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  1. LOL! Dude I am just copying the quote. Cally irons are great I owned a set for almost a year, never complained.
  2. Hahaha, not quite. I read it here on this forum. If I remember, he said "When you see someone gaming Mizuno irons, he's a person who knows what he's doing. When you see someone gaming Callaway irons, you know he's a person who thinks he knows what he's doing, but he actually doesn't"
  3. Don't give up on the G10s. It took me some time to start hitting my new irons as well.
  4. Congratulations man. I love my MX-950's, and I'm pretty sure the MP57's will feel even better!! I read somehwere before that someone playing Mizuno irons is somoene who knows what he's doing. You just can't but catch attention with those on the course.
  5. I had the X-14's, they're nice. But since I started gaming my current Mizuno MX950, tell you the truth, I am not going to play anything else but Mizuno irons. They're just SWEET! At 12 handicap, checkout the MP52 or the MP57. The latter's price has dropped recently. If you're looking for something more budget wise, check the Srixon I701 on Edwin Watts, they have them brand new for $400, or check the Bridgestone J36 irons (blades, cavity backs or pocket cavities), you could find them brand new on ebay for $400 or less. Call me a fanboy or a ••••• or anything, but these are my favorite 3 ir
  6. It has been almost a month now since my new Mizuno MX-950 irons have arrived and almost 20 days since I started gaming them. I did not want to make a hasty review on the very first days as I was afraid to make any hasty quick conclusions, so I thought it would be best to wait till I have played several rounds with them before writing a detailed review. LOOKS: To start with, these irons, like all Mizuno irons, look gorgeous. Don't let the fact that they are GI irons or the "MX" insignia lure you, these irons are still as beautiful and good looking as any MP Mizuno irons. The set comes
  7. I strongly recommend the Adams Tom Watson wedges. They're just beautiful. I haven't been pitching and chipping like this before.
  8. I have noticed with my new irons that the ball flight is much higher than my previous irons (X14) but I don't think the distance is affected much. Also since the greens at my club are crap, the higher trajectory is helping me much more; the ball just stops dead on contact. I really like the trajectory, the only let down is that medium all flight looks more "professional" and pleasing to the eye.
  9. I will, but I will have to take some better quality videos first. I have been sent a message regarding this issue and I replied.
  10. I have noticed that the trajectory with the True Temper Dynalite SL shafts (stiff) that came with my new irons is very high. It's not really bothering me even though I would prefer a more medium trajectory. But I was wondering if higher trajectory means less distance??
  11. I have finally finished my exams and I am ready to golf everyday. I really need to make improvements to my game in this vacation. I started by taking my tripod to the range and taking videos of my swing. I start with a 9 iron, then proceed to hit 8 iron, 7 iron, 5 iron, 2 iron (MP Fli Hi) from a tee, then drives, then pitch shots. Please see it all and give me any comments on the faults you see if any. (I'm sure there is)
  12. We also have a 11 handicap guy who doesn't even have a back swing, yet he hits the ball far. His backswing is like, 1/8 of a normal backswing and it's so quick you can't even see it. I'll try getting a video of him.
  13. The funny thing is, he was trying to actually give me tips on the range today. He's a very nice guy but he's not fully sane. He has something wrong with cognitive thinking. He thinks and talks like a 7 years old child.
  14. I have the standard length Fit-on Gold Fujikura, but I grip down an inch or something. Much better control.
  15. He is a moron and a jerk as well. Mostly for things not related to golf. He's a very talented player, but I don't think he's a very good teaching pro.
  16. Exactly. When I'm bad it's a horrible slice, when I'm consistent, it's a nice smooth fade down the fairway. I can NEVER hit my driver dead straight. I don't remember I've ever done it before. I can hit my 3W dead straight at times though, but still, I fade most of the time.
  17. That's very interesting iacas. Strangely enough, my teaching pro clearly insists that sliding is wrong, that I should just rotate my hips while they sit in their place. I always slide and he always urges me against it.
  18. Aaah, you're lefty. It's always a hardship to find something suitable for lefties, I know. Congrats on your new clubs, I'm sure you'll love them.
  19. 500 bucks used?? I think this is too much considering the price of the new Srixons and the Bstones I mentioned above. I think you could've got them new from ebay for less than that.
  20. The 52's are more forgiving than the 57's. In the 52's, you have dual muscle design with CNC milled pocket and a cavity back in the 3-6 irons (or 3-7 I am not sure) for increased forgivness, while in the scoring irons (7-PW or 8-PW) you have the traditional cavity back with the dual muscle design for increased feel and control. The 57's utlilize the same cut muscle design that was first introduced in the MP32s. You have a traditional cavity back design with a cut muscle design for added forgivness and enhanced control. The 52's are designed to be more forgiving than the 57's, so I'd get th
  21. Very good choice. Are they new? And how much did they cost you? You will certainly love them. I have Mizzies MX-950 and I adore them.
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