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  1. All good ideas! I'll be happy to have 10-15 players being the first time I've done this. Thanks guys!
  2. The site is redirecting to pinhigh.nl...a netherlands based golf travel agency/company?
  3. I played in a masters pool with about 20-30 guys this past year and was wanting to do the same for the FDX Cup, with the top 30 and all. Has anyone have any ideas on how to score, pick, etc. Never really played in any golf tournament pools. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thinking about trading a guy my 2015 Cleveland CG black cart back for the attached Burton bag.? Cant find hardly much info and no reviews on this particular bag...anyone used the bag or can pass along any info you know on the bag? Looks sweat! Just not a "popular" brand of stand bags from what I can tell any help is appreciated!
  5. Weight and Torque would be your differences.... see attached spec chart FWIW, I got fitted for the following shafts after bringing heads only to the fitting. 910d3 - Diamana Blueboard S+ x5 60g Stiff 915h3 - Diamana Blueboard S+ HY x5 70g Stiff Can't go wrong ,IMHO, with Diamana shaft, but unless you get fitted for a shaft your really doing yourself and injustice!
  6. I'd have to recommend, from what your saying, Callaway Mack Daddy 2 "C" grind wedge for the following reasons. Designed by Roger Cleveland (that sold Cleveland Golf and designs Callaway wedges now) forged from soft 1020 carbon steel for better feel, control and cuts through any surface, especially sand, like butter C grind has the most versatility and features a heel and toe grind to enable it to be opened or closed to suit your needs You can get 56-58-60-64 deg in that line, but with the "C" grind you can open the face on a 56* and get that feel/trajectory of a 60* It's just VERY versatile for 1 wedge, and priced relatively good!
  7. I used to be pretty loyal to Ping Irons & Wedges from about 15yo-25yo....after a 7-8 hiatus, I happened upon a STEAL on a set of Cleveland 588 CB Precision Forged Irons, and have sold all my ping wedges and buying Cleveland RTX Precsision Forged wedges. I really like the forging Cleveland offers. As far as woods, I started off playing with the original Big Bertha Driver and War Bird 15* 3w, but after the hiatus, I am pretty brand loyal to Titleist for my Driver/Woods, mainly for the feel and sure-fit adjustability. I have a 910d3 (8.5 adjusted to 10*), 915fd 15* & 915h3 21* (adjusted to 22.75*)
  8. All-time Favorite: With out a doubt, Freddie "Boom Boom" Couples! Current Favorites: Stenson, Kisner, Hoffman, Scott & "Mr Smooth" aka Angel Cabrera!
  9. Thanks for the info, I can't wait myself. I was told by a friend that used to go every year when living there, "Get there early" when I asked about Merchandise? He recommended hanging around 17 most of the day to see the island hole and is a good locale to see other tees/holes I might have a change of plans and get Friday tix also. I know it probably want be as crowded and give us the weekend to play somewhere in the JAX area....brothers bachelor party weekend :) whats food/beer/merch prices like? I'm ready to give someone a big "mash potatoes....Gravy" on the tee! Hehe Same here never been to JAX or any PGA tourney of this caliber! It's only a short 4.5hrs from home and the stadium pass prices makes it a no brainer!
  10. What to except!? Been wanting to go to the Players for several years and planned a 4 day, 3 night trip to Amelia Island and got a 2-Sunday round Stadium passes for $50! Never been to metro JAX (only 4hrs south of me) and any PGA tournament in general, so any thoughts, tips advice on the TPC sawgrass itself (merch prices, good spectator locations, etc) possibly courses to play around JAX and Amelia, etc. thanks for any info you have....I'm aimed ?⛳️ P.S. Maybe Rickie will leave the high top trainers at the horse track ;)
  11. Not to be rude but I started this thread to get info on soft-stepping...I know what I want to do just seeking info on how-to's and experiences with soft-stepping.
  12. In all honesty, a little softer shaft IMO would help tighten my dispersion pattern and build my confidence, which is huge for me! I've had a number of good players, that I trust, look at some numbers and swing and have received the same reaction, "It's going to help more than hurt your consistency and confidence."
