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  1. I'm still relatively new to golf. I've been primarily playing 9 hole executive courses. I've played 18 hole courses a couple of times. On some of the courses, there's a menu at the 9th hole allowing you to order food for later at the turn. Now my question is, what is the proper etiquette for eating at the turn? Are you suppose to pick it up and eat and play at the same time, or is it OK to take a short break and chill out (essentially letting groups behind you to play through)? I'm curious what is considered "normal" behavior. Thanks, Tienshiao
  2. Tienshiao


    I'll turn 30 this year! Oh sh**! Did not really think about that until just now. Doh! I've had my clubs since college, but did not seriously start play until about a year and a half ago.
  3. Not sure what qualifies as a "home course" as I'm a total newbie. But the muni I play at the most is: http://www.laspositasgolfcourse.com/
  4. I am a computer programmer/software developer/whatever. I telecommute, so I can visit the site whenever I want. :)
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