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  1. thanks mike. besides the leg what should i look to work on next.
  2. Hey mike can you take a look at the head movement in this video and tell what you think. Thanks William
  3. good luck and have fun
  4. Thanks guys. So what kind of drills for the flippin
  5. Hello Mike can you take a look at this impact position and tell me if im flippin through the ball.Still having trouble moving my head and shoulders to flat.
  6. Its only a practice ball and i cant hurt the old truck
  7. Thats fantastic man keep up the good work
  8. congrats on your round today.
  9. Hey mike how can i get into better posture it looks like im slumped over really bad
  10. Goodluck and have fun
  11. I have been looking at g6 also.whats your thoughts on it
  12. Thanks mike i will work on thatm William
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: Just started back from a 20 year layoff My current handicap index or average score is: My typical ball flight is: high shot with irons mostly left and a straight slice with driver The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat shots Hello everyone im just getting back into the game after a 20 year layoff. Some of the problems im having is hitting a lot of fat shots with my irons and to me it seems like im hitting the ball way to high if i dont hit them fat . Im also hitting a lot of iron shots to the left.With the driver im starting the ball straight with a slice on it. Both shots was with 8iron
  14. Hello i work for a wellness company as a fork truck driver
  15. Hello everyone my name is William Wood and im a 47 year old golfer. Just started playing again after 20 years of not playing so im here to learn and improve and i glad i a part of this community. Thanks William