up guy who makes good business decisions. This is just another of many feathers in his cap of idiocy to let it spiral out of control. You can't handle a charity error? How can I be confident you will do what's right for the country? What a maroon.
  8. That is a lot of balls to concede. I used to play a lot in high school. Played a little later but just didn't have the time with college and all that. Owned a Brunswick 4X8 table when lived I Chicago and loved it.
  9. I have no idea what good golf is and figure it's relative at best. Good golf to PGA pros is surely different than good golf to us. Congrats on breaking a 100 from those tees however that's great. Don't worry about your score with your friend, stay loose!
  10. Best shot of the week happened today on my home hole, #13 at Northdale. It was mud ball today and I was hitting my fourth shot from 50 yards with pin in back of uphill slope. I grabbed PW and chipped it. It hit in center high side and rolled, and rolled, and rolled in for a par
  11. I like those guys.
  12. He did make great movies. Saw most of them. Even remember Haunted Honeymoon with his wife Gilda. His movies with Pryor were fantastic. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein are comedy classics and as funny today as ever. Kids still know him as Willy Wonka "a little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men" Rest In Peace.
  13. Ever play a Top Flite XL golf ball?
  14. Oooh. Okay!
  15. I need to find an instructor as well. Probably start looking again soon but budget season beckons. OT: There's a TST ball marker?????