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  1. @boogielicious My swing with my seven wood is the same as my other woods. I did have a three hybrid but I couldn't hit it straight consistently. Most of the time my hybrid would hook. I didn't know when it would go straight or hook. I've read that you swing the hybrid like an iron and that felt strange. A lot about my swing and my equipment on my trip. For me I play better with the same equipment. When I left on my trip I took my Nike seven wood, but it did not feel the same as my tailor-made woods, so I bought a tailor-made seven wood in Wisconsin. Man, what a great difference. I
  2. I think that Rory is the most dominant player. And I believe that he has not exhibited that dominance because he's wanted to be one of the guys. Rory has not wanted to assume the aura that it takes to be number one, he doesn't want the negative perception that was given to Tiger. I do think that Rory will understand soon that to be number one you can't be the most liked player. Both tiger and Jack understood this and chose to be the dominant player as opposed to being one of the guys.
  3. 7-wood. I get 200+ yards, it's straight and is great out of the rough. I use it on 3 shot par-5's.
  4. I haven't noticed anything unprofessional, but a man's imagination can see thru anything.
  5. It's all part of the adventure of life. The 50/50 goes on. I'm more excited than ever about traveling and playing golf. Thanks for going along with me. @dennyjones @RandallT @iacas
  6. Number 23. Denver, Colorado. Tuesday 07/11/2017. I played Green Valley Ranch Golf Course, par 72, black tees 7084, blue tees 6550 yards. I played the blue tees, my playing partner, Cody, played the black tees. The course is long and can get longer and will get longer when the Denver Open is held there later this year. The Denver Open is played by professionals at the Web.com level, and some very good amatuers. The fairways are wide, the rough thick and long, and it contains hazardous areas of water, trees and bushes. The greens are large with a lot of movement and fast enough to cause the dreaded three-putt, or more. It's a beautiful challenging course. This was a special treat for me. I really enjoy playing with low handicap golfers, I always get something positive from watching them. Cody works in the pro shop, attends Doane College in Nebraska, and plays on the Doane golf team, carrying a .9 handicap. Cody was great in guiding me around the course. We had great conversation about our game, both mental and physical challenges, which were similar, just at different levels. I played well overall, but my swing with my driver wasn't as good as my swing with my irons and other woods. My putting and chipping still have me smiling, saving a par and many bogeys. My 7-wood, love this club and eventually I'll have my other woods at the same level. Front 43, back 47, total 90. Cody was so impressive. His driver was deadly, long and in the fairway, rolling thru the fairway once. His swing was smooth and never rushed. He worked the ball left and right, the ball flight of his irons was towering, hitting most greens in regulation, and when needed, his short game came thru, His putting was solid. I didn't keep track of his score, but I know he had five birdies, because birdies are always celebrated. Cody had a great attitude throughout the round, even when he didn't do, or get the exact results that he wanted. What's good for a high hadicap player may not be good for a low handicap player. I'm determined to get my swing as consistent as Cody's. He never jumped at the ball with his driver swing, and he was killing the sweet spot. I had a wonderful day of golf, but the post golf time was not good. I lost my wallet in the parking lot. I remember taking my wallet from my golf bag and putting it in my back pocket, so I thought. I went to get gasoline and go to Cheyenne, Wyoming. When I got to the gas station I couldn't find my wallet. I went back to the course, but no one had turned it in. I looked through my things again and again, but no luck. Now I have no money, no driver's license, or credit card. I contacted my credit union, but they would not send a new card out of state, instead they would send it to my home address in 5 to 7 days. The credit union, no help at all, and you know what the say at the end of the phone call, "Is there anything else I can do for you? Have a nice day." Bottom line, my 2017 50/50 tour has come to an end. I managed to have money sent to me for gasoline home. It was a long drive from Denver to Palm Desert, but I made it home. I completed 16 of 18 planned states and had a great time. Total number of states completed is 23. I don't know if I will do Cheyenne and Salt lake City in 2017. If I do I'll fly to the cities. 2017 was a good tour, it was an adventure. I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to 2018, playing the states east of the Mississippi river. I played better than I did in 2016, and I will play better in 2018. In 2018 I plan to have a single digit index. I hope to play with some of you in 2018. I'm open to playing additional courses with any of you.
  7. I like to have the same manufacturer. Just style. I have all Tailor-made including putter. I tried the m5 balls, but prefer prov1x.
