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  1. I believe the m6 dtype is draw biased which is the only head I tried. Truth be told I’ve recently been working on closing the face via flatter lead wrist on the back swing and oddly enough positioning my right thumb off the left side of the shaft and I guess during the fitting I kind of just forgot all of that. I’ve been eyeing the g410 with movable weight as it has the Tensei as a stock option
  2. To start off I’m a high handicapper who’s never broken 100 and suffer from a decent push-slice with the occasional pin straight bomb and yes I’ve taken lessons. So I went for a driver fitting today(given as a gift) and was fit for a m6 d-type with a Tensei orange ck 60 stiff. Now I didn’t actually hit any good shots with this club but was making better general contact on the face. My path was surprisingly in to out but I couldn’t get the face to rotate unless my path became out to in in which case now I was hitting an even bigger pull hook. I did not purchase the driver because I didn’t see any drastic improvement except more consistent contact, but I did love the feel of the shaft compared to my current shaft in my driver which I feel like I lose the club with. Would it be fair to say that most draw biased heads(rogue draw, m4 dtype, G400 sft) would be fine with the same shaft? We didn’t look at spin rates or smash factor or anything of the sort just because I guess he figured it wasn’t entirely necessary at this point(fair). P.S my swing speed hovered around 105 and he said I hit the ball far too steep, like -6 degrees so that was killing my contact also.
  3. So I just moved so I’m working on getting to the range just waiting on a tripod I just got for my GoPro and will post it up. Ya so that’s pretty much what my instructor said. He said I have a decent swing and and it really just goes wrong on the downswing. I think I’m at a point where if I could figure this out, I could shoot under a 100 pretty quick as my most detrimental quality on the course is I’ll top the ball, then hit it fat and just lose my swing entirely. Also of the tee I can’t hit anything(driver, 3W, 3h or 4h) probably due to the same flaw
  4. Thank you. Still trying to find some driving ranges near me. (Manhattan if anyone can help) Ya awesome place. First time there.
  5. To add more detail, I’ve recently had a lesson and was told that I hold the lag angle for so long that my hands are almost past my right thigh and still almost at a 90* angle between wrist and club. So in a last ditch effort to actually contact the ball, I cut across it leading to my out to in path. My divots when I make decent contact are going to the left more then straight. When I to top the ball it feels like I’m coming down so steep that I’m topping it on the downward arc of the swing if that makes any sense. I will add to this as I remember more stuff about my swing. My instructor did explain I have to start the release almost from the top instead of pulling down I just couldn’t quite figure out how to actually do this
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 35 hdcp/ 105 My typical ball flight is: fade/slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice/fat/thin shots Any help is appreciated I’ve been told I have a tendency to not release the club and it Causes fat and thin shots. Videos:
  7. Two things about the driver fitting. 1) I understand it will help me optimize performance but for someone who is new and still tweaking their swing wouldn't it potentially be grown out of. 2) I wouldn't even know how to find one on long Island NY
  8. Thank you. After a quick search it would seem my new shaft is higher launching compared to the project x which was low launching. That explains why 11.5* was flying super high launching with the new shaft. But still I've tried almost every setting and while a 10.5 corrects the ballooning issue it doesn't help the side spin much Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  9. So I started playing this summer and love the sport. I recently upgraded my driver from a top flite gamer to a bio cell driver which I've managed to hit pin straight or a slight draw set to 11.5*. Recently I broke the shaft of the driver, a project x pxv I belive. Cobra did replace the shaft free of charge but it's a matrix vlct - sp I belive, and I can't do anything but fade the ball. I also seem to make worse contact. my question is, is this a case of my poor mechanics being masked by equipment and now coming out with different stuff, or was that first shaft just fit right for me and should I try and find another. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  10. I was at my local dicks sporting goods and saw they had a Rbz pro on sale for $75. My friend just purchased a stage 2 for the same price. I was wondering if there was any difference between the two other than color. They are same loft and I believe have the same shaft.
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