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  1. I love my five hybrid!
  2. Let me ask a naive question: how does a guy who says he is a 12 cap have a different index saying he is a 7.4? And has scores that are 6 and 7 and 9? I'd buy it easier if he was a 20 cap that shot a few 15 overs but it's hard to swallow the differential at that starting point. If I am paying money for the competition I expect it to be fair. If the information available to you was public then I see no reason to not address it (tactfully).
  3. How far out of Orlando is that? Closer or further to Tampa?
  4. Hi! Ive been around a bit. Good to hear about the new house. I hate moving with extreme prejudice. You almost ready to get back out there and hit them around some?
  5. Way to go!
  6. Looks like a blast!
  7. I can play it like Kevin Na out of the woods!
  8. Loved that movie as a kid
  9. Welcome back dude!
  10. What strikes me as odd is that they wore bandanas and gloves, and didn't steal much else nor try to break into house. As if they knew you had a camera system in garage. Have you posted the video on Facebook? I'd post printed still images around the neighborhood as well. It kind of sounds like kids who know what's in your garage.
  11. For my best friend who just lost his mother and is going through a lot with his family trying to make things right. God be with them:
  12. Awe, sort of, but a guilty pleasure. The whole album is actually very good. She has a great voice. I remember listening to this cassette as a kid quite a bit.
  13. Happy Birthday @rkim291968 and @Shorty.
  14. One I had not heard in a while, cheesy 80s synth pop, was on an episode of The Amerikans:
  15. But now more than ever there are two courts, one of them being the court of public opinion. Just ask "not guilty" OJ Simpson. So in some ways I think it was not bad that footage got out due to fact he is a public figure and was slandered, this vindicates him to some degree. We have seen a number of high profile cases where police footage was released before trial to media. I am not sure why, or what laws are around it but they are public servants providing a service in public so that may be reason why can air it (sort of like how they can post your mugshot picture)