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  1. any guys here ever game a ladies club?

    Yes, Got my wife a new set of irons... had to swing a few. She has a sand wedge in there that is heavenly to hit. It filled a big gap in my distances and I hit it straight every time. It took me buying about 7 used sand wedges to try and find one comparable. Should have just taken in, but it was about 1/2-1" short. Also broke my putter and forgot to replace it. Grabbed my wife's putter for a round with the guys... her putter screams "LADIES" in huge letters on the shaft. I explained myself on hole 1, just before sinking a 15 footer. Only heard a handfull comments later. I tried her driver, which used to be my driver, but it's too whippy now. I hit it much shorter than my current one. It's a high loft, and can clear some tall trees. I like having her playing with me if I need to go over something rather than around it.
  2. Excuses Given to You When Suggesting Pairing Up

    One busy day, some 2 guys and a girl were 'waiting their turn' - so to kill time they were 'wheeling' in the carts. They almost flipped one on the curb and the starter went and chewed them out. The starter saw them and asked if I wanted to join them or not - at least gave me the option. I said I'd ask them... We were all on waiting on first, and I asked about joining. One guy said, "We are going to drink a lot of alcohol and do some drugs. If you don't mind that, jump in our cart. If you mind, you should probably just play through". Walking, I finished hole 3 and was on to 4 as they were just leaving the green on hole #1.
  3. Shaft Question? should I keep stiff shafted W&H

    I have a fast transition and am finding that without the stiffer flex, I have greater dispersion. It is true about the swing fixes. I am working on it - and will be working on it till I die (I'm sure). As I get my swing closer to straight, my shot trajectory and distance are improving greatly. I just forget sometimes and try to kill the ball, then it all goes downhill fast.
  4. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    Been working on the game, reading threads here. I fit 9 in today on a shorter course (2700 for 9 holes). Was 3 over through 8 and the claim to fame was driving a dogleg left par 4 - but missed the eagle putt. Then hole 9 came around - 400 yards all uphill. First 2 put me at 80 yards out (duffed my second shot). Pulled the sand wedge... and bladed it. ARRRGGG got back on the green with shot 4. The bogey putt hit the edge and rolled on downhill. The uphill hit the edge of the cup too... Then 2 footer didn't fall.... I managed to hit the 1" putt. Ended up 7 over for the 9 hole round. I never should have looked at the score after hole 8.
  5. Shaft Question? should I keep stiff shafted W&H

    OP here, as a followup if anyone finds this thread via search. Kept the clubs and I played a few rounds with them - they are coming around. I can get the 3 wood long and straight, if slightly low. I got a few hybrid shots in today, and they stuck within a foot of where they hit, one was pretty high and actually rolled backwards a bit. I actually feel more comfortable with the new clubs now than my old ones. Thanks for the advice garush34
  6. I have been playing regular shaft clubs since I started. This year I worked up to some higher swing speeds. From what I read online I'm right between a Regular and Stiff. The problem I have is I have a 4H I really like, but when I get behind it well, it goes high, but somewhat inaccurate. I wanted a 3H and 3W - so like a rookie, I ordered some Adams Super S with stiff shafts. I hit them today at the range and they did ok. They were normal height and straight when I swung hard into them. But my normal swing was same distance as my current one, straight, but not as high (doubt I'd stick a green with them). There were high winds today. Problem is, I'm not sure I like swinging fairly hard every time. I plan on increasing my swing speed, and working on better form next year. Should I keep them and grow into them, longer is better? Or go with regular shafts and what I have is what I have? Some facts: never been on a launch monitor or know exact swing speed but my 7 iron is 160, my 9 with a stronger swing is 140+ but clears 150 if I get behind it Distances for comparison: regular flex 3W 240, 3H 220, 4H 195 & Stiff flex getting into them for good ball flight, 3W 250+, 3H 240, 4H 220
  7. I've had clubs for a few years, some co-workers picked some out for me. But like most, I never practiced golf, just range 2-3 times a year and about the same on courses. It was fun but frustrating. After a few bad outings, I decided to learn golf this year. I'm 41, overweight at 225, but fairly athletic still and generally good at most sports. My goal was to get to the first plateau of 'getting better'. I've done it at basketball, volleyball, and tennis so I figured golf couldn't be that bad and estimated it would take the rest of the season. When I started in July, my longer drives were about 200 on the course, averaging about 185 - if I could hit it at all. I didn't keep score much the first weeks, but seemed like I averaged about 18-20 over for 9 holes. I did a lot of youtube, golf channel, some video study and range time, lots of chipping practice to improve. The averages for the last 2 weeks were - 240 for drives- with multiple ones measured at 260 and scoring about one over per hole at various courses. My best drive was 292 with a hill, 270 without hill or wind. I don't often have time to play 18, so I play lots of 9's with my son. Best score of my summer was 4 over for 9 holes - with a number of 7 over scores. My average on 9 is about bogey golf. One more year of practice should get me where I want to be - which I still haven't defined yet. So who knows where this sport will end. Anyway, frost is on the ground here in WI, so the official practice is going away. I'll be looking for exercises I can do this winter to get stronger. Can't wait for next year!
  8. farthest drives

