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  1. This sums up what I remember reading about it a long time ago: Basically in that day and age, they were politely saying that they couldn't trust an uneducated public who may not be capable of electing the right candidate with the information they had.
  2. I think it was in second episode during flashback scene.
  3. That happened to my great uncle. He had a bladder surgery and I remember visiting him in hospital right afterwards with my dad. We brought him some newspapers and magazines to read and b.s.ed with him for a while. He was fine and in good spirits. That night staff infection in blood hit him and for three days they tried every antibiotic they could. He had a living will that said to pull plug after three days. I'll never forget the feeling of having to say goodbye to him while he was in a coma and I had just been talking and laughing with him a few days prior. He still is one of the greatest story tellers I have ever met. He had so many, and they were funny and fascinating. He was an engineer and helped build some of the buildings in Las Vegas area including the above ground bunkers at the Nevada test site where he says they allowed them to watch one be detonated. I miss him. I have never been to a chiropractor and don't know that I ever would.
  4. Watching American Horror Story Hotel season and it has one of the most awesome guitar pieces ever in it compliments of Siouxsie And The Banshees. This of course wet my appetite to revisit some of their music; so, for your listening pleasure: Cities in Dust may be their first song to cross the Atlantic in an impactful way because of its pop beat: Peek a Boo: For the Batman Fans: Lastly who doesn't remember this song in the 90s (for those of us old enough): Such a gorgeous voice.
  5. Oh my god! I have a new favorite redhead. Stunning!!
  6. Yup! And I take the three year old with me now sometimes. He has fun riding in the cart and running around on course with his little golf club. It's great for both of us.
  7. That's good to know and I would say the people on here can help him and give consideration. People from around the world post on here, but if you want to be his editor even better. It's worth it for a player of his ability to get good advice from the people that count on here and have knowledge to spare. He doesn't have to talk to post swing videos. Great showing at state for a freshman coming off a three year break to boot. All the best wishes to him.
  8. My home course (Northdale) the front nine is harder than the back nine in my opinion. #2 is rated the hardest. #5 you have to carry 130 yards of water par three and if over club you end up in the swamp so it's psychological. #8 has the hardest green to read and it can give you nightmares. Many a three putt on that and par 5 #9 have a right window off the tee to hit it in. A little too left and you just added 50 yards to the hole since it doglegs right. Too right you clip the tree branches and might not find your ball. A little inside of that and you may find your second shot blocked by a huge tree that is there. To make it even more interesting you have to carry a creek to another small landing green on other side. The back 9 has the signature par 5 with lots of water but that's pretty much it for those holes. I die when they start us on ten first. All in in all think it depends on the course. I played a goat track with 4 par threes on front nine and then the back nine was crazy in comparison.
  9. I had this issue with my ex playing partner. Every time we played he wanted to have the exact same conversation about politics and then he would whine about how he can't make any money and blah blah blah. It was obsessive and ridiculous. This is the same guy who can't hold his liquor and would get rude and obnoxious and yell and all kinds of stuff. I finally told him that I was sick of the same conversation, there are other things to talk about. He whined and said he could talk about whatever he wants and I said I agree but I dont have to listen to it again and again and if that's the way it's gonna be he can get his own damn cart and play on his own. I told him I wasn't going to listen to it every time and that it was downright rude to expect to force someone to have and listen to the exact same conversation all the time. We are not playing partners anymore. Matter of fact we don't speak any more because he is not big enough a man to say sorry or admit he was wrong for constantly wanting to crybaby. I even went over with my wife and we invited them all over for sons bday party. Wife and kid came and he didn't. Hard to believe a mid 40s guy could be that immature but he is. In general a good guy but his out of space conspiracies get old really fast. I guess my point is courtesy goes so far and then if necessary I am willing to assert myself and after a while probably would have told the guy to shut it. Then I would have said very loudly "Trump ****s your mother!!" (If that's his guy) Every time I swung the club until he gets it. Actually all kidding aside I did say this a few times to the asshole playing partner and we were both laughing. Going to try and mess with my enjoyment and be an asshole, repeatedly, well....right back at ya!! Lastly, its your money that you paid. If you want to walk away from it and are not enjoying it or whatever that is your choice and I don't blame or fault you. It's not like you are playing to put food on the family table.
