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  1. thanks for sharing the links. really appreciated. also, I definte distance wedge a bit different than you. I consider it everything from 25-120 yards. i probably spend more time 30-60 yards than 70-120, but your point in still very well taken. for me, where this has helped me is around par 5 scoring and on short par 4s.. my home course has a couple of risk reward par 5s where layup is the smart play. focusing on this has helped me move from 20% birdie rate to a bit over 50%. that said, i appreciate your research and will likely dial the longer wedges back a bit.
  2. here is what it is for me. (0.4 index now, but have been plus in the past) Driver/3wood: 15% all other long-game (focus on hitting the 9 ball flights): 20% wedge distance control: 25% chipping/bunkers: 25% putting (almost all lag putting): 10% special shots: (recovery shots, uneven lies) 5% This is how I spend my time in season. I generally play 18 holes on one weekend day and 9 holes after work during the week. Will also spend a 1-1.5 hour practice season. might also play 9 with my daughter one day as well. during these I will always be working on somethign. (e.g. hit every shot left to right, take ultra conservative line) Not saying it is the right thing, but its right for me. Putting is by far my strength and driving is my biggest weakness. For me the biggest gap is see in others is 1) not spending enough time on wedge distance control (this is where you score) and 2) not practicing lag putting. I dont think i have practiced a 7 foot putt in years and I average 1 3 putt every 50 holes. Living in the north, I do a bit more long game in the offseason, but dont practice that much. I honestly belief spending more time in the gym and focus on flexibility will do better than bashing balls. hope this helps.