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  1. I like it when the colors on the bag matches the colors on the irons.
  2. I've dealt with UPS, FedEx and USPS. All three were excellent. Delivery on time, everytime (that's a slogan for one of these companies right?). The delivery was even made earlier than expected one time with FedEx. I like FedEx the most though, their tracking page is the best. I wonder why nobody uses DHL that much. I think the best way to avoid leaving your items unattended is to the ship to an address you know you will be available at most of the day, which is probably your business address. I'd never ship to a home address unless I am 100% sure there is someone there to take the item. I
  3. Here are the photos thegolfnrabbi sent me. So far I think these are the first photo of the MX1000 on the internet.
  4. Like it was said earlier: this thread is useless with no pics.
  5. There are groove sharpeners sold on ebay. I don't know how they work though. I just use a sharp tool with a pointed end and dig deeply back and forth into the grooves. I only do it with my Cleveland CG10 58* though. I have not felt any difference honestly, but maybe because the balls I play are not always clean, and the greens are our club are crap.
  6. Question to OP: I can see you game the Honma Beres irons. These are the Japanese sought-after irons right? Are they forged? And how good are they? Deserve the hype? (There just seems to be a lot of hype for products made in Japan)
  7. I don't think TW will be shelving his custom SC anytime soon. I am really not that much excited about Nike putters. I like their drivers and I almost bought one (SQ 5900) and the VR irons look nice, but putters? Don't know. One of my friends plays an OZ mallet, he loves it but I don't like it at all.
  8. OK, you better do it quick so you can be REALLY the first on on the internet. Because till now, you're the first.
  9. I still have not hit them to the point I can give you a detailed analysis. But the few shots I've hit using a fellow club member's set were great. I have yet to see a negative review about them. My set still hasn't arrived. Hey thread creator, why don't you give us the info you have??
  10. They probably are. I couldn't have afforded them anyway. They'll probably cost now less than $600-$700 new. I can still game the 950s for sometime. Maybe change when the MX-1500's are released.
  11. MX1000??? Do you mean MX100?? Or is that a new MX line???? ****!!!! I WANT TO SEE THESE!!!!!
  12. The MX-950 ARE indeed forged. The only cast Mizunos I know of are the MX-17, the MX-19 and the MX-100.
  13. I have no experience with either. I wonder why are imoic grips so expensive though.
  14. You should have challenged him to closest-to-the-pin contest. Beat his ass with your "cast" MX-100s.
  15. That guy's an ass. I usually follow a simple rule of the thumb concerning my comments regarding other people's stuff, be them golf clubs, shoes, shirts, cars or anything: if I am not going to congratulate him on the thing and express how I am impressed by how good it is and how I like it, I will just shut up. Never diss someone's item, specially if it's new. You just don't know how he got it and what is his background. It's really common sense. It's even mentioned in our holy book; the Quran. Can't remember the exact verse but it strongly recommends against talking down to people about their
  16. Just saw they're about $150 (3-PW). I think it's a very good deal. I would've certainly bought from GIGA golf my very first set when I started to play 2 years ago. They would've been much better than the FOXBAT crap irons from the 80's I bought from my instructor.
  17. Nice site. I like the customization part. Not a big fan of clones and knockoffs but if they work for you then they work for you. jonnythan, I like these P2s a lot. Even though they are clones of PING G10, I think they're very good looking and sexy. And the ferrule on them makes them look much better than the PINGs. I just can't understand why wouldn't PING use ferrules.
  18. Take it back. They need to do their job properly. But if you insist on doing it yourself, I think you could fill the space with epoxy. But it might not look good. Just take it back to Dicks.
  19. Yeah, I think you should hit the market for a new driver. Great deals right now. I have no idea about the Sumo head. But a 3 handicap friend recommended the SQ 5900 squarehead, and dissed the other Nike drivers (including the Dymos). That's his opinion anyway, I've never hit any.
  20. I might be wrong but in my understanding these weights are used on the toe or heel of a driver to give a draw or fade bias. Never heard about weights that give you extra length. In my understanding, length comes from increasing swing speed, so it would be more reasonable to make the club head lighter so it can swing faster thus go farther. I don't know I might be wrong. Don't take my words final.
  21. No, I don't think there any "catches" included. Just an older model that is on sale. I'd buy it if I were in market for a wedge. I got my PING G5i putter for $50 as well. Nothing wrong with it.
  22. You don't. When you try buying it online, there aren't any loft options, instead there is only one choice: "adjustable".
  23. This site has scam written all over it. The prices are not reasonable. Some are very cheap when they shouldn't, some are very high when they shouldn't. A single Mizuno wedge for $244?? Tietlist AP2 iron set (3-PW) for $346?? Nope. Sorry. Looks very suspicious to me. EDIT: http://www.••••••••••.com/mizuno-mp-...-pw-p-354.html The MP Fli Hi irons are offered only in the 2, 3, 4 and 5 clubs. Where did they get the (3-PW) thing?? Keep away from this site. At most benign assumptions, they are unprofessionals who do not have an idea about what they sell and will probably give you a hard
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