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  1. It does make a difference. The people that do not see a difference are changing their swing and negating the difference. If the swing stays the same and your change the clubface the ball almost always will differ in path. I bought both the R9 460 and 3 wood and I would give the 460 away for free before having to give away the 3 wood. LOVE IT. VERY, VERY, VERY, consistent when you find the position for you.
  2. I cannot tell a difference. I always play Sharpro. The new dual compound grips are GREAT!
  3. 1. TaylorMade TP MB 1a. Mizuno MP-68 2. Mizuno MP-57 3. Nike Victory Red Blades
  4. You guys have to remember that it is basing everything on your weight transfer. So I think as far as telling you if you have a proper and aggressive transfer, it is mildly accurate. Obviously, I would not take a Wii Fit balance board over say, a PGA instructor, but I believe its assessment of your weight transfer throughout the swing is pretty good.
  5. I agree. The R9 (non TP) are categorized as Game-Improvement Irons so I would believe you would have no problem hitting them. That is why they come out with TP model, so they can make the face, topline, and offset all smaller for low handicappers and they are categorized as Players Irons.
  6. VERY, VERY informative thread. I have always felt this way, but would admit I did not have the knowledge (or correct venacular) to discuss it openly. I have always applied this principle to my swing, that / is square not |. People think square has to be | or -- but that is not the correct definition of square as it relates to the golf swing. In the golf swing everything is relative to your "spine angle" and/or swing plane, not the ground. Keeping the clubface square, in the golfing sense, does all but eliminate timing in getting the clubface square at impact.....which IS all that matters. AND there are different ways to get there and you should do what allows you to get to square impact, but as iacas stated there are better ways at getting to that point. AND just because you get there or close to there with your current swing, doesn't mean you could not get there more effeciently being more technically sound.
  7. As iacas and myself have mentioned before, "casting" does not have anything to do with your position at the top. "Casting' is a move - if on your downswing you do not maintain your wrist angle and release the club from the top with the hands.....that is casting. Here is a PGA article about it: http://www.pga.com/2008/instruction/...recall_ross_2/
  8. I clean mine after every round as well. If you care for them in between shots, which you should because you do not want to hit your next shot with a dirty club, an after round cleaning only takes about 10 minutes. i really focus on the face and grooves but do wipe down the other parts too just for asthetics.
  9. No, that is not casting. "Casting" - is not maintaining your wrist angle thorough the downswing or releasing your wrist angle as you transition from the top to the downswing. Any change like that is going to be uncomfortable and weird, it should be you are not used to it. That wrist angle a function of a couple things: Your grip - a more neutral grip is usually what a flat wrist comes from, but it can be achieved with other grips. Usually a stronger grip gives you the cupped wrist that you are seeing. Hands/Wrist Rotation in Backswing - if you rotate, open the face up, your wrist or hands in the backswing more or less than needed it can change that wrist angle. More rotation usually leads to a broken down wrist, opposite of your problem, but I do not know for sure that no rotation generates a cupped wrist, but I would assume that is the case. I would just be more worried about if the club face matches the plane of my arm (right arm for you) at the top. That says your clubface is square which is one of the keys to look at. Along with making sure the club is pointing to the target and not layed off or across the line.
  10. bsettle

    Your Golf Grade?

    Driver - B+ Usually the best club in the bag, but I need to be able to work it both ways consistently. I would not mind gaining some distance this year (I carry it 260-270), but not a necessity. Iron C- Definitely the worst part of my game, but if you ask for a grade for 7-PW it would be A- but the 3-6 would be a D because my distances are not consistent at all. I am working with a new, more neutral grip, this year. Hopefully this will help me be more aware of my club face throughout the swing. Short game A I can get up and down from anywhere! Not really, but I have a VERY strong short game. Putter B- The new Rife is helping me roll it consistently, but I need to work on the position of the ball to my eyes and make more one putts. Overall game B I score well because of my short game, but when I begin controlling my distances with the irons and making the putts I am supposed to (inside 8-10 feet). I will be close to scratch.
  11. They are only doing this because it is his B-Day week. They do this every year. It has nothing to do with off season, him being indefinitely out, or anything else.
  12. Giving my best try at a non-biased opinion.... Best teams so far: 1. Texas 2. Kentucky 3. Syracuse 4. Kansas
  13. Yea, it is always a good game, no matter who is favored by how many. But, dont expect a W in Rupp against this years team. If we were in Louisville.....MAYBE, but there may be more UK fans in Louisville than Louisville fans, so it would still pretty much be a home game. It should be a good game though.
  14. The rule about standing behind a players line during the stroke was lifted for the scramble format. This was mentioned SEVERAL times during the broadcast.
  15. bsettle

    Big Break Disney

    You think Kevin earned his spot and DONT think Andrew has game! Tell me you are kidding, if you think Kevin does, what has shown you that Andrew doesnt. Andrew IS the reason Kevin made it passed the pairing show. I agree Kevin has hit shots when he needed it, but after watching Andrew stick bunker shots over trees to 10 feet, beating Tony in H2H, being at or near the top of EVERY immunity challenge, and only really missing TWO shots the entire show (one of which costs him the show and that was a flier lie that was right on the flag stick)....I dont see how you can say he does not have game.
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