  8. @boogielicious thanks
  9. Number 22. Topeka, Kansas. Monday 07/10/2017. I played Cypress Ridge Golf Course, par 70, blue tees 6188 yards, these are the back tees. The course is also a par 70 similar to Oak Hills, but this course has four par 5's, Oak Hills has three par 5's. and is little shorter. Cypress Ridge is not nearly as difficult as Oak Hills, nor is it as beautiful, but it does have some nice views. The rough is the only issue with this course, if you find the rough you may not find your ball, and if you find your ball, getting it back to the fairway is a great shot. I got to the course early so that I could play quickly. I had to make the eight hour drive to Denver after the round. I followed a single walker, and even though I had a golf cart, I never caught him. I spent too much time looking for my balls in the rough. I saved pars and bogeys with good chipping. I'm getting a little cocky with my chipping. Last year I was just hoping to get the ball on the green with my first chip, now I'm expecting my ball to get within ten feet, and then expecting to make the putt. What a difference a year makes. Also watching the good chippers I've been playing with and copying their smooth tempo hasn't hurt. I took the time to practice two playing strategies. My largest scores have come on par 5's, my major blowup holes. I've decided to play 7-wood, 7-wood, short-iron on all par 5's. I get 200 yards with my 7-wood. The other strategy is to use my 56 instead of my 60 degree wedge. I'm constantly grabbing the 60 for short shots and coming up short. Today these strategies worked great. On the first 527 yard par 5, I hit 7-w, 7-w. The second 7-w found the rough. I was within 150 yards but I knew that I could not get to the green so I wedged out to the fairway. Now from this position I would normally use my 60 and come up short of the green, instead I used my 56 and the ball was within a foot of the hole, for par. On the 552 yard par 5 I played 7-w, 7-w, 7-iron. On the green in three, missed birdie putt, made par. These strategies eliminate my stress when playing par 5's and pitch shots that I know should be on the green, not short of the green. I'm learning many things about my game and what changes I need to make to play better, which clubs I actually use, such as my 50 degree wedge. I have not used that club on this trip, and rarely used it at home. I need my 4-iron which i don't have with me. Out goes the 50 in comes the 4-iron. It's good to be out here alone, where the only voice I hear is my own. Front 43, back 41with one birdie, total 84. The same score as Oak Hills, also a par 70.
  10. Number 21. Jefferson City, Missouri. Sunday 07/09/2017. I played Oak Hills Golf Course, par 70, blue tees 5802 yards, these are the back tees. The course as you see is short, but the teeth of the course are the sloping fairways. Most of the fairways slope, which makes ball placement difficult. If you don't hit it high enough on the slope, you're in the rough on the low side. There are trees and brush everywhere, but you can recover from some areas in the trees. The greens were not fast, but I understand that's due to the rain, normally they are very fast, so I got lucky. I started the front nine with Dave. He normally plays from the forward tees, but decided to play from the back with me, and actually played better than I did. You need course knowledge to know where to hit your ball, and dave was my course knowledge. He did a good job of instructing, and I did alright placing most shots. We did have one hole of miscommunication. Dave told me to hit the ball to the left of a certain tree, and I did it perfectly, resulting in my ball in the trees. Dave said that he meant the right side of the tree. I thanked Dave for the bogey. Dave stopped after playing the front nine holes. The foursome in front of us had become a threesome and I joined them for the back nine. The younger of the group, Dan played from the blue tees, the other two, Kenny and Jeff played from the white tees. Kenny was too long to play from the white tees, and here again was another guy with a great chipping game. We had a bet going for the 18th hole, which I won. My drive on 18 landed in the rough behind trees. I hit a high wedge over the trees onto the the green. This seems to be one of my specialties. The cold beer hit the spot. I shot 43 on the front and 41 on the back with two birdies, one on a par 4 and the other on a par 3. Total 84. Good round on a short course, and a very nice looking course.
  11. Number 20. Lincoln, Nebraska. Saturday 07/08/2017. I played Holmes Golf Course, blue tees 6420 yards. The course was flat, wide open, not many hazards and the putting was good most of the time. I played alone and moved pretty quickly. I shot a 42 on the front, parred the tenth and then bogeyed, doubled, doubled, and tripled 11, 12, 13 and 14. I closed with three pars and a bogey for 45 on the back, total 87. After a tough round the day before, this was a welcome round. No cell service in Lincoln from t-moble.
  12. Number 19. Des Moines. Friday 07/06/2017. I played Waveland Municipal Golf Club, white tees 6282 yards. The Waveland is the exact opposite of The Oaks. The Waveland has hazards and trouble on every hole and everywhere on the hole. You are either hitting down hill on the fairway and up to the green or you are hitting all the way up the fairway and up to the green. There are dog legs left and right which break up or down hill, with blind spots. the rough is over three inches, the brush is a combination of trees, bushes and water hazards. It has large greens that are a challenge read the breaks and speed. The course is a visual challenge. Having said all of that, it's a beautiful course with great views from the top and bottom of holes. I played with two guys, John and Ulhri, who were from Boise, Idaho. They were in Des Moines for a family reunion. Uhri's wife and John's girlfriend's family. So they got away for a round of golf. Not knowing the course, we played okay, but we did allow two groups to play through, and added a fourth guy to our group, Jay, for the last 3 holes. John shoots in the 80's, but shot 90 this round. Ulhri shoots 90 plus, but has a great short game. He was hitting great pitch and chip shots, but couldn't get his putts to the hole. Ulhri's last pitch shot on number 18 was inches from the hole. My game was one of survival, only 4 pars. Front 46, back 46, total 92. Fun guys to play with. We had a drink at the 19th hole, talked and I left them there, taking as much time away from the family reunion as they could.
  13. @MasonAsher2014 I'm not playing Indiana this year. I'm doing east of Mississippi River next Spring/ Summer. The weather is so unpredictable, I'll be moving based on the weather. I'm playing Coffin Golf Club next year.