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  1. You could save yourself some money and buy something used. For example, I hit my old Titelist 675D as far as I hit the new Callaway mini-bertha driver I got for Christmas. One of the guys I play with hits his drives 15-20 yards longer than me, and he has a new Titelist driver. He tried my mini, and hit it exactly as far as he hits his new driver. New clubs don't typically offer as much of an advantage, but they are fun to desire and buy.
  2. Hi All, I am swinging a Callaway 12-degree Mini-Bertha, and I am curious if using a left-handed optifit adapter would allow for my right handed club to be adjusted down to 10 degrees? My thought is that everything would be opposite, so the +2 degrees on a left handed optifit would equate to -2 degrees when used with a right hand club. And I am assuming that the fade and draw settings would be opposites as well. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brett