  10. Man if I don't feel your pain. I have digressed so much over the past few months. Not able to practice as much as I was and it shows. I have tried some swing changes. I noticed I was bending my knees when swinging down and that was causing me to hit fat. I had three truly horrible outings. The last one was paired with a dad about early 50s and his 14 year old son. His kid was a great ball striker with a really slow backswing tempo. Good playing partners. Very patient and encouraging. They offers a few tips and although hesitant to pay them heed one was to slow tempo down. I have been working on that and noticed some improvements coming back but still horrible. Today was practicing and was ripping my 5h with a three quarter swing punch type shot. But ironically could not hit my low irons that well. It seems when I figure out one club I forget the others. I'll keep trying. My plan is to take a few days off from work in November and work with a golf pro both or three times and play two rounds each day focusing on the things he says to do. I am so far away from my goal of breaking 100 again, one that seemed in my grasp and although deterred I will not give up. Dont. Give. Up. Keep at it.
  11. Only four this year? Better keep up that practice regiment. I think you are better with a low club in you hand than you think. What a great run! No Eagle chances for me yet. Maybe one day.
  12. Way to go!! So glad to hear this and best of luck.
  13. Yeah, I just read the article again. It said the payment was trumps responsibility quoted in article as saying "but the obligation was Trump's". He wouldn't have had any involvement in his or his charity's behalf if clearly nothing at all to do with it. I also googled and it's all over the place including several major distributors such as Chicago sun NYT, Huffington Post, Business Insider etc. So what you say and what is happening are two different things. We can go back and forth but it's pointless. It's out there, has been, and can be damaging. If it were me in his position I would have handled it differently and that's not a "bad business decision". I just got to thinking about something else as well which relates to your rich people and people don't care comments. Trump owns and has owned gaming ventures. The drop in most of these locations just at to keep the lights on is very high. I remember when the Mirae opened the daily drop was $1M a day to break even. In gaming people like us help a casino to break even but the real money and profit comes from the gambling activities of the rich guys you just mentioned. They also travel in packs, set up their entourages, and dine where they have good gaming relationships (I know this because I worked in casino marketing and tracked play for Wynn when he owned Mitage resorts which was about seven properties). That is where your profit comes from, the guys with the scratch to play 25k a hand baccarat and black jack. If I am Trump I don't want a reputation even word of mouth amongst high rollers (especially hedge fund guys with a penchant for gambling) sitting around tables I. The high roller section talking about how Trump didn't make good on a bet on one of his locations whether it was "his fault" or not. Just saying, think about that in perspective to the 1m. The groups of high rollers who travel together and play millions of dollars a night at high roller tables. It puts 1m in perspective.
  14. Actually it is not. It's taking something that people will perceive is bad associated with you, your brands and your business as Trump and making sure it doesn't affect you negatively. People saying it's not his fault and would be bad business are failing to see the big picture. He generates so much money off of his name and reputation and brand that if something is associated with him negatively, wrong or right, it could have already cost him far more than a million dollars of revenue or EBITDA. And this was another executive not sure I want the word on street to be that I didn't make good for another CEO. It's the same reason why when Chik Fil A made a statement about gay marriage they also were outside handing out free bottles of water to protesters. And their sales went even higher! They controlled the message and paid for it and what happened? They came out winners. There are multiple examples of this in business. That's why I disagree with @iacasand with @newtogolf And apparently over 70 percent of the voters on this poll agree. Ultimately we can have our own opinions on it and that's mine.
  15. Not true. Believe me good deeds and information are leaked to journalists all the time. It's silly to think Trump doesn't have media people loyal to him who he could have this story given too and they run with it. This scenario is different. Sam Walton and others are not and were not running for president where journalists will report any and everything they can get their hands on. Further your examples are private engagements where a tournament with a hole in one prize is public information with advertising attached and follow up stories printed after the fact.