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  1. If you only "occasionally" get a 200 yard drive, your swing speed is under 77. 82MPH club head speed with good contact should give you 225 230 air carry plus roll out. low lofted clubs will really penalize you at slow speeds. The do not give you enough air time to get much different distance. Do you know what your speed is with a driver 3 wood 5 wood 3 iron? Spin rates? Don't let the flex of a shaft bother you. X, R, M, A, Sr, W, L are just letters. Pay no attention to them. Get the shaft that works for you. Here are your choices. 1. accept what you have now 2. learn to play the ball forward with a body tilt and hold the tilt thru the swing (adds loft) 3. develop the timing of a tour pro and barely flip your wrist at contact adding loft. 4. get clubs/shafts that work for you, not against you. The only thing that will bunch up your low lofted clubs is a shaft not working. If your swing speed is over 80 then you should hit your 3 wood around 200 yards. When I try and hit a X shaft driver now, it barely goes past 210. When I hit a Sr., its 240-250. Why? The Sr. shaft with the proper kick for me lets the shaft properly load up and transfers more energy at impact. Go to a reputable shop, have them check your speed and match shafts to what your doing. I'm 65 now and my swing has slowed down. It has gone from 106 to 108 as a youngster (stiff shaft) to the mid 90s midlife (regular flex) and now around 86 87(senior flex) driver speed now. If you don't play proper equipment fitted to our style, swing, game, you will struggle. You provