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  1. I love having half of my towel wet to clean my clubs while I'm golfing. I can never remember to go to the shop bathroom and wet my towel. I am now regularly asking the Pro or desk clerk to have a Five Gallon Bucket of Water on the First and Tenth tees!. What do you think about asking your course for the "Bucket"?
  2. Just once in my life I would like to shoot par. It is a dream I will always have.
  3. Mondays on the driving range are usually followed up by me going alongside the par three course next to the multi-teir driving range. There is a creek below a tree line on three of the holes and it can be a gold mine for balls.
  4. It's so exciting when you can actually pull it off!!
  5. We've all been there... trees, wrong fairway... bushes. "Going for it" is tough when all you really have to do is make a chip shot back to the fairway. But for some of us the temptation to go for it is too strong. Too often we say "Oh! all I had to do was chip out!" Now I'm in the water, bushes, or hit a tree in front of me and the ball wound up 35 yards behind me. Mine was about two months ago. I was in the trees on the right with no shot except to "slice" one around the trees and hope for the best. I did it and wound up a few feet from the green and parred the hole. So how abou
  6. Yes, We tee off at 7:00 am on Thursdays and its wide open
  7. I scurry. I jump into the mosquito infested tall grass. Two inches of water is nothing to me when I come out with a half dozen balls. So How About You? Whats the most balls you ever recovered after you jumped into the JUNK?? Mine is 29 Bernie
  8. Top Flite... If I swallowed one, 24 hours later I could fart it down the fareway farther than I could hit it. AND I"M SERIOUS!
  9. I stick to one club. 100 yds- 50 yds - 20 yds and just off the green. I use one club. It works for me.
  10. The Joy of my life has been playing by myself on Fridays in Kenosha Wisconsin at BrightonDale golf course.
  11. My golf clubs did not help my handicap. What did help the most was keeping my left arm locked straight... throughout my swing , making a crook in my wrists in my back swing and following through by turning my body. End result was my right heel was off the ground and right knee facing the shot. Went from a 25 handicap to a 19.0
  12. No matter how you cut it the ringers are going to find out. Make it hard, talk to the groundskeepers. This is just my humble opinion.
  13. Place a five gallon bucket of water on the first tee. I love have having half of my towel wet to clean my clubs on the course.
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