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  1. Not really. I find them very confidence-inspiring.
  2. I can't get the point here. Why are thick topline irons more forgiving than irons with thinner topline? Is it just something about inspiring confidence or is there something physics behind it? I am interested in knowing it.
  3. I think at your handicap you can play almost anything on the market so it all comes down to what you like looks wise and performance wise. If you're looking for something that is wallet-friendly I might suggest looking at the Forged Srixon I701s, they're on Edwin Watss for $400. I also heard the Mizuno MP57s are running for lower prices now that the new MP58s are out. The Bridgestones are also worth checking. My personal favorite brands for irons would Mizuno, Srixon and Bstone hence my recommendations, but you should go hit everything and decide for yourself.
  4. It would be hard to say without seeing clear photos of these two nicked clubs and of the whole set in general. But generally speaking, we all know that these things can and will happen to anyone of us, it's just a part of playing golf. Nobody should expect to swing a club at 70-80 MPH at a solid object without any wear to the club.
  5. You want a great putter for dirt cheap?? Check gppgolf.com, they have the PING G5i Ally putter for $50. I was very skeptical when I first got it but right now I think it's my favorite club in the bag. My putting has just gone much better. I rarely 3-putt now.
  6. The Red X is one of the few Scottys I dislike, again, because it's sole is too busy. And I prefer more blade style putters than mallets anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Nike Golf doesn't make good equipment; Tiger wouldn't be playing them if they weren't good (and if he didn't get truck loads of Dollars for just appearing on TV with them) this is a strictly personal choice: I just don't like the looks of their equipment. Performance-wise they could be great for all I know, I have never tried them, but I can't get past the looks.
  7. I know it is, and I never said there were any justification to my opinion. It's just a gut feeling. I just can't get over the Swoosh on the clubs. But I still don't like the look of this method putter. Too busy. And who is going to pay $300 for a Nike Putter anyway?? Why not just get a Scotty or a Bettinardi or even a Redwood PING. I think it'll flop.
  8. Vokey, just for the heck of it. Even though I think the Mizuno would feel and play better.
  9. I don't like it. Too busy. Plus, I can't take Nike Golf for serious, sorry, but I just can't help it.
  10. Are Tour Edge clubs good? I have the impression they are wal-mart clubs.
  11. Mizuno all the way. I just can't describe how sweet my new MX-950s feel at impact. I am pretty sure any Mizuno MP line iron will feel even sweeter. I suggest you try the new MP58 or the MP62.
  12. Rock Bottom Golf has OGIO cart bags for $90 and $70.
  13. I just got an XLS though neutral not draw. Haven't hit it a lot, but the times I hit it it was great. The sound is too loud though, I was startled on the first hit. I still sliced using it, but with more practice I think I'll do better.
  14. I haven't hit them enough to give you a full review, but from what I've played today, I can tell you go ahead and buy them, you can't go wrong. They look great, they're very forgiving, they're forged, they're long and the hybrids are just sick. And one more reason to top the above: they're Mizuno. At the prices these irons are for now, you just cannot go wrong.
  15. Went to the course today. Couldn't hit balls on the range as it was full, so I played 9 holes, ended up playing 7 only. Anyway, my reactions: Driver: ****ing sick!! Very straight, and the sound...OMG THE SOUND!! MP Fli Hi: I didn't get to hit it wih a full swing, but I used it for punch and run two times from tight lies and it was very good. Did the job exactly. The irons: Just amazing. The hybrid is so damn beautiful. The irons are soft and they feel amazing. Very easy to hit as well and very confident at address. Also much longer than my previous X14. I was hitting the same numbers
  16. FINALLY!! This has been the WORST wait in my life!! If you're wondering, my brother couldn't send them with his friend (as I said in the above post) and I had to wait till he comes back. He's back now!! He arrived yesterday, and with him came my NEW CLUBS!!! Now you have to know, these babies look MUCH BETTER in person than in photos. In photos they appear pretty big sized and chunky, in reality they aren't that chunky. Very sleek looking, the heads aren't oversized as usual SGI, yet they ARE SGI!! I've also made one of these retarded What's in my bag vidoes. I just couldn't help
  17. I made two orders from rock bottom before, one worth $728. Excellent clubs, excellent customer service and excellent shipping times. I don't know about balls though. When you buy used balls you should expect you're getting something that won't be a beauty. Live with it.
  18. They're good and you'll find them with most high handicappers and casual players. I personallly tend to find them too big and too flashy with a lot of graphics. Also I think all the models are basically the same with different decals. The X series at least.
  19. Exactly, specially with Mizuno irons as they are forged from soft Carbon steel that will wear out quicker than cast steel irons.
  20. It's in Japanese but you can still get the general idea. And here is another Mizuno ball commercial, really love the excitement in the Japanese language.
  21. The secret handshake, the altar ritual and the blood oath. You need to learn it all.
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