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  1. Well it worked for me to walk away on Tuesday. I came back Wednesday and had a great round, and followed it up on Thursday and Friday with the same. I don't have those rounds where I can't strike it well very often and sometimes it's best not to let it get in your head. Again, I was playing by myself and I'm playing under a paid annual membership. So I appreciate all the feedback, but we all have to do what feels right in the moment.
  2. Well to clarify, I play by myself. I'd never leave if I was playing with someone. Further, I usually play every day at noon, so I'm right back the next day.
  3. I appreciate all your input. Also, thanks to the mod who added the poll and enhanced the thread title. I usually give myself about 6 holes to turn it around and then I can't take it anymore. Hopefully today was just a bad outing and not the start of a slump! Good golf is so much more enjoyable.
  4. What do you do when you're playing really good golf for a long stretch and you go out one day and stink it up -- almost like you've never played before? Do you: A. Play through it no matter how bad it gets B. Pack it up after a few holes so that you can put it out of mind I had one of those days today. I've been playing at about an 8 handicap for a while and today out of nowhere I couldn't hit a golf ball straight. I play about 3-4 times a week. At first I decided to play through it, but when it didn't get better I left after about 6-7 holes. How do you handle those types of outings?
  5. Goal for 2017 is to consistently shoot in 70s. I'm almost there, though I still have bad days.
  6. It used to drive me crazy! I couldn't fix my slice no matter what I tried. Then one day I moved the ball back in my stance - about 4". I used to setup with the ball right inside the front heel. Moved it back about 4" and the slice is gone. I decided one day that since I hit my irons good I was just going to hit my drive like my irons, so I moved it back. I'm hitting the ball 280 in the fairway now, 6-7 rounds in a row with very few misses. Now if I could just fix my putting I could get out of the mid-80's. Just thought I'd pass this along in case you're struggling with a slice. I just might work for you.
  7. Mine is correct and current (I play about 5 times a week). It's not official... just because that's how I roll :)
  8. It's been 108-113 every day for the last 10.......... but I still play
  9. What one shot, when you hit it just right, makes you feel so good that you're tempted to walk off the course on that one high note? For me, it's the 3-wood on my second shot when I'm about 210 out and I hit it long and straight right by the hole. Something about hitting it off the ground and watching it pick up momentum and then seemingly suspend in the air and drop right by the cup. I hit a couple of those today and I felt like heading straight to the clubhouse and leaving.
  10. Live in Arizona......... no depression
  11. Consistency is my biggest problem now..........
  12. Well my goal was to get 40, so regardless of how I worded it, I hit my goal :).
  13. For me, it's when someone plays too close behind me. We are a small town and the course is not crowded, so if someone starts playing one stroke behind it ticks me off pretty bad.
  14. 3Mulligans

    Hit my Goal

    At 52, I started playing golf in May 2015. I set a goal of breaking 40 for 9 holes within one year. Today, I shot my first 40 with 5 pars and 4 bogeys. I barely missed on a couple of birdies too, so I was feeling good. My best score up till today had been 42 a few times. My key today was that my long and short irons both were on the money. I recovered nicely on a couple of poor drives with great second shots. Putting was just average. On to my next goal.................. 36
  15. Aragon is right (smart guy btw). Doesn't matter whether you eat 6 meals a day or 1, from a fat gain perspective. I was a bodybuilder for many years and know this to be true. My preferred method was multiple small meals (or multiple big ones depending on goals), but that's just because I'm a snacker. I also tried Intermittent Fasting (only eating during an 8-hour window) and that works too.
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