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  1. rockbottomgolf has some good Taylormade bags.
  2. If that site offers bags, I'd buy. They'll be probably much cheaper, and almost the same quality. Probably even smuggled from the big brands facilities. And afterall, I don't give a **** if my golf bag is fake as long as it doesn't carry a "Hallaway" or a "Bizuno" logo.
  3. Black. The MX-300 looks a lot like the MX-25. PM me for photos.
  4. I think tim the puetter man on ebay had these Cobra cameo stand bags for uner $100, not sure if he still carries them let me check. EDIT: Nope, sorry. He only carries Titleist bags now.
  5. Haha. Not really. They aren't THAT expensive. They will probably retail for $1000-1300.
  6. Aren't they beautiful? Wish I can game these one day. PS: Admin, I misspelled Mizuno in the title, can you correct it?
  7. Did Tiger stop playing VR blades? What is he playing now then?
  8. pi7s are great. I just hit them a couple of days ago.
  9. That's Vijay Singh in the pre-tournament practice round at this year's Masters. Too bad it wasn't in a real match.
  10. Exactly. Almost every one knows me by name at my club.
  11. 1-I think you an play blades once you develop a very consistent swing that you can repeat most of the time with no fault. That should usually be in the 12 handicap and under range. 2-For me, the new MP68 beats all.
  12. On a second though, these should go for even much less than $150. If we all could see how deteriorated they are in these small low res photos, I wonder how will they look in reality. They're probably 10x worse.
  13. I've already bought a whole new set, everyting from driver to putter to gloves, shoes and even tees. That's the stuff you currently see in my signature. But shipping them to Egypt would have cost a fortune, plus the crazy taxes and custom the customs authority will force on me, I will end up paying almost the same price of the set in shipping, taxes and customs. And the stores I bought from do not ship to Egypt anyway. So I just bought them, shipped them to my brother who is in the US right now, and he will be bringing them back to me when he comes next month (17th I think). The pics I have
  14. This should sell for no more than $150-$170. Try bargaining with him. If he doesn't accept, move on.
  15. How did you start using left-handed clubs? From my understanding, left handed people can easily play right handed clubs if they just start golf playing them. I have a couple of friends who are left handed but they play right hand. So what made you guys choose to play left handed even though you could just play right handed? A lot of clubs are not offered in left dexterity which would encourage more lefties to play right, so what made you go left?
  16. That's unbelievable!! These guys are just amazing. At one point I wouldn't be surprised if someone called them and said "Oh hello Callaway, I love your stuff but right now I have no cash. I am so sad" and they would reply: "No sweat. Send us in your address and we'll send you some irons". I wonder how are other brands customer service compared to Callaway's?
  17. Haha, no offense meant towards X22 owners. They are nice clubs I've hit them before. I just get turned off by all the graphics. My 950's arrive mid September, I dream about them every night!
  18. If anyone remembers I was out here trash talking the Wilson brand, and with my good reasons based on the crappy old Wilson Ultra clubs that I have seen and tried around here. But yesterday I got the opportunity to try the Wilson Staff Pi7 irons that a guy at our club just bought, and I think they're not bad at all. The Pi7 is not as forgiving as my handicap would like, but I still liked it's feel on good hits, and it doesn't look bad at all, as a matter of fact it looks pretty good. I looked more into their website and I think I like how their irons look, pretty nice designs. And that fat sh
  19. It'd be great to watch gofl in the olympics, though I am not sure in which format will it be played.
  20. My club's website www.ascgolf.com
  21. Photos of my clubs that I still haven't recieved :(
  22. Brother, welcome to the Brother hood of the Mizuno. Quick, on to the altar, the blood oath should not be further delayed. You hereby swear on your life and brand your oath with blood that you will remain loyal to Mizuno in this life and in the one after it. Amen. :P Congratulations on the new irons man. I have just recently hit the MX-100s and I loved them, specially the hybrids, they're just amazing. I loved how they felt and how easy they were to hit from any lie. When buying my current irons I was putting the 100's into consideration, the only thing that put me off was the 4-GW format wit
  23. Not without changing the loft of the club you can't. Plus, "change the way you hold the club for 75 yards of side to side adjustability" doesn't sound like an encouraging marketing line.
  24. I do it all the time; epoxy. First off, make sure that the shaft has gone completely out of the hosel and no part of the shaft is still stuck inside the hosel. If the shaft was broken inside the hosel this would be a fuss as trying to get out the broken part is a very tough job. If the shaft is all intact and no part of it is broken inside the hosel, then you're ready to go. Just go to any hardware store and ask for some epoxy. The type that comes in two seperate tubes and you have to mix them yourself. Mix some on a surface and use a rod or a straw or an old pencil to put some glue inside
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