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  1. Buying our first "new" car

    We noticed this as well while shopping for a car for my wife. I remember reading something along the lines that there is just not as much used car inventory as in past years. People are keeping their cars longer. Took us a while but we finally found the right car at the right price online. Secured it and drove up to Atlanta to buy it. Three years old and 31k miles in great condition. Wife is happy.
  2. Weight loss and golf

    I got pretty heavy over winter and hit my top weight after we got back from a cruise (who knew 5 servings of bacon every morning would do that to you ). Since that top weight I am down just over twenty two pounds and about 15 from where I had been sitting for over a year. Have about 10-15 more to go. Slow but sure is the way and eating less calories and better ones is the key. Exercise is great too but diet really is where it is at.
  3. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday @Wanzo!
  4. Favorite TV Show(s)

    GOT most recent episode was awesome. Agreed! We recently started watching Reign on Netflix. About ten episodes in, it's decent.
  5. Orlando, Florida

    They do my home course at least a few times a year.
  6. Worst Outing EVER!

    Lol! That's a lot of hate directed at scrambles. BTW @wakefield724, I hope that won't turn you off from the game, what that "director" did was totally out of line.
  7. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    It's crazy, three years ago lost an old friend that way. He went to sleep and didn't wake up. Last year another school friend, we were not close anymore but I knew him since we were five. It blows my mind to think about how much I feel this is happening. If there is one thing I want to get through to my kids it's that some mistakes you don't get to make twice so think things through and don't be afraid to say no or walk away. Condolences to Feherty, such a tragedy.
  8. Tiburon Golf Course Naples Florida

    Tropical storm Emily scuttled my golf plans for this morning. If you're going to sit around and sulk, might as well do it at the spa! Extra bonus was they are cutting power for a bit at RC Golf Course resort so they got us a room for the day at Beach property.
  9. Agree, if she were older and wiser I'd say a well played hustle but seems to be a mistake on both parties with the fault really lying with the person who didn't hole out. Lesson learned for her about rules, lesson learned for other about sportsmanship.
  10. Carts in your yard? Suggestions

    I was joking, apologize I did not make it more obvious.
  11. Cutting the cord

    He told me about it on Sunday, I may look into it as well if they do a ROKU app, will have to research more. There is something else out I hear some morning talk radio guys in area rave about called a Ballz box or something like that and it's supposed to have everything on it, free and legal, although I am confused as to how.
  12. Carts in your yard? Suggestions

    + 1 on the moat idea Maybe kick it up a notch with signs that say: "drive on private property at your own risk" then lay some sections of tire shredders like the police put out to stop cars a few feet in on the property.