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  2. Title says it all. Any help would be appreciated?
  3. I know Dallas National is a pretty fancy golf course in the Dallas area but I am not intimately familiar with it, so Im a little unsure of how far. Let me google it its 33 miles south of me
  4. No earthly idea. Dallas is 30 miles to my south
  5. Hi all!!! My game has transformed!!! Im driving the ball an average of 243 yards, my putting is down to an average of 33 and my short game is light years ahead of where it was! Problem is I have lost ALL ability to strike an iron. I can not and will not continue to play golf anymore if I cant get a handle on this. Upon advice from a trusted friend, I am going to see a pro for help. Problem is, Ive seen a few and have not seen much result. Looking for a reasonably priced instructor in dfw (preferably the Frisco area) who can be flexible enough to just help me with my irons problem. Don’t n
  6. Corporate America (golf ball companies) want to see if we will all get together and pay more money for already pricey golf balls!!! Entry and mid level offerings seem to have inched up 2-3 dollars a dozen. Small increase I know, but this is how it starts. Many mid level 2 piece surlyn balls are now within a few dollars of cheapest urethane ones. That is until the golf companies read my post and then those shall rise a few bucks a dozen too and someone gets a bigger yacht! Support companies like Wilson and Lostgolfballs.com. Good companies turning a profit without robbing the rest of
  7. Hello all, Hope this is in the right place but anyways, I am thinking of moving from the dfw area to the Oklahoma city area. The neighborhoods we liked best were in Yukon so I am trying to see what the golf scene is like in the area. Definitely seems to be some courses in the area. I am looking for public courses within 20 minutes or so of Yukon. Which courses to avoid, which are nice, which are hard, you know, that kind of thing. Any body with a good lay of the land, I would really appreciate it!
  8. LOL!!! Im back up to a 24 handicap and I play like that!!! Its just that on the next hole I take an 9, then a 7, and then make a birdie. Thats golf!! As for getting back on topic, I have seen very good results with the Srixon q star Tour. They are also available in yellow which I prefer and widely available everywhere for under 30 bucks a dozen. FYI, don’t really like Srixon but the Q Star Tour is quickly changing my mind.
  9. Just got my first ever eagle! Par 5 at the trails of Frisco golf course!! Long straight drive, 205 left to the green and somehow my hybrid 4 iron rolls right up there, leaving a 15 footer downhill that somehow drops for the three! Coolest part...my dad was there to see the whole thing unfold.
  10. Stop trying to shorten your swing!!! Lol! I been going through same thing...started just trying to SWING SMOOTH instead. Less mechanical which means less thinking, and its easy to tell if your doing it right cus everyone knows smooth. As mentioned before, just cus u think your swing is shorter, doesnt mean it is. Done this last 3 weeks and it helped me transform my scores. From can’t break 100 to 92, 88, 90. Good luck!!
  11. Good idea. Can they bend it back if I decide I dont like it?
  12. 2 months ago I adjusted my driver to an upright lie angle and really began hitting the driver much much better. Does this mean my irons could use an upright lie?
  13. Thanks @iacas. Havnt been on in a while, forgot I asked. Im gonna have to have a gander at the Vice web site. Thats good to know and those suckers come in yellow. Ill have to give those a shot!! Thanks for the help
  14. The knuckleheads at Bridgestone must have heard I switched to their ball. The e5 has been discontinued. Ive returned to the wilson 50 elite which I seem to play well with but I just havnt seen the same performance. The e5 was a two piece urethane. I could hit it high, it was soft ish and it had perfect spin for a hack like me. I love the 50 elite but really miss my e5. Would a three piece ball help or is it all about the cover? Urethane vs surlyn? Need high launch med spin. Tried gamer soft, gamer tour, 50 elite, callaway supersoft and q star tour. Q star tour just didnt fly or feel right
  15. Thanks!!! We’ll call and get it all set up. Dad loves rhe Pings and has lowered his handicap significantly. Hes breaking 100 consistently and broke 100 four rounds in a row. Hes also shot his best ever score by 4 steokes so the fitting and the Pings have really helped him out. Thanks for the info, once he’s registered he should be good for years to come.
  16. Finally talked my dad into getting fit for some high quality irons, as I knew his were too short. Took 8 weeks for them to arrive but they finally did. He said there was a card included that said to register the clubs at ping.com but both of us scoured the site and couldnt find where to register them on Pings website. Can anyone here point us in the right direction?
  17. Hence why I started the thread. Its crazy! Last three rounds have been 92, 94, 94. Last three rounds with a urethane not called the e5 were 100, 99, 100. Even my playing partners were like what the hell!? Grip pressure is same, swing looks and feels the same, only difference any of us could notice was the ball. Maybe u guys are both right. Whatever Im doing different sure is working. If its not the ball, Idk what else it could be.
  18. Ive struggled with keeping my golf ball on the green and rollout from chips and pitches when around it. Switched to urethane and lost a lot of height and distance on my shots. Eventually settled on Bridgestone e5. Phenomenal performance. The added spin certainly helped and I still got the same distances as my distance ball. (Maybe cus the e5 is a two piece?) But thanks to the idiots at Bridgestone discontinuing it, Ive had to re evaluate everything. Numbers dont lie and after switching back to distance balls, my scores average six strokes lower. Anyone else shoot lower scores with a distance b
  19. Wilson 50 Elite...At 13 a dozen or less, their performance will make your head spin!
  20. Paxton's passing was far too soon. From all accounts he was a good man and a talented actor and director. He directed The Greatest Game Ever Played. My personal favorite and a great golf flick for those of you who haven't seen it. He was a good guy, a great artist, and a great Texan. God bless his soul and God bless his family. Raising a Ziegenbock to you bud. You were one of my favorite actors and directors! You will be missed!!!
  21. 1) Play golf!!!! Been battling shoulder injuries all year. 2) Choose another ball. Thanks to the smucks over at Bridgestone ditchin my e5, Ill have to pick a new one. I know it wont be a Bridgestone!!!!! 3) Try to build off all I learned last year and drop my handicap to 16. Thats assuming my current 20 is still within reach once I return.
  22. Still on the ir but was in golf store looking for a gift for my pops. Saw new Bridgestones everywhere but no e5s. When I asked, I got the bad news. E5 is no more. After playing the same ball for years, it took quite a while to test and decide. Shot four of my best rounds including my best ever with it and now I gotta pick a new ball again. Tf gamer tour or Tm Project a?
  23. Dear GOD, Im in crisis!!! Love beer and whiskey but dont ask me to pick favorites as I just cant do it anymore. Love cheap stuff most say is crap! I can't help it, I love Dewars white label, 12, and Famous Grouse and Evan Williams black. I also love good ole cheap Canadian Mist!!! As far as beer goes, I know its from Mexico but nothing beats Dos equis Amber...nothing. Although, I also enjoy Blue Moon, Ziegenbock, and Molson when I can find it. Guess I'll just keep drinking what I like, but damn!!!! Lol! So, I plead no contest!!!
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