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  1. Where do you Put the Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

    I'm with the others. Put the cheese on top, it's there to help hold your other toppings in place. 85% is about as high as I will go too, need some fat for flavor.
  2. Chit Chat

    With so much going on, what should we talk about first? Are there any PGA Tournaments or LPGA Tournaments on the horizon that will be taking place in Florida?
  3. Share your scariest experience.

    Interesting you bring that up, I almost drowned in Hawaii when I was 18. Got rolled by a wave, came up, blew the air out and was greeted with a crest of another wave breaking on my forehead. Tumbled me in the sandy water, I started to lose consciousness when I felt my foot touch the ground. Was able to push up and take a breath. Oddly, it was dare I say, a peaceful feeling, I don't know how to explain it. Went and rented a boogey board since waves were getting big, and went right back out in the ocean.
  4. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    God bless, as if this day could not get any worse, Tom Petty passed.
  5. Share your scariest experience.

    I remember thinking that my mom would not hesitate to shoot and kill him. This was about 30 years ago, I STILL woud not mess with my mom. Yeah, that whole fireworks thing was wrong. Hope he wasn't a vet and we gave him a flashback and more PTSD......or a heart attack.
  6. Share your scariest experience.

    1). Let's see, when I was about nine or ten my mom and I were home alone when we heard loud banging on our front door. A woman was screaming for my mom to let her in as a man was walking up to the house as well. My mom went and got the shotgun and had me call 911. She was able to hold the shotgun at the window of the two people. The guy tried to drag her away from the door and my mom told him to stop what he was doing. He said something to the effect of "you wont shoot me" and my mom racked the slide and said she would, right through the window. It was just crazy, people banging on your door all whacked out screaming and crying. I was on phone with dispatcher and told them our address and who we were just fine. It was after the police showed up that it hit me. 2). I used to kick soccer balls against a wall in my backyard all the time, just practicing and getting better. One night I was sitting home alone in our living room watching tv. The couch is up against the wall that separates home from backyard. The wall has three very large sliding glass windows right behind couch. WHAM!! Something black and white hits the window really hard and amazingly does not shatter it. I saw black and white so instantly think someone is in my backyard and threw a soccer ball at window to break in. My legs turned into spaghetti for about what was probably 3 or 4 seconds but felt a heck longer. Actually I froze at first and was telling myself in my mind to get up and run and my legs would just not cooperate. I did eventually. When I realized that nothing else was happening I went back to window and looked out to see what was a black and white cat in the backyard. Apparently the stupid cat tried to jump into our home through the window without realizing there was in fact a window. 3). This is a bad story, and we as kids did a bad thing where thankfully no one got hurt or died. So once upon a time I was a 12 or 13 year old boy with friends that age. I was staying the night at my friends place in Las Vegas, I used to bike the 3 miles to his house. Well he had some fireworks still and we decided to go play with them. One of the things we thought would be fun to do was to shoot a rocket off of the overpass bridge on 95. It was late at night. We set the firework up, lit it and backed up. Then we noticed a car coming down, it was sheer horror as we watched this rocket take off like a heat seeking missile right at the car. It was a direct hit, the rocket hit the cars windshield, the car swerved and thankfully did not crash. We ran as fast as we could back to my friends house. I felt horrible even though was not my idea and i was not the one to light the fuse. We got lucky, but that was scary, we really could have killed someone that night.
  7. Share your scariest experience.

    I never knew, wow, so glad to hear you are okay.
  8. Kink in neck, playing in 2 days. Help!

    Not sure you can, one of those things that takes time. If its inflammation related and you had some extra Prednazone (anti inflamatory steroid) l'd say to take two a few hours before you play but that would be bad advice. Rest and what you are doing are probably the best thing you can do and see how you feel Sunday. Hoping for the best.
  9. Who is "That Guy" at your club?

    I have played with "That Guy" a few times, matter of fact I started a thread about one of them and etiquette a while back. That Guy is everywhere like Guy Faux! The only "club" I belonged too was a health club that had a real "That Guy" who used to love just hanging out in the men's locker room. Stark naked, trying to hold lengthy conversations with anyone he could corner, and not so subtly trying to get you to look at his rather small package. I honestly think he spent more time naked in the lockers than he did working out.
  10. Anyone enjoying the drink tonight?

    Happy Belated birthday! Amen to that. I like my Scotch neat (single malt) or on ice with club soda in a tall glass with no twist. And I love a good cigar, whether Maduro wrapped or other. Whats your go to cigars? Mine are Gran Habano Vintage Maduro for an every day smoke. Cuban Montecristo #4s in the humidor as well as some Padron 1964 Maduros for nicer times (I usually keep an assortment of anywhere from 40-80 cigars in my humidor). My regular scotch is Glenlivet. Its only a couple bucks more than JW Black and is smoother, easier on the stomach as I think its not charcoal filtered which JW may be. Have an 18 year old bottle of Glennmorangie as well. We drank a healthy amount of wine and scotch the night before Irma and had a couple Cubans to get ready.
  11. Hurricane IRMA

  12. Hurricane IRMA

    I'm exhausted but otherwise doing good. Just a lot of cleanup. Everyone get power back yet? @Carl Spackler you up and running again?
  13. Hurricane IRMA

    We are good to go. No damage, still have power. @Carl Spackler, good to hear!
  14. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    Exactly, more often than not it belongs to them. Done that a number of times.
  15. Hurricane IRMA

    Exactly! We have plenty of non perishables, but those are for after if we don't have power. Right now we are eating well and enjoying a little wine. If SHTF I still have two NY Strips and a filet from Allen Brothers to cook up on the charcoal grill (among other things). Good luck out your way.

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