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  1. Number 30. Charleston West Virginia 06/19/2018. I played Coonskin Park Golf Course. It was a par 3 course that allowed me to play with just irons. This was great. It gave me a restful break from a full sized golf course and I used this round as a practice round.
  2. Number 29. Frankfort Kentucky 06/18/2018. I played Juniper Hill Golf Course, which was similar to Shelby in Nashville. It is hilly but not as severe. Another slow start, which I've got to change, but things got better. 42 front, 43 back, 5793 yards. I played again with two good friends that were wise guys. Art the older, Keith the younger, both left handed. Keith started out par, birdie, one under after two holes, but he woke up after that. My driving was pretty good, chipping was not as good.
  3. Number 28. Nashville Tennessee 06/17/2018. I hope that every golfing father was on a golf course, where he really wanted to be, instead of elsewhere. I had intended to play ted Rhodes Golf Course but it was closed because they were replacing the greens. Instead I played Shelby Park Golf Course, the hilliest golf course I've played so far. I was hitting up or down on most holes. Each course has been different and presenting different challenges. Shelby was not long , 6163 from the back tees, short par fours, narrow fairways, large and small greens. The rough was made of various weeds and graces and clover. The ball was hard to find in the clover. The greens were not healthy and the holes had not been moved for while. It was hot, 97 degrees, and humid, which to me me is better than cold. I played ok for most of the round, until the last few holes. 40 front, 44 back, total 84. I played with Tony, the older, and Joe, the younger guy. They play and work together and were a lot of fun, constantly cracking on each other. They hit their drivers as hard as they could and the ball went far when they connected. I've met many Californians on my trip. Joe is from my home town, Memphis, and attended White Station High School. Another fun pairing.
  4. Number 27. Indianapolis Indiana 06/16/2018. This was a long day and short night. I went to Chicago to see my niece and nephew, and had a nice visit with them. It was evening when I left Chicago and I arrived in Indianapolis at almost 11 pm. My nephew owns a barber shop, and any of you that have seen the movie Barber Shop by Ice Cube, my nephew buts that movie to shame comedy wise. The characters that came through were a riot. There is my nephew shouting out at every one that passed by the door. The local drunk came in sober buying a cigarette for 50 cents, 30 minutes later he retuned drunk asking for another cigarette because he couldn't find the one behind his ear. An executive from a big firm came in, because were he lives the barbers can't cut his hair. Another businessman came in talking about how the his two brothers were trying to sue him for money left to him by their mother. All the while my nephew is cutting hair, transacting other business with customers and helping people with personal matters on the phone. I told him he needs a reality show. I usually get a room at Motel 6 close to the course, but it was full, so I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, very nice room, the best so far, for $172 for about 2 hours sleep and I was up ready to play another round. I played Coffin Golf Club, which was more interesting and challenging than I initially thought. The fairways were narrow, the rough was penal, and the water hazards were in play. The greens were slow, but I adjusted on the back and made some par and boogey saves. I didn't hit my driver consistent enough, but I did hit my seven wood well. I played from the white tees, 6028 yards, slope 69.6/119, 43 front, 46 back, holes 17 and 18 got me. I started playing alone, but caught up with a father, David, and his adult son, Hank. They both had good games, hank was long and David had a good chipping game. I always enjoy playing with someone and we had a pretty good time.
  5. Number 26. Lansing Michigan 06/15/2018. I went to school and played golf at Michigan State University (MSU), the Spartans. MSU has two courses, Forest Akers East and West. I played the East course, the easier of the two, according to the workers there. Played from the back tees, 6432 yards, slope 70.5/127. I arrived in Lansing late Thursday evening from St Paul. The course was closing and I was told that Friday's schedule was full, but to come back early Friday morning and I might get out ahead of the crowd. I arrived early, they were just unlocking the gates. I met some of the workers, including the starter, Jerry. He just recently resumed playing golf, but was a low handicap golfer in his young days. I've been fortunate with my random selection of the courses I'm playing. This was a nice looking course, but Jerry said the west looks much better. It may be the easier of the two but I still got off to a slow start, 46 on the front, played better on the back with a 40, total 86. I think I'll play better now that the weather is warmer, the way I like it , and I'm not driving so far between cities. My laptop is working. All it needed was the right password. The one big negative of todays electronic life is TOOO many passwords.
  6. Number 25. Cheyenne Country Club. Tuesday 06/12/2018. Another cold morning, 44 degrees and breezy. I played this round alone. The club is private but allows public play on Monday and Tuesday. It cost me $78, with a cart. The course was in great condition following a big tournament they had last week. The first hole was a par 5. I pulled my drive to the left and hit a poor second shot from the ruff. That was the last time I used those clubs. I didn’t want a repeat of Salt Lake City, it was colder and l wanted to play better, so I used my 7 wood all day off the tee and for long fairway shots. I played better but I was 2 putting for bogey because I was not on in regulation. 45 front, 45 back. Played 18 in 3 hours. I have some nice pictures and videos but my laptop is acting crazy. I’m using my phone to do this for me, is like playing in cold weather.
  7. Number 24. Salt Lake City Utah. Monday 06/11/2018. I arrived in Salt Lake on Sunday, 06/10/2018. It took about 12 hours to drive from Palm Desert to Salt Lake. The drive was great, moderate traffic with sunshine and good music all the way. The temperature was 84 degrees at 5:49 a.m. in Palm Desert. I arrived in Salt Lake at 5:05 p.m. and went straight to the golf course and got a 6:30 t-time for Monday, and then went to the closest Motel 6. I played Bonneville Golf Course, par 72, white tees, 5968 yards. The course was not easy to find. My phone navigation system took me to a street that runs through the middle of the course, and said, "your destination is to the left". When I looked left I saw a golf hole, which turned out to be hole 18. There was no club house in sight. I drove to the end of the street looking for the club house, saw nothing, turned around, went back to the 18th hole and talked to a guy waiting to t-off. He gave me directions to the club house and said that the course was there before the houses were built around it. The club house had been in that location, but was moved. There are no signs on the street pointing to the golf course entrance, and no sign on the entrance with the name of the course. But, I eventually found it. Salt Lake is a nice looking, clean city, the temperature was in the 70's, with a light breeze, it felt good Sunday. Monday morning when I arrived at the course at 6:00 a.m., it was 51 degrees and breezy. I was cold. Three other guys came after me, and they were in short pants. I introduced myself to them and joined them. Joe, Nick, and Adam. We were all cold, but I was by far the coldest, I had just left Palm Desert at 84 degrees. Joe and I made par on the first hole, but that was as close as I would be to Joe the rest of the round. Nick and Adam started off slower. We all hit better shots as it got warmer, but Joe's game was good from start to finish, he was one over on the front, which is all they played because they had to go to work. regardless of the conditions and the shots, good or bad, we had fun from start to finish, laughing at good and bad shots. I guess that's how a game should be, fun. That's the great thing about golf, you can sometimes put strangers together and they bond like life long good friends. They left after nine, and I continued on playing and working on my game. I gave each of them a spider patch and a spider logo golf ball. This was a great start to my trip. The course has hills, course was in good condition, large greens, small greens, fast greens, and wide fairways. I had a great time.
  8. Starting my 50 state golf road trip. 25 capitals plus Washington DC. Pictures of my new golf balls, the courses and states, new hat and face gaurd to protect me from the sun, and my spider patch which I will give to the people that I play golf with. I'm leaving Sunday, June 10, 5:00 am, for Salt Lake City.
  9. @jsgolfer This will make 48 states since 2016. I’m going to Hawaii in November for #49 and Alaska next year for #50.
  10. I'm resuming my 50 state capital road trip on June 10, 2018. I'm planning to play in 25 capitals plus Washington DC. The list has the courses I plan to play and the order, weather permitting.
  11. I'm resuming my 50 state capital city trip in June 2018. I'll keep an eye on this and if it takes place I'll try to make it. I'm doing 23 states east of the Mississippi this year. I don't have firm dates at this time but I know I'll start in June. I'll do Salt Lake City and Cheyenne first, then I'm heading east.
  12. @smfoley @ct207 Yes I'm having a good time and improving my golf game at the same time. I finally broke 80 last week. My state trip will continue next spring 2018. I plan to to do 25 states, Utah and Wyoming, then the 23 states east of the Mississippi.
  13. spider

