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  1. Access to models and young attractive wannabe starlets. All the young hot girls know Bieber, Ricki not as famous so probably makes it a lot easier. "Yeah, me and the Biebs hang sometimes, I'm Rickie Fowler, pro golfer...Capricorn."
  2. I'd be interested. Let's set it up.
  3. Very true and I certainly fall in that category.
  4. Tee shot on #15 at Northdale. 170 yard par three. Water on right, trees on left about 70 yards up make it a tight chute to get ball through. Pin on left front by bunker. Played a smooth 3h, put it to about 7 feet from pin. Great tee shot for me, birdie opportunity but unfortunately I was on a big slope left to right. Missed birdie putt, made par
  5. Yup, usually in the area where all the car stuff and exercise gimmicky things and tools are. Found a few Ben Hogan golf towels and tees as well. Just have to an eye out
  6. Yup. I have a lot of golf clothes courtesy of Ross. Nike, Greg Norman, PGA Tour, Izod, etc. all for usually $14-25. Got a new Nike Golf glove on Sunday there for 3.99
  7. We visited TopGolf Sunday for first time. Was fun, whole family enjoyed it. They sent the below email on free golf lessons: Be still my beating heart! Maybe with that generous offering they will have enough time to show me how to put my glove on!
  8. This is usually when I write a nice letter to someone at the corporate office explaining everything. Then let them know how disappointed I am and that it's a great recipe to disenfranchise customers. I would provide screen shots of the sale and terms (or lack there of) and make my case. May want to even let them know you belong to several golf forums. The power of the pen still works if explain in a firm but respectful manner
  9. Don't overlook a trip to play it again sports either. You might find one there as well.
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. They were talking about that on the show I listen to in the mornings yesterday.
  12. Even a quick internet search shows national news about three brawls involving Raiders fans (I stopped reading headlines after that, sure there was more) just last season. One in KC after Chiefs won, another involving Panthers fans, and one that involves Raider fan on Raider fan violence, so no debating whose fans started that one. I know there is a difference between true fans and the others who like to wear Raiders gear because their just so gangsta (been that way since the 80s all over-thanks MTV). It is interesting about the number they put up that you mentioned, have been to several NFL games (some massive rivalries like Bears-Packers) including last year, and have never seen that before. I'm not sure it's a Ringing endorsement for Raider nation as opposed to a result of past actions
  13. I got bogged down in an extended budget season. Can definitely still put one together. Will have to restart the thread and see if any interest and for when. I am not familiar, is that east of Orlando?
  14. Need to get my lessons and start practicing. Played dawn patrol this morning. The problem now is with my irons. Hitting my driver okay and my 5 wood and hybrids good (qualify that as good for me), but can't hit a stupid ball off the deck from 130 and in to about 80 yards. Playing my 54 degree wedge okay.
  15. Hmm...playing golf like a sith lord, does that mean I get to use my emotions and saber the slow players in front of me at the turn? Might have to check that one out.