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  1. Personally I would just play a par three/executive course and save the money. Not many par fours on them and they provide some variety and a par for their course.
  2. I checked with a few of my friends yesterday who still deal, granted they have been doing it for some time but they make more than that an hour. I think you like playing the victim too much, reminds me of people who say minimum wage needs to be increased to 15/hr instead of trying to go get a job that pays that instead. If you dont like station casinos pay, go somewhere else (that's what I did in my field when knew I could make more). EDIT: so I wanted to see if was anything out there that speaks more to the average ranges instead of just my friends insights and saw a few boards( with posts from late 2016. Confirms dealers make anywhere from 30-60k on average with 30k being a low and not very common. . Wynn, Paris (few of my friends) Cosmo etc can make 85k and up. Stations making 45k and or more. Additionally you don't have to buy your lunch, it's provided for you.
  3. You may start in a dive joint but you don't have to stay there. Think about how many hands of any game that are dealt an hour, and that people tip anywhere from a dollar to whatever and it's easy to see how people working 40 hours on a decent shift can make a decent living to a very good one. Only reason why I am still continuing to post.
  4. The reason I said "throughout the valley" in my first post was taking into consideration other places, also why I provided a range for income. If I told you I had a friend who made around 55-60k a year dealing blackjack at Jerrys Nugget (in north Las Vegas, a place I doubt you would have frequented, is old, dilapidated, and in a rough part of town back in the mid to late nineties) would you be satisfied? Again, the point is that unless you are a bad dealer, it's hard not to making a somewhat decent living if you have been dealing for a while.
  5. I worked at one of the "older casinos", The Golden Nugget, in casino marketing. Our dealers did well. My point was that if he has a few years of dealing under his belt there is opportunity and places to deal to make decent money. This is admittedly off topic so going to end it there
  6. Yes, unfortunately that is very misleading as it only shows what they earn on an hourly basis in regular wages. They are paid lower wages because they also earn money in tips. Dependent on where you are working, what shift you have, and what games you are dealing, a dealer can make a good amount of money. The hardest jobs in Vegas to transition out of after graduating college with a business degree were bartending, dealing, bellhop and valet because the money is so good and typically you are taking a massive pay cut to start your career in what you studied. I worked in the casino industry in Las Vegas (born and raised in Vegas) and had many, many, friends who dealt blackjack throughout the valley. They weren't exactly scraping together pennies to make rent. Not trying to call his finances into play really as much as saying that being a dealer isn't exactly a bad living financially in Vegas. Especially if you have been dealing for more than a few years.
  7. You said you were a blackjack dealer in Vegas. It's not hard to make anywhere from 50-90k in Vegas as such.
  8. Welcome. Tampa area here
  9. Happy Birthday fellas!
  10. Welcome to the forum. I'm in North Tampa. Carrollwood area (Northdale)
  11. My wife and I watched it. Some of it was a little cheesy but all in all not a bad show. Seemed like they took a little from a lot of different hustler type movies and put it together. One thing I thought was it seemed a bit like an extended Rounders. Got me to thinking Giovanni Ribisi could have easily played Ed Nortons part in that movie. They set it up so can do a second season.
  12. Yes, I agree that insects should be part of our diet. They are highest in protein gram for gram and ounce for ounce. That said, I am passing on roaches. I could handle crickets, but not roaches. I hate roaches, especially the ones here in Florida (like the person who rented us our first apartment refered to them) they try and call palmetto bugs. F. U. lady, that's a jumbo cockroach!! I believe up to 6 maggots are allowed per every standard can of sliced mushrooms. Mmmmmm.
  13. I am so, so sorry to hear that. You're a good husband. I was tortured into watching the first one. Fortunately my wife thought it was pretty bad.
  14. Happy birthday @RussUK
  15. Thank you! Thanks Shane!