    Same here - a good drive is 250 for me. Had a 15mph tailwind, hit a hillside and measured at 292. Duffed the chip on and managed to 3 putt to bogey on the hole.
  9. How do scores on short courses compare?

    the course is moor downs in waukesha wi- link here... https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/courseTeeInfo.aspx?CourseID=45577 https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/courseTeeInfo.aspx?CourseID=45577 I can't go any farther back than they let me-so i joke about playing from the tips. :)
  10. How do scores on short courses compare?

    84 is an awesome score of that's the course I'm seeing on the usga website. Slope rating of 145! Congrats!
  11. How do scores on short courses compare?

    Usga says slope is 117. I gave the wrong number. If I take bogey golf numbers, I might break 100. Would need some pars or birdies in the bunch and no 3 putts.
  12. How do scores on short courses compare?

    The holes are 320-340, shortest par 4 is one 277 with water and trees everywhere. And 1 460ish all uphill. I do play the 9 twice to hit 18. Today I walked the 18 carrying the bag the whole way. Golfing wasn't the best day I've had, that bag got heavy! The longest holes on other courses i play are 550ish, I still go bogey on those too. Drives are 250, but today i used my hybrids to drive after the 4th duff that I had to rescue. They only go 210-220 but they always go straight, and I wanted to score rather than just hit far. Thanks for the info!
  13. There is a shorter municipal course I play. The stats are 9 holes for 2710 yards, slope of 106, par of 34, it has all par 4 holes except 2. The par 3s are 170 and 135. I wanted to break 100 this year. I have scored 85 and 89 on this course, which feels great to me. Would this compare to breaking 100 on a normal course? Maybe you guys who play a lot can tell me how your scores compare for shorter courses?
  14. What's the worst, most embarrassing shot you've ever seen?

    For me, we had 8 guys gathered at the first tee for an informal scramble, most I knew but half I had never played with. I was first off and just knicked the ball with the toe, off it went at about 80 degrees at 30 yards. They all said "Take another - first swing" and all.. So I put another ball out. You know what happened - this time it went much higher, still 80 degrees and 35 yards out... One guy speaks up and says "At least some of us have seen you play before..." and told the others that I wasn't 'that bad'. Arrrggg... I Made up for it by putting us on the green with my groups second shot, but that opening was in my head all round.
  15. Like every other newbie golfer - I have a type of club that gives me trouble - Generally it's the driver. But some days, the driver works awesome and the irons stink. Usually irons are great though. I seem to be progressively worse from Irons, Hybrids, Woods, Fatheaded Driver. When walking alone, sometimes I just leave the driver or woods completely out of the bag. This weeks visit to the range told me the driver should be trashed, my woods are shaky, but the rest was ok. So today I played 9 with my group this morning - no woods in the bag, took the driver along in the bag just for looks, and drove with my 3H. I learned that each day is different - and never leave a club behind - ever. We played scramble. My drives with the 3H weren't long at 210-220 - but I single-handedly parred the first 2 holes and bogeyed the 550 yarder (one poor shot with my 7i) So I was +1 in 3 holes and I never touched the driver. Then the kid in our group blasted a drive about 270+. Since it's all about the looks and I would look poorly doing a 220 yard drive, so felt I had to grab the driver. I blasted one 260 and a bit right, but well playable - and I thought "Why do I hate this club again?" That's when I began to really wish I had my 3 wood. I can send that 240-250 when I get ahold of it, and today was not quite driver day, but I'm pretty sure I could have hit the heck out of the smaller wood. So - never again will I leave a long club behind.