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot 78 today on one of my home courses in Palm Desert, Ca. I then played another round today, same course, same tees, and shot 83. The 78 is the lowest round of my life. It's very exciting to score in the 70s and then follow it up with another good score. I am working hard on my game and it's good to see this result. Those of you who have followed me on my 50 state tour, have seen my scores from 2016 to now.
  14. spider

    In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    I've played in 23 state capitals since 2016. I will try to get the 23 states east of the Mississippi in 2018. I'm looking forward to it!
  15. spider

    European PGA Tour 4 Majors

    I was thinking why the European PGA Tour doesn't establish its own 4 major tournaments. I know the European players believe that they are as good as the American players, but because more money is paid in the USA, this is were the players all over the world are trying to get to. I understand the money in the USA majors will always be greater, but I believe that if the European tour wants to stop playing little brother to the PGA, it should establish its own majors with benefits. Europe can add three more tournaments to The Open as majors, played at non-conflicting times with the USA PGA majors and see how it goes. Television contracts will improve for these tournaments because they are majors, and more players will choose to play in them. Looking at the OWGR as of this writing 4 of top 10 players, 7 of the top 20, 24 of the top 50 and 45 of the top 100 are American. American players do not dominate the top 100 players in the world. 6 of top 10, 13 of top 20, 26 of top 50 and 55 of top 100 are non-American players. Something for Europe to think about for their future, otherwise I think the European tour will sink further below the USA PGA.

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