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  1. Hello from sunny England!

    Thankyou I think lol,England is great when sun shines unfortunately not much of that at the moment good old English summer for you, hope it's shinning tomorrow as am playing. How long ago in Plymouth and what did you do there
  2. Hello from sunny England!

    I'm couple of hours south of you,10 miles from Portsmouth, used to live in Newmarket, took my first lesson at bury St Martin,lovely little course, lot of water if I remember rightly
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I do apologise, soon as I asked I realised, I only heard of the recently link was sent by golf buddy of mine, articles on fading the ball,which I do far to often,been playing just over a year now,wish I'd have taken it up a long time ago,really enjoy playing though
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a construction manager on a golf course in the UK.it was bought by new owners nearly 2 years ago. I was approached and employed to undertake reconstruction and to turn round play ability of the course, Some really nice projects on the go. Couldn't wish for a better career move,working where I love to play. Happy days