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  1. I can understand Day and Rory wanting to quickly get back on track after missing the US Open cut, though Day plays in this tournament often anyways.
  2. Do we know who the alternates are? One is already in the field, whomever replaced Ryan Moore. Is alternate #2 (or later, if more people drop out) just waiting with his clubs at the tee, hoping for clear weather and no delays so Phil can't make a miraculous return?
  3. Even if he didn't, I feel the USGA will absolutely give Tiger as many special invitations as he wants if he's able to play. The USGA is usually pretty good about giving past champions at least one extra year, or a special invite if the Open is at that past champion's winning course. In Tiger's case, they'll bend over backwards to get him in the field, as both a three-time champ and as golf's biggest star.
  4. I don't think there's any chance the R&A would do this, but maybe the most logical idea would be to move the British Open to May and the PGA to July. I'm not sure what the weather situation would be like for the Open rota in May as opposed to July, though many fans feel the windier/rainier the better, so it might not be an issue. You could also totally rejig the schedule by going British in May, PGA in June and then the US Open in July. Part of the reason the PGA is seen as something of an afterthought amongst the majors is because it's the last one of the year. The US Open is always a big deal, so having it as the last major won't diminish it in any way. Heck, you can promote it as the most difficult major as the year's final boss, the monster at the end of the book, if you will.
  5. Looks like Jason Day is getting his swing changes figured out, and not a moment too soon before the summer majors
  6. I'm looking forward to this event, it seems like a cool idea that the players are really into
  7. Only ten posts in the RBC Heritage thread? Looks like we were all in a post-Masters hangover as well! Always enjoying watching this course on TV, even if I feel like I'd shoot around 140 in a round if I actually played it. Was hoping my countryman DeLaet would be the one with the breakout victory, but oh well.
  8. Over the last 15 majors, Phil has a first and four runner-ups. That's a lot of A-game. Heck, he brought his A+ game to the final round at Troon last year, it's just that Stenson was an A++
  9. Clothing and equipment...whoever pays me the most! This could end up with me wearing a spinning advertising arrow down the course, but so be it. Tournaments would be.... 1. Canadian Open, my national tournament 2. Whatever they're calling the L.A. Open these days, Riviera is such a lovely-looking course 3. Pebble Beach Pro-Am, as long as I could team up with celebrity partner Scarlett Johansson 4. Heritage Open, Hilton Head looks like a blast to play 5. Greater Hartford Open, since Hartford is America's most scenic city!
  10. Forget about the elevation or the greens, the biggest enemy this week seems to be stomach flu
  11. That's the thing, DJ can get into such a ball-striking and driving zone that if he can hit that top level, he'd only need average putting (even at Augusta) to win. It seems like he's figured out the course to some extent, given his good finishes in recent years.
  12. Matsuyama, Spieth and DJ all winning in consecutive weeks is creating a lot of drama heading into the Masters, not to mention Justin Thomas emerging as a contender with his terrific play. Already three wins for Thomas in the wrap-around 2017 season! You have to consider those four the big favourites....though there's also McIlroy going for the career grand slam, Day looking to contend again (though this could be a 'lost to swing changes' kind of year for him), Fowler looking to break through with a major, plus old standbys like Mickelson or Westwood likely to be buzzing around the leaderboard again. Maybe we'll see Langer turn some heads again, or Couples once again be in the mix heading into the weekend. In short, this is promising to be a terrific Masters, even if/when Tiger has to WD again.
  13. Bernhard Langer has a better chance of winning a PGA Tour event in 2017 than Tiger does
  14. The idea of equating major titles with golf "greatness" can only really be weighed for golfers since the late 50's. That was when... * Arnie revived interest in the Open as a big deal to top American pros. Keep in mind that a lot of U.S. greats (Nelson, Casper, Middlecoff, Guldahl) barely ever played the Open during their careers. * the PGA switched to stroke play Of course, you could argue now while top golfers have more opportunities to win majors (everyone plays in the four big ones every single year), it's more difficult since fields are deeper than ever. Looking at the list of major winners, I guess you'd say Larry Nelson as the 'worst' of the three-time champions (not counting the very old-timers who won Opens in the 1800's). Harrington and Stewart don't quite fit the definition of 'great' in my book, so I'd bump it to four majors as the cutoff point for greatness.
  15. Masters: Spieth US Open: Day Open: Stenson PGA: McIlroy