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  1. @smfoley @ct207 Yes I'm having a good time and improving my golf game at the same time. I finally broke 80 last week. My state trip will continue next spring 2018. I plan to to do 25 states, Utah and Wyoming, then the 23 states east of the Mississippi.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot 78 today on one of my home courses in Palm Desert, Ca. I then played another round today, same course, same tees, and shot 83. The 78 is the lowest round of my life. It's very exciting to score in the 70s and then follow it up with another good score. I am working hard on my game and it's good to see this result. Those of you who have followed me on my 50 state tour, have seen my scores from 2016 to now.
  3. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    I've played in 23 state capitals since 2016. I will try to get the 23 states east of the Mississippi in 2018. I'm looking forward to it!
  4. European PGA Tour 4 Majors

    I was thinking why the European PGA Tour doesn't establish its own 4 major tournaments. I know the European players believe that they are as good as the American players, but because more money is paid in the USA, this is were the players all over the world are trying to get to. I understand the money in the USA majors will always be greater, but I believe that if the European tour wants to stop playing little brother to the PGA, it should establish its own majors with benefits. Europe can add three more tournaments to The Open as majors, played at non-conflicting times with the USA PGA majors and see how it goes. Television contracts will improve for these tournaments because they are majors, and more players will choose to play in them. Looking at the OWGR as of this writing 4 of top 10 players, 7 of the top 20, 24 of the top 50 and 45 of the top 100 are American. American players do not dominate the top 100 players in the world. 6 of top 10, 13 of top 20, 26 of top 50 and 55 of top 100 are non-American players. Something for Europe to think about for their future, otherwise I think the European tour will sink further below the USA PGA.
  5. Can't make the 19th.
  6. Rory McIlroy Fires His Caddie

    I agree with Rory's reasoning for separating from JP. Why ruin a good personal relationships because of the working relationships, and every golfer should own their golf game. A very mature decision.
  7. What's Your favorite club and why?

    @boogielicious My swing with my seven wood is the same as my other woods. I did have a three hybrid but I couldn't hit it straight consistently. Most of the time my hybrid would hook. I didn't know when it would go straight or hook. I've read that you swing the hybrid like an iron and that felt strange. A lot about my swing and my equipment on my trip. For me I play better with the same equipment. When I left on my trip I took my Nike seven wood, but it did not feel the same as my tailor-made woods, so I bought a tailor-made seven wood in Wisconsin. Man, what a great difference. I
  8. DJ or Rory?

    I think that Rory is the most dominant player. And I believe that he has not exhibited that dominance because he's wanted to be one of the guys. Rory has not wanted to assume the aura that it takes to be number one, he doesn't want the negative perception that was given to Tiger. I do think that Rory will understand soon that to be number one you can't be the most liked player. Both tiger and Jack understood this and chose to be the dominant player as opposed to being one of the guys.
  9. What's Your favorite club and why?

    7-wood. I get 200+ yards, it's straight and is great out of the rough. I use it on 3 shot par-5's.
  10. LPGA To Enforce more Strict Dress Code

    I haven't noticed anything unprofessional, but a man's imagination can see thru anything.
  11. It's all part of the adventure of life. The 50/50 goes on. I'm more excited than ever about traveling and playing golf. Thanks for going along with me. @dennyjones @RandallT @iacas
  12. Number 23. Denver, Colorado. Tuesday 07/11/2017. I played Green Valley Ranch Golf Course, par 72, black tees 7084, blue tees 6550 yards. I played the blue tees, my playing partner, Cody, played the black tees. The course is long and can get longer and will get longer when the Denver Open is held there later this year. The Denver Open is played by professionals at the Web.com level, and some very good amatuers. The fairways are wide, the rough thick and long, and it contains hazardous areas of water, trees and bushes. The greens are large with a lot of movement and fast enough to cause the dreaded three-putt, or more. It's a beautiful challenging course. This was a special treat for me. I really enjoy playing with low handicap golfers, I always get something positive from watching them. Cody works in the pro shop, attends Doane College in Nebraska, and plays on the Doane golf team, carrying a .9 handicap. Cody was great in guiding me around the course. We had great conversation about our game, both mental and physical challenges, which were similar, just at different levels. I played well overall, but my swing with my driver wasn't as good as my swing with my irons and other woods. My putting and chipping still have me smiling, saving a par and many bogeys. My 7-wood, love this club and eventually I'll have my other woods at the same level. Front 43, back 47, total 90. Cody was so impressive. His driver was deadly, long and in the fairway, rolling thru the fairway once. His swing was smooth and never rushed. He worked the ball left and right, the ball flight of his irons was towering, hitting most greens in regulation, and when needed, his short game came thru, His putting was solid. I didn't keep track of his score, but I know he had five birdies, because birdies are always celebrated. Cody had a great attitude throughout the round, even when he didn't do, or get the exact results that he wanted. What's good for a high hadicap player may not be good for a low handicap player. I'm determined to get my swing as consistent as Cody's. He never jumped at the ball with his driver swing, and he was killing the sweet spot. I had a wonderful day of golf, but the post golf time was not good. I lost my wallet in the parking lot. I remember taking my wallet from my golf bag and putting it in my back pocket, so I thought. I went to get gasoline and go to Cheyenne, Wyoming. When I got to the gas station I couldn't find my wallet. I went back to the course, but no one had turned it in. I looked through my things again and again, but no luck. Now I have no money, no driver's license, or credit card. I contacted my credit union, but they would not send a new card out of state, instead they would send it to my home address in 5 to 7 days. The credit union, no help at all, and you know what the say at the end of the phone call, "Is there anything else I can do for you? Have a nice day." Bottom line, my 2017 50/50 tour has come to an end. I managed to have money sent to me for gasoline home. It was a long drive from Denver to Palm Desert, but I made it home. I completed 16 of 18 planned states and had a great time. Total number of states completed is 23. I don't know if I will do Cheyenne and Salt lake City in 2017. If I do I'll fly to the cities. 2017 was a good tour, it was an adventure. I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to 2018, playing the states east of the Mississippi river. I played better than I did in 2016, and I will play better in 2018. In 2018 I plan to have a single digit index. I hope to play with some of you in 2018. I'm open to playing additional courses with any of you.
  13. I like to have the same manufacturer. Just style. I have all Tailor-made including putter. I tried the m5 balls, but prefer prov1x.

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