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  1. Spent time at the practice green today working on pitch shots. I hit numerous different shots from different lies and played an up and down game. I also worked a bit on my putting. I used the coin drill for this and hit nothing but some straight 5 footers.
  2. Hit balls at the range today. Im still working on my backswing and making sure my shoulders are at 90* at A3. I also made alot of slow half swings trying to feel some rotation in my downswing. This is something Im currently struggling with.
  3. Hit up the range after work today. Im still working on my backswing and things are going pretty good. My backswing is significantly shorter than before and my contact has been 100% better and way more consistent. Practiced some putting also and doing the coin drill.
  4. Mirror work today with some bacswing mapping. Also picked up a new putter so I did some drills with it working on my start line.
  5. Ewent to the range today. I spent the entire time working on my backswing specifically shortening it. Ive mad some good progress with it. My main thought is to have my shoulders at 90* at P3.
  6. Spent an hour and a half at the practice putting green. I worked on pitch shots and keeping my right arm moving through them. I also worked on my putting stroke by using the gate drill. I also focused on my start line. It was good to get some short game work in.
  7. Went to the range today. I continued to focus on my backswing for over half of the bucket. The rest of the balls I demoed the new Ping G driver. I ended up trading in my driver and a 3W for it. I didnt see much of a gain in anything with the G but it sounded and felt better than my previous driver the G30.
  8. Mirror work today. Im still working on my backswing and making sure my shoulder turn is correct. I also worked on my putting by doing the coin drill and focusing on my start line.
  9. Went to the range after work. Focused on my backswing checkpoints for the entire bucket. Went to the practice green and worked on pitch shots with my 58* for 45 minutes. I focused on keeping the right arm moving through the shot.
  10. Mirror work and mapping the backswing is what I did today. My main checkpoint in the backswing is to have my shoulders at 90* at P3. All of this is to help me shorten up my swing. I worked on this for an hour or so then worked on my putting in the living room by doing the coin drill.
  11. Range and mirror work today. Im working mainly on my backswing. Im trying to stop my arm lift in the backswing by letting my pivot raise the arms. A check point for me is to have my shoulders at 90* when I get to P3. Im also being conscience of not having to much wrist cOck esp. late in the backswing. I feel like Steve Stricker but in reality Im nowhere near that.
  12. Mirror work and mapping my downswing today. Im trying to get my body rotating more in the downswing and keeping the club shallow. I also spent 15 min. working on my takeaway.
  13. More range work today. I focused mainly on my takeaway. I have to make sure to keep an eye on it because I can get really sloppy. I also worked more on my putting with the coin drill and clock drill. I ended the day with trying to make 10 straight 5 footers. I had to start over a couple times:)
  14. Hit balls at the range today. Im still working on my downswing however I paid a little attention to my takeaway. I started getting sloppy with it and I have to remember hands in and clubhead out. I also practiced my putting with the coin drill.
  15. Went to the range today. I worked on my downswing from P6 on. Im trying to get my shoulders and hips open at impact. I practiced slow swings today and nothing full speed.
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