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  1. I don't know why you should be nervous. It's not like you're playing in a tournament or anything. Just relax and swing. I never felt nervous when I started playing first, but maybe because I usually played alone or with a friend, not with strangers. Our course isn't busy at all and you can play alone if you want. The only time I felt nervous was in my first tournament. I was playing with two guys, one which I slightly knew and another older guy I never knew before. It all comes to the first tee shot. I hit a good 5 wood down the fairway, and it helped remove the stress a lot. It all became e
  2. That's certainly the right thing to do plark. You can look on ebay for different bags. I remember seeing a very good Mizuno Twister stand bag for $99 on 3balls.com. If I hadn't already got the renegade, I would've bought it.
  3. My signature. Though I might be adding a 52* Nitro wedge. A crappy brand I know but I might be getting it for less than 10 bucks.
  4. Sell it and buy what you want. It's all about confidence.
  5. They're one of the sexiest irons out there. But I am not sure if they will be easier to hit thant the Titlesit.
  6. They should be very forgiving if you're looking for super game improvement. If you want something that would mask your faults less, maybe the Fusion irons (not the i-brids) or the X-22 irons.
  7. LOL! Are you even asking? Dude, it's a steal! (I don't know why didn't you get the TaylorMade one though, since your irons are TM. I like my bag to be same brand as my irons, but that's just me)
  8. You are 100% right. But the Callaway customer service is just that great. They would replace it for him. We've had several members here on forum who had gone through similar experiences and they replaced the driver for them. I remember one who hit his driver against the ground in anger, the shaft snapped and they replaced it, another guy (with a Diablo driver as well) hit his club head against a steel post unintentionally on his follow through putting a huge dent on it and a small break in the head's metal. He was skeptical but they did replace it for him.
  9. Except for the MX700, I am not really enthusiastic about any of the Mizuno drivers. EDIT: The JPX-E500 looks interesting as well. But that's sold only in Japan (or online for a ridiculous price tag)
  10. I was just going to point that out. The 52's are dual muscle backed forged clubs, but not blades. They differ from the traditional muscle backs in that the have two bars on the back instead of one with a milled cavity pocket on the irons from 3 to 7. Blades on the other hand have the traditional head design with no pockets or cavities. Like the MP14, 32, 33, 67 and the new 68.
  11. Best looking? Dude, they look like a mess. And the whole "diablo" thing is childish anyway. Looks like something from a cartoon or a comic book, that diablo logo.
  12. Well... if that's the case then I think it's OK. As long as they knew they were charging you the price of another item, not the same exact item you're buying.
  13. Just put this clear:THEY did that (and by "they" I mean the salespersons at Wal Mart) or you did it yourself? Because your first post implies that you did it yourself. "she didn't notice". If it was their doing, meaning: they couldn't find a tag for the Callaway and just decided they will charge you $70 for it. Then there's nothing wrong. But if it's anything else....
  14. Wait a minute. You took off a tag that had "$70" on it and used it to purchase a $100 item?? And you took advantage of the sales person being an old lady so she didn't notice. You know that she didn't notice, because if she had, she would have cared. I was just going to congratulate you on this great looking bag at what seemed a very good price. But now I don't know what to say. This is plain theft. Robbery. Are $30 really worth it?? And you come here bragging about it as well?? I just hope I have understood the whole thing wrong and you did not actually do this.
  15. You were buying rat poison to poison your wife once she discovers you are watching adult videos, right?? OK, joking. :) I think you can get something better for $70 or $80. Just check online a bit and on ebay.
  16. Oh that's why. They aren't that good anyway.
  17. http://www.feiyanggolf.com/sdp/50766...00_Driver.html Haha, check out that "minimum order: 2 pcs" part. And I love how they put their prices in a "$3 per piece" format. Like they're selling chocolate. CERTAINLY FAKES!
  18. Why aren't these irons as popular as the Diablo drivers?? Haven't seen anybody playing these around here, despite the strong Callaway followers. I don't think I saw them in any online retailer as well. What's the deal?? I've hit a couple of balls with them before. Belonging to a 12 years old kid at our club whom his father bought them for him from the UK. Didn't like them much.
  19. Looks nasty. What the heck was that ball? a rock? Call Callaway. I won't be surprised if they replaced it for you.
  20. Oh, one more thing; if these clubs are shipping from China, there is a great chance they won't even arrive. Keep us updated on them and get us pics if they ever arrive.
  21. They haven't been released yet. I don't know what would Mizuno reps tell you if you phone them about these clubs.
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