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  1. But it's also used for triathlons, so I'll take the 5 minutes to load a course. I've used it in 5 different states, and it takes less than 5 minutes to load the course.
  2. I wanted to just say how much I love my Garmin Vivo Active watch for golf. My wife bought it for me as a triathlon training tool (I did one and won't make that mistake again ;-)). It has got a great feature for golf. I love how I can always look down at my watch and know exactly how far away from the green I am. It also does a shot distance tracker, so you can hit that button and start walking to your ball and it will check exactly how far you hit it. It also has a scorecard feature that will automatically switch to score mode once you're on the green, so you can add your score in. It then syn
  3. Which course in Boise and Salt Lake did you pick? Also, I recommend the Denver downtown city course. It's got great views of the skyline and the mountains.
  4. The story of some some, some no, and no no goes like this. There are three Chinese brothers that are named some some, some no, and no no. Some some is a super tall brother, some no is medium height and no no is the short brother. Basically, it has to do with wrist movement on your chip shots and if you have some on your backswing and some on your front swing your shot will go higher and if you have someone your backswing but none on your front swing your shot will go medium and if you have none on your backswing and not on your front swing then you will have a low running shot.
  5. Help! I need help chipping around the greens. I have been taught the Some some, Some No and No No story, but I still often hit the ground or blade it. What can I do to correct this? Also, I am TERRIBLE out of the sand. I have always been taught to aim for 1 inch behind the ball (this is when chipping from the sand, not long distance) but I often get all sand or all ball. I welcome all mockery, as long as you provide a tip. (that's what she said). Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm not too serious about the rules like this when playing with my dad, but I appreciate the knowledge for when I play more serious matches.
  7. My dad and I were playing the other day and both hit slices off the tee. They ended up less than 6 inches away from each other, mine in back of his. The hole was in the direction the balls were pointed (you could draw a straight line through both balls and to the hole). I obviously couldn't hit mine without his being marked because I would hit his on my follow through. He would probably hit mine on his up swing, so he couldn't hit first. So he marked his by laying his driver down, placing the ball at the other end of it, then when I hit he replaced it. Is this the correct way? Than
  8. Anybody here from the Outer Banks? I am here for the week and I want to get a round of golf in and none of my family are golfers. Hit me up if you'd like to play a round I'm down for any time Wednesday through Friday . I'm staying in Corolla but will travel for good golf.
  9. Well that's what I meant too. That makes sense. I'm going to my golf lesson tomorrow. I'm going to try that. THanks.
  10. Wait, divot in front of the ball? Not right under it?
  11. I just bought a set of Nike Slingshot irons steel shaft 3h-PW on eBay for $150. Did I make a huge mistake? They're on the way, so it's too late now.
  12. Here's another weird thing. I probably hit my driver on average 230 but on a 200 yard par three I will hit a three iron or a hybrid and get either on the green are close but a 230 yard par three I will still try with my hybrid because I'm worried to overshoot with my driver.
  13. Driver 230-250 3w 220 3h 200-210 3 175-185 4 165 5 155 6 150 7 140 8 130 9 120 PW 100 LW 65 I need to buy a sand wedge and a gap wedge. I just bought a pair of Nike Slingshot steel shaft irons 3h-PW, so we will see how they affect my game. I average 95-105 on 18. Very inconsistent around the greens.
  14. I'm trying to gauge where I am with my iron distances. I feel like I hit my clubs way weaker than my buddies. I'm an athletic fellow and I really love golf, but I am pretty overweight and wonder if that's affecting my club speed. I hit a 6 iron when hitting 150 yds, whether on the tee or on the fairway. I want to know what my deal is. I also probably hit my driver 230-250 ish, and would love to figure out how to hit that further. I don't want to get 300, but maybe 250 consistently. So, just a quick survey, what club do you hit for 150 yds?
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