  13. Correction: From TrueTemper's Catalog, here are the shaft options for ProjectX; X+ (7.0) X (6.5) S+ (6.0) S (5.5) R+ (5.0)
  14. I've been gaming TEE XCG3s w/ ProjectX 6.0 (stiff+) for about 6 months with the thought that these shafts are too stiff for my swing. the P6 have the following flexes; 5.0-Regular, 5.5-Stiff, 6.0-Stiff+, 6.5-XStiff and 7.0-Tour XStiff. My swing speed is about 106mph (play Stiff in Driver, 3 wood and 4 rescue) but isn't up to speed for these Stiff+ shafts IMO. My dispersion is pushed right, straight, and pulled left....with a push right being the dominate approach shot. I had a friend explain soft-stepping iron shafts to me (putting 3iron shaft in 4iron, 4iron in 5iron and so on) which softens the flex to what we guessed would be about a 5.6-5.7 flex in Project X shafts. Of course I would need to get a shaft for my 3 iron and have read that this will help (on the true temper youtube channel) and can only do this process 2x. Any thoughts or recommendations on this process!? Being the irons are 5-6 yo, I don't want to put a lot of $$$ into all new shafts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Worked on "polishing" some yesterday with a wire brush drill attachment and brasso. I'll have to try the sanding block grits to get some pitting out. IDK how brass and black oxide work together...good or in-different?
  16. Thanks guys! I'll have to try out, or check out the interweb articles on refinishing and check out the black oxide finish for pitting
  17. Same here...have a 69 model Ping MyDay I won't to clean, smooth out the bag chatter and polish. I also have some Cleveland 588 RTGs that are rusty, like I want them, but needs some polishing
  18. I think "crowdsourcing" services can be good but not in this case. I don't live around a bigger metro area so don't see anyone actually caddying or really don't know where you'd source candidates/caddies as well. I grew up playing Peachtree Golf Club in ATL that only had caddies in white jump suits and they knew every inch of the course blind-folded that's why they were caddies. I don't think these same guys could have gone to another course and been anywhere near as helpful except for toting clubs. I personally would never hire someone to carry my bag and give me "suggestions" purely because they don't know me and my swing, that's 50% of being a caddy. I think that the hardest part of the process would be screening someone that would be qualified to be a caddy based on teaching status and course knowledge. And the technical issues you are going to run into that will be the biggest headache is the "payment gateway" or online/app payments Also, always remember that you MUST "test the waters" before shelling out $10k + to hope that you have a MVP (Mininmal Viable Product) that has any return on investment. Unfortunately, caddies are to old school and rarely used to have a MVP to offer i say all this a web developer that has an app myself and design for clients for a living. Good thought direction though P.S. If your an "idea" type person that has app ideas, that you think maybe the next Uber...I would suggest discussing your ideas with professional developers and marketing folks AFTER they sign a non-disclosure agreement. I'd hate to see your intellectual property get ripped off and someone beating you to the punch. I've seen it time and time again!
  19. I've been working on the swing, mvmac, and thanks for the help, my ball striking and feel is a lot better!
  20. Sorry for the late update!!! 2015-10-14 Hit my 3 wood 10x off the tee and 15x off the deck. I don't have a hybrid in my bag and my 4 iron isn't quite doing it for my 210-200yd approach shots. The 15* TM Super Speeder would be a little much for 215yd approach but never really hit any woods/hybrids off the deck, so just getting trying to get in the groove on that type shot before purchasing a 22* hybrid soon. 2015-10-15 Worked more on transferring my weight forward on the downswing by hitting30-35 balls in the net 2015-10-16 Played 18 holes with my brother...shot a 83 and struck my irons a lot better 2015-10-17 Putted on the turf at home during 2 halftimes..... 4ft and 7ft 2015-10-18 Hit balls in the backyard net and record my swing from he side; 7, PW 8, 8irons 7, 6irons 8, 4irons 10, 9irons
  21. 2015-10-13 With a new iPhone I've been recording my swing and uploaded to "member swings". So here's what I worked on yesterday from the response I received. Hit 35 9-irons, and recorded the side-view, in my backyard net. I've been having issues with pushing left and right with my mid-long irons and after looking at still shots on impact...my left leg has some bend and my body is staying back and not through the swing. so....yesterday I worked on, with 45min of daylight left, allowing the lower body and weight to transfer forward on the downswing and "thrust" into the followthrough. from the videos it's definitely getting better but still needs some work this week. side note: noticed in the vid that my back shoulder is considerably lower than my left, which I not in need of more trajectory and also my back swing resembles a 3/4 shot. I have no problem with distance, 9-iron is about 157-160yds, but am not positive the club getting to parallel with the ground is a flaw!?
  22. Worked on it a bit after work, even though the days are getting shorter.
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