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  1. Your explanation is correct that you tilt away from target at address BUT in order to rotate around spine in the back swing, the spine is actually side tilting towards target and NOT away from target.
  2. Dear golf enthusiasts. Suppose a RH golfer have: A good grip. A good stance A good pivot We know there is forward tilt in the stance. Suppose this golfer was able to maintain consistent forward tilt throughout the swing. The matter in question is the SIDE TILT. In order to maintain swinging in a barrel OR swinging around the spine without swaying, this golfer will have to have side tilt of the spine. On the backswing, the tilt should be towards the target or bump waist away to right
  3. Very easy, just gave yourself a double par score. A 6 for par 3, An 8 for par 4 and a 10 for par 5.. You will never go over 144 in a round. We are not playing on a course conditioned for tournament so why count after 2x par.
  4. Very good textbook instruction but there is no explanation about the built of the driver club. This is essential if it is meant for beginners. The driver is usually built with a somewhat flat sole. A lot of people would ground the driver at address and with the sole 'flat' will promote a shut face. The club face should be slightly inclined upwards towards the teed ball and the other end of the clubhead should be slightly touching the ground. This will gave tremendous confidence for someone to hit up and not sky the ball.
  5. Why not limit a caddy to just attend to the clubs!! Players needs to do everything by themselves. I voted 'no' because everybody are at level with one another no matter what rules are imposed. That's the most important thing. Why not ban everybody from making or reading notes that were recorded during practice round. That's a big advantage too.
  6. Pure in the sense that putting IS standardized. Its like anchoring a putter with different parts of the body other than the arms or hands. Why does the USGA thinks that anchoring with the body is an advantage. What about the Sam Snead's banned putting style?. If one day someone uses another club other than the putter and he performed head and shoulders over the others, don't you think the USGA will not find an excuse to ban the said club from putting?
  7. Rules are funny. There's no undulating grips are allowed, no crooked sticks no anchored putting. One day my friend you will be surprise if USGA will enforce putting on greens only. Anyway, there were no greens when it all started. Just a destination hole in the fields.
  8. In my opinion NO putters are allowed unless its on the green. This will make golf more pure. Some putters have lofts and this will be an advantage because putting IS always more accurate than chipping.
  9. What C's are you talking. What woman can tolerate her man using his stick and balls to play 18 other HOLES !!!
  10. If one has the privilege and time to hit few hundred balls a day, naturally the swing will be good. Its all muscle memory. Set up is all knowledge. There is no way one can manipulate halfway through a swing and be consistent. There are little things in the set up that helps like gripping the club with the left hand by leaning the shaft backwards a bit The grip will be much more comfortable and it helps to swing easier.
  11. I am certainly not talking about occasionally shots. I am talking about high percentage shots if one set up in a particular way. Hammering the nail requires set up. The swing of the hammer does not require any thought and it seldom fails unless one is not paying attention. I swing the golf club like swinging a hammer. The plane of the swing CAN be determined by how you set up. Think Moe Norman. There is nothing in his swing. Its all set up and alteration of equipment. The swing certainly can be hammer like automatic provided sufficient training have been given to pivot issues.
  12. Thanks for the numerous feedback and info. I can see instructors concentrate more on correcting a swing and not too much on set up. Maybe the aim is to develop the student to improve more hand eye coordination. Set up is definitely easier to master than a swing.
  13. I am right handed and play golf right handed. The only thing not felt right in my swing is the right hip. Or maybe is the right waist. I can't really tell whether I am swaying or not. I do turn in a barrel. Perhaps more set up tweaking. Any suggestion. Or play golf like Curtis Strange. He moved his head a full to the right together with a hip sway to the right and he is 2 X US open champion.
  14. I used to swing OTT which is natural for a beginner. After countless drills I still do it . I really do not need any more people telling me that my mother is a woman. Then I begin to position my right shoulder in such a way together with placing the back of my left thumb pointing to my neck suddennly does the trick. No more OTT eureka!!! P/S this is not a band-aid move. It is here to stay. Works every time.
  15. The word automic is clearly been interpreted wrongly here. The word BEHAVE is more appopriate Example. If a golfer forward lean too much, the odds that he will ( automatically ) swing is too steep. If a golfer stand upright too much, the swing will automatically be flat. That is how I define automatic. A gool example is a fully cocked wrist at set up. Many golfers do that to make their swing automatic.
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