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  1. Number 48. Tallahassee, Florida 07/02/2018. The last capital on this road trip, I played the Hilaman Golf Course, 6304 yards, slope 70.7/123. This was a good round to to end the road trip on, to wind down as I head home. My game is better and even though I've just played golf in 25 states in 23 days, I'm ready to play more. A totally great experience the people and the places. Two states remaining, Hawaii, later this year, and Alaska next year. 43-43 for an 86.
  2. Number 47. Montgomery, Alabama 07/01/2018. I played the Lagoon Park Golf Course, 6413 yards, slope 69.6/117. I needed a less challenging course after Wolf Creek in Atlanta. I played a nice easy round and kept the ball in play. 45-40, hope restored. The pictures will explain the name, Lagoon.
  3. Number 46. Atlanta, Georgia 06/30/2018. I played Wolf Creek Golf Course, my second state of the day. This course was long and tough from the back tees at 7069 yards, slope 73.2/143. Too tough for me, so I played forward 6656 yards, slope 71.2/138. I had high hopes for this round, based on my morning round Linrick, but hope wasn't enough. I was missing fairways and the rough was no joke. I was playing alone, loosing balls, almost lost my putter by leaving it on the side of one of the greens. I made the turn and now I'm waiting on a group of three. Things were going so badly with my balls, that
  4. Number 45. Columbia, South Carolina 06/30/2018. I Played Linrick Golf Course. from the back tees it's 6941 yards, slope 73.5/138. I played forward of that 6263 yards, slope 70.3/127. I didn't feel like taking on nearly 7000 yards.This course was similar to the last course in I played in North Carolina because they are part of the same region, hills, slopes, trees, water and greens. I started alone ahead of the other groups. I was caught by another solo golfer, David. I told him to play through because I was taking pictures and he was playing quickly. I soon caught him on the fourth hole and we
  5. Number 44. Raleigh, North Carolina 06/29/2018. I didn't think I could do it with these two states, but I did. I played two states on the June 29. When I got to the course in Raleigh, River Ridge Golf Course, it was 5:15, I went in just to make a tee time for the next day. I was told I could play until 8:30, so since I was there, I went out and played. River Ridge is par 72, 6769 yards, slope 72.4/138, challenging course. The course was beautiful, in great condition, and the greens were the same speed on each hole. More courses should make the effort to set the speed consistently on each hole.
  6. Number 43. Richmond, Virginia 06/29/2018. I played Providence Golf Club, a par 71, 6529 yards, slope 71.2/136. I got to the golf course early, thinking I could get out first, but they wouldn't allow it, so I had to wait for an hour. I was sent out with Jimmy, an 82 year old member that plays about 3 times a week. He doesn't play on weekends because it's too busy. Jimmy has a regular partner, but today his partner was at the beach with his wife (not Jimmy's wife). So it was my good fortune to play with Jimmy and have him guide me around the course. I told Jimmy that I was playing from the back
  7. Number 42. Crownsville, Maryland 06/28/2018. Annapolis does not have a public course that I could play, so I played the Eisenhower Golf Course in Crownsville, Maryland. This is a really good course to play. It's challenging in every way and in great condition. It's a par 71, 6659 yards, and slope 71.5/126. keep it in the fairway and score well, I had 40 on my first nine, the back nine. Miss the fairway, the rough is penal as well as all the trees and other vegetation. I had 45 on the back, missed fairways, and missed putts and pitched shots out of the rough. This is my favorite type of course.
  8. Number 41. Dover, Delaware 06/27/2018. I played Maple Dale Country Club a par 72, 6630 yards, slope rating 71.5/128. The club seems to be semi private, they were having a membership meeting when I arrived at 12:00. Yes, this was late for me, usually I'm there when the doors open. After two rounds yesterday and knowing that I was only playing one today, I decided to sleep in. The starter told me he could get me out at 1:30, so I chipped and hit balls on the range. I hit my driver three times and it had that driving range magic. When I Started my round, the magic was gone, I was hitting high sho
  9. Number 40. West Trenton, New Jersey 06/26/2018. This second state course I played in on the 26 of June was in New Jersey. I drove three hours from Hartford. New Jersey does not have a public golf course in Trenton, the capital, so i played in West trenton, not the capital. The course was Mountain View Golf Course, which is the name of the golf course in my community in Palm Desert. It was a par 72, 6682 yards, with a slope rating of 72.5/133. Very similar to my home course in numbers, but different in physical structure. There are no homes on this course, so it looks much larger, with more tr
  10. Number 39. Hartford, Connecticut 06/26/2018. This was another two state courses on the same day. he first was Goodwin Park Golf Course, par 70, 6015 yards, slope 68.6/119. I shot 40 on front, 45 on the back, but I started on the back. My highest score is consistently my first nine, regardless of where I start. What's with that? This round I also had different playing partners on each side. I was joined by a great guy, Ken, a retired police officer and currently a school teacher. This was the fifth school teacher I've played with on this trip. He was also the best, former 2-handicap, with a smo
  11. Number 38. Providence, Road Island, 06/25/2018. The second today was played at Triggs Memorial Golf Course, a par 72, 6588 yards, and a slope rating of 72.3/132. This course was longer and rated harder than the Boston course. I used my woods and shot an 89. When I arrived at Triggs most of the players on the practice greens were smoking cigars and acting like they were having a big party. I was finally paired with a very nice elderly couple, Bob and Barbara. They both played from the forward tees and we all hit various good and bad shots during the round. Just as in Boston earlier that day I
  12. Number 37. Boston, Massachusetts, 06/25/2018. I played golf in two capital cities. The first, The William J. Devine Golf Course in Boston. I stayed overnight in Concord and drove to Boston early to play alone so that I could play fast and go to Providence. The course was a par 70, 6013 yards from back tees, and slope 69.5/126, not a very hard course, but you still must hit the shots. I went out alone and played the course with just my irons and a 3-hybrid. I've been hitting my irons more consistent than my woods. My total score was 85. I only had one par and eight bogeys on the front. On the
  13. Number 36. Concord, New Hampshire 06/24/2018. I played at Beaver Meadow Golf Course. This was the tale of two nines, 50-44. I've been avoiding the double bogeys, but not today because I was swinging with my arms, slicing into the trees. My driver swing was better on the back, which is a constant pattern. My iron play is better since I started cocking my wrist, shots are more solid, straight and towering. I find it easier turning my hips with my irons, than with my driver. I played with Terry, another left-handed retired school teacher, who also works for the golf course, cutting grass
  14. Number 35. Augusta, Maine 06/23/2018. I played at Westernview Golf Club. This was another grueling drive from Montpelier to Augusta, 197 miles. I took Highway 2, leaving Montpelier at 6:30 a.m., and got to Augusta 6 hours later. In the future I will avoid all state highways going through small towns. The golf course is owned by a very nice couple. The husband's brother lives in my city, Palm Desert. The wife said the course was short, but challenging, and she was right. Blind shots, small greens sloping away from with plenty of movement. I was fortunate to play with Gary, otherwise it would
  15. Number 34. Montpelier, Vermont 06/22/2018. I played at Montpelier Elks Country Club. I played two courses on the 22. The ride from Albany to Montpelier was a grind. It took 5 hours, my GPS stopped working in the mountains, I got lost, had to stop at a fire stations for directions to Montpelier. Got there at 3:30, but couldn't play until 5:30, and played only 9 holes. I hit more bad shots than good. Big difference from my morning round. I couldn't stop looking up, and when I did, all I saw was a bad shot. But, the guys I played with, Mario, Gary, and Brian were a lot of fun. Good playing par
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