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  1. It is illegal to copy from the web since the law passed in 4/1989. Any forum that supplies avatars and other things copied or people copying from the web and posting it in full is breaking the law.
  2. No it's someone here that inserted kissinger picture before I had a avatar. kissinger picture only belongs on my tissue paper' No I have the Smith&Wesson; Model 41 and the scope that I'm deadly accurate with since I compete around the country. Oh by the way any avatars supplied by this forum taken from the web are illegal as of 4/1989.
  3. If you had a chance to play for free, for the rest of your life, what course would that be and why
  4. Does this forum allow copy righted material to be posted by members or just supply a URL Last I knew it was illegal to do so.
  5. So I read your BANNING PEOPLE THAT DISAGREE. Does it answer the question "what if you get MANY threads that Attack the poster because they just don't like what he's saying. Does the poster have the right to defend what he's saying or do others have more of a right to attack with threads that have absolutely nothing to do with the thread posted and are simply personal attacks
  6. Here we have a self professed rich guy trying to justify that the rich pay more than their fair share....Warren Buffett doesn't even believe that. GE paid no federal taxes and made billions and the IRS SENT THEM A CHECK FOR 5 BILLION DOLLARS is that the "WIGGLE ROOM YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT? There's probably many here that will believe your story based on the threads I've read in the world of 100 watt light bulbs lots of 10 watters But you just keep tellin you're story even if it's science fiction.
  7. You seem like a guy that enjoys one thing.. I get this image of you sitting in the corner of a dark basement typing with your left hand and ----------with your right nono you know what your mom told you......Smart a$$ remarks get one back kennie
  8. Ask if I care...Looks like your just trying to get to 10,000 posts no matter what you post
  9. You bitch at me for posting something fro 2013 and the you post pages of text fro 2010 and other years. Just for clarification did you have permission to copy those pages and does this forum allow posts that are copy righted? 1.Cancel all loop hole for corporations and the rich.VERY BIG 2.Print new money and cancel the value of any old money outside the USA unless it is returned to USA by a certain date. 3Tax all imports at the rate the importing country taxes our imports. 4 Remove all US troops from foreign countries. 5.Stop all payments to foreign countries. 6
  10. It's a matter of public information. I have no idea where I learned it but I never repeat something that that isn't from a trusted source and is verified. Why would you wonder it's just a statement. All TV is manipulated by big corporations.
  11. Oh I try to understand these quoting deals. Do you know anything about credit default swaps and derivatives I think not, then it's a waste of time discussing anything about the bush 2008 crash. But there's no doubt that's what happened and IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN because the stupid democrats did nothing to change the laws allowing banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies from designing new instruments that sidestep all laws. The next may be the last. For your info the homes/ properties foreclosed on in the crash. were 95%+ homes/ properties that had mortgages that were written
  12. What you carrying this guys water? I stand on what I say period
  13. So you say you can't be a introvert and be slighted by friends but you can be a extrovert and still not trust people hum. I think you have a problem thinking things out. I really have no interest in what else you have to say about this.
  14. I agree that they need to start over .But do you really think the B/M and corps. will get anything different than they have now, no they want more in fact they want everything and won't be happy until they have everything everyone has.. The people understand the system, the system in which they pay more than 50% of what they earn in all the taxes they pay and the rich pay squat.
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