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  1. 41-44 - 85 on a pue links style course I had never played. 6650, par 70 34 slope. Hit it great. 1 lost ball. Greensite were brutal couldn't get anything near the pin.
  2. I can't agree with you. On a wide open course you can take your time to play. Stop and beat the bushes to look for a few balls. Missed that putt, try it again. It's not a race. Can we play faster? Sure but on a wide open course and no pressing engagements after why am I going to rush. It's more about the situation. I played yesterday a true "links" course 1 tree. It played about 6650 from the blues par 70 13 rating and it took 5 hours. Why The guys in front were slow...Spending huge amounts of time looking for balls in the knee deep fescue and just generally playing slow. Painful
  3. Never...Well maybe a few balls before a round, but even then never more than 20. I could make the excuse of no time, but it;s more of a choice not to. If I want to get a whole bunch better I would need to go to a pro and start over again and I am not prepared to do that.
  4. Played Otter Creek - Blue Tees - 6705 72.9 rating, 133 slope. Cool day 60ish. The course was in perfect shape. Front nine 45 hit my drives and approach shots very well, couldn't chip or putt had 3 three putt bogeys and a double on the ninth which is deep into my head I can't stop thinking about it for a week leading up to playing it!. Back nine 45 - Crap off the tee, pulling Irons, but hitting great recovery shotsm short game good and sunk a couple of 12 footers (long for me) to "save" bogeys..
  5. Awesome... I got mine with a stretch of birdie, quad, ace.. top that 2-9-1 - on my way to a scintillating 87
  6. Just because you're right, doesn't make it right.
  7. It was actually Monday but I played Millcroft Golf Club - Approx 6100 yards 66.6 rating. - Local course through sub-divison. 36/40 2 birds, 3 three putt pars on the back, one double and bogeyed par 5 18th from 90 yards out on third shot.
  8. Hard to explain but i will try. Coming of a green an Asian gentleman was frantically waving at us..Ok what's up sir? He was making steering motions and saying cart, cart, cart...Couldn't figure it out, but started to follow him. Between the green we were on and the hole.tee they were on was a section of bullrushes about 30 feet across, with a cart path running beside them. I keep following and he is frantically pointing at the bullrushes about 30 yards in front of his tee. I walked up and saw that somehow their cart (his son was still in it) was on a 90 degree angle to the path a
  9. Saw my first one about a month ago, but it was a bit smaller, lifted the guy completely vertical, didn't leave any marks on the green. If anyone remembers the original Star Trek it reminded my of Captain Pikes wheelchair.
  10. Same here...Let's all walk over to Fred's ball, stand and watch him hit, then let's go over to Joe's, Bob's etc. 5 minutes looking in dense bush for a ball, not thinking about where you park your cart, clubs in relation to the next tee. Plumb bobbing a two foot putt for 7. Not letting a clearly faster group play through, as someone said 330 out and waiting to hit because you "might catch one" if someone hits up to the green from 330 out, chances are it's rolling and I am likely to say good shot than anything else. Courses having tee times too close together. Marshall's not doing their j
  11. Love Tidewater and Rivers Edge which is a bit of a Drive - but worth it..
  12. Hi all - Been playing for 40 years plus - Started playing frequently again after 15 years of maybe 5 rounds a year. I am not a member of any course, we have so many great courses within a 75km radius that it would be a shame being limited to one. Not a big hitter (230 ave driv with the odd one 250ish.) I have admitted that I am more comfortable playing tee blocks that make it under 6700 yards :-(
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