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  1. Publish it. NOW!! I just love those reviews, I wait for them. Best golf reviews on the internet!!
  2. Yeah the Warbirds are good, very durable. I didn't know they were cleaned, but one guy told me today it could be cleaned so I was wondering.
  3. That's how my glove currently looks. How do can I clean it if it's possible?
  4. Don't get under the impression that a draw biased driver will magically cure or mask your slice. If you are coming-over-the-top or going to impact with a severely open face, the slice will still show it's ugly face, even if it's a draw driver. I suggest like Kenny said; do yourself a favor and do not buy a draw driver. You're going to have to learn how to stop slicing whatever driver you have, so better learn it on a neutral driver.
  5. I have only recently started getting rid of my slice bit-by-bit. But sometimes I just forget the fundementals and do nothing but come over-the-top. But at least now I can tell what I've done wrong. Before, I used to think I was swinging top notch and had no idea what was causing the slice.
  6. I haven't hit either but I heard noothing but good reviews on both, specially the Srixons.
  7. We have a 15 years old kid at our club who hits his driver 300-320 easily. His regular 7 iron is 200 yards long!! (Hits a SW on the 145 yards 10th)
  8. A mixed set is OK as long as they're one brand, I guess. Just make sure the lofts are matching, you don't want to have big gaps in between the clubs.
  9. Played a round today. The XLS was rocking my fairways.
  10. Congrats! The only thing I have against the Cleve irons is the "Cleveland" logo on the soles. Imagine having to clean 7 or 8 clubs with such a huge logo on the sole. Very difficult and annoying.
  11. Before I bought it I read a lot about it's sound, but when I hit my first shot with it, I couldn't believe it. I was sure something went wrong, the head flew away or something. It was just too loud, louder than I ever expected, that my ears buzzed for a few moments after the hit.
  12. According to Cleveland Golf, yes, the Monster is supposed to have a bigger face and a larger sweet spot. To be honest with you, I don't think there is much difference between the two. But you can get the Monster at rockbottomgolf for $169, while the XLS costs around $130-150 on most online stores, so if I were you I'd just get the newer Monster, even though I am 100% sure there isn't much of a difference. (also check the Cleveland Launcher 2009, a very underrated SOB, also for $169 on rbg)
  13. Regardless of the brand, I think the most innovative inventions in golf are the metal woods and the hybrids.
  14. I have it's predecessor, the HiBore XLS. Very good driver. Now it won't magically cure your driving problems, but put a good swing on it and you'll be smoking straight drives. I have never hit straight drives before I got it.
  15. I've seen an R9 with one of our club members, it had a sticker on the shaft saying "Head made in China, shaft made in China, assemlbed in China". I was really surpirsed. My HiBore XLS had a sticker saying head and shaft made in China but assembled in the US.
  16. I had the same feeling with my new Mizunos as well. I was just swinging bad that day. To be honest, the thought of them being fake never occured to me, I knew I was bad that day.
  17. My PING G5i putter is all made in the USA. Other than that, everything else is made in China. My Cleveland HiBore XLS had a sticker on the shaft saying "Head made in China, Shaft made in USA, Assembled in USA" I've seen a friend's X-22s, they have a sticker on them saying "Assembled in China". As someone before me said, the only irons not made in China right now are Mizunos. They're forged in Japan and assembled in the US.
  18. I don't know about the 58's, but I have the MX950s, and these are AWESOME, Just AWESOME! Best feeling ever!
  19. AFAIK, BStone irons are forged in Japan.
  20. What do you mean by athletic? Is that good or bad? I hit the range today, hit perfect irons and some really straight drives (or with a slight fade)
  21. I do. It's one of the causes I cannot hit very long. My distances on the PW through 8 iron are OK, but starting 7 iron and up, my distances seem to not change whatever club I use. A 6 iron would go almost the same distance as a 5 or a 4 iron. I can only feel comfortable with my hands in that position. Not really. Never had that problem. My main problems with putting are the power of the stroke and reading greens. The just breaks when I am not expecting it, and doesn't break, when I am expecting it to. Like that birdie putt; it really looked like a perfectly straight line (never mind
  22. Practice round at Alexandria Sporting Club golf course in Alexandria, Egypt. Shot-by-Shot coverage for holes number 1 and 3. Carded a 93 for that round, 5 under my handicap. It took some effort making this video. Please watch and comment.
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