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  1. The "No wrist" flop

    club is angled backwards, not forwards?
  2. When courses don't care about slow play - GRRRRRRRR

    This weekend we were playing a course with play ahead of us that was so slow the twosome my playing partner and I were with decided to call the clubhouse. They sent a marshall out and when they explained the problem to him he kind of stared at them with a "well what do you want ME to do about it?" look on his face. Luckily we passed them at the turn...
  3. My swing totally fell apart

    Do you have any golf buddies with whom you regularly play whose observations you trust? If they're used to seeing you swing, maybe they'll notice the difference. Otherwise have you considered taking a break for a day or two? Sometimes things like this happen and it's just a matter of letting a bad habit blow over. Sometimes I worry that I'm further embedding the wrong swing into my muscle memory if I over practice to work out problems. Lastly, you might want to see a professional swing doctor...
  4. Playing partner dilemma

    Sounds like he's ruining the joy of the round. Just go ahead and play with your fiancee's friends and get on with it. Golf is supposed to be relaxing, not taxing.
  5. Sharing Clubs?

    I only share when I play executive par-3 courses with friends who have little experience. Otherwise it's poor form.
  6. On casual rounds do you "caddy" for your partner?

    Yeah I believe it's a look but don't ask policy...though I'm definitely no rules expert. To me each shot is a puzzle, and strategizing before taking the swing is half the fun of golf! Now if I could only execute on that strategy consistently...
  7. Lessons v. Self Taught

    I'm self-taught and I definitely feel like there is a measure of pride to be had by being self-taught. It's cool when someone compliments me on my swing saying it looks "very natural" since I know that swing was completely built by me and myself alone. But everyone's different and not everyone derives as much joy as I do from watching countless instructional videos online and reading all types of literature. I guess it's just a project for me.
  8. I swear to god

    Are you sure this wasn't just a jab at the ridiculous swing cameras they use when trying to sell you clubs and how they always overestimate distance?
  9. Do you Budget Well?

    Agreed, cheapest strokes to shave off your game are in the short game. So many places have free usage of the facilities for chipping and putting. I maintain a golf budget the same way I play the game, very little calculation, lots of "feel". If I feel like I've been playing too much then I'll cool off. Otherwise it's usually one round of 9 and one round of 18 per week.
  10. Scorecard map question

    Wow, those are awkward yardages to mark
  11. What's Your Favorite Club?

    I'll play... I love my driver...it just doesn't always love me. I get a lot of use out of my sand wedge - pretty comfortable with that. But I'm completely in love with my Odyssey White Steel 2-ball. SOO much better than the putter it replaced...granted, it is the newest club in the bag, and I think I always am most in love with the newest club.
  12. How often have you been hitting the range lately?

    I go to the range 3 times a week and play 2 rounds of nine or 1 round of 18 per week. I've only been doing this for a month and can already see huge improvements.
  13. do you remember your first?

    Layed up to a 200 yard dogleg left, then hit a 7 iron into the green, barely even tried to line up my 35 foot double breaker, but as I started walking towards the hole (while the ball was still moving) the putt just started looking better and better until it somehow dropped. That was my first birdie, I broke 100 for the first time on that round too. By one stroke. I had been playing for 4 months, and it took 4 more months before I hit another birdie...
  14. You should just quit - and so should I

    I play because I hate that I suck at something this much, and I'm very motivated to improve. I'm very "Type A."