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  1. I voted for you. Vote for me http://www.adamsgolfcontest.com/profile/FHW4d
  2. Wow, this is amazing!! Just amazing I swear!!! I have a friend who has a battered Cameron, he might be interested in seeing this. Do they take international orders??
  3. I've hit the Mizuno MX100, easy to hit and very gorgeous.
  4. For the price, Wilson is not bad at all. If she got into the game to the degree that these clubs won't be suiting her anymore, you can switch to something better later on. But for now I think these would be good. Also I can vouch for rockbottomgolf is that a concern of yours. Bought from them twice and both times everything went perfect.
  5. That's actually me. And I don't know why did you move this thread here, it belongs to golf talk, since it is OBVIOUSLY about golf.
  6. You should get one of these game improvement ball retrievers. They have increased perimeter weighting, light weight shafts and jumbo Lamkin grips.
  7. I love the FT-i's sound. Also a pured iron shot is compared to nothing. Not just the sound, but also the feel of the club in your hands when you hit it.
  8. I like the BC2, sexiest putter I've set an eye on.
  9. Good purchase. He will eventually want to drop the $1000 on totally brand new gear. We all started with cheap deals and thought we'd never want more but we always come back for something new. I think the excitement of making an order for new golf clubs, the eagerness of waiting for it on your window the day it arrives and the great feel when unwrapping the new clubs is a part of the whole golf experience.
  10. Hook me up with that guy please!! Hahaha, amazing story man, you're very lucky. I can't bleive how he broke all his steel shafts in one round. What was he doing? banging them against trees?? Some people just can't feel the value of what they have. Too much money.
  11. Oh crap! How much is he selling it for?
  12. Seeing this now, I am really glad I ended up getting a 2 not a 4. I've hit the MX100 hybrid and I love it. It would've been a real waste if I had got a 4 iron while I had this amazing hybrid. I just can't wait any longer, I WANT MY SET!
  13. Yes, you have. They're not popular for no reason.
  14. You're 13? I think they'll be OK for you. Just a thought though, I noticed a lot of people wanting to "invest" in golf clubs, specially irons. What's the investment in buying golf clubs?? It's not like you can sell them for a better price than you got them like you can do with a house (not these days anyway) or a piece of land, or gold. If you're looking for investment, keep away from golf. Golf is about nothing but wasting your money (and being happy you did). Ask everyone around here.
  15. I hit an X-22 9 iron. It was really good and easy.
  16. No golf store needed. Just as cussin hacker said, get a good brand epoxy from any hardware store. I use Loctite epoxy and it works perfectly good. I used to use Bison epoxy which was better as it was less irritating to the nose and had a transparent color so it didn't stain my hands while working, but I can't find these around me anymore. Loctite, or any other good epoxy will do. As for cutting the shafts, it could work cutting them from the club head end, but I would suggest cutting them from the grip end. Take off the grips, cut them, and regrip them. You will need new grips though unless
  17. One of the pros at our club insists on wearing these 24/7. When I asked him about them, he told me they "absorb extra humidity from your body". I didn't even try to argue since I know this person is one of the most uneducated and stupid in the club. He actually believes that ancient Egyptians built an underground tunnel that extends all the way from Alexandria to the pyramids in Giza (300 KMs) and by walking that tunnel, people can cover that distance in 20 minutes or less. Of course, according to him, the government denies the existence of such tunnel. I really wanted to tell him that Alexa
  18. Is there even a proved scientific or medical basis for these bracelets?? From a medical point of view, these bracelets are nothing but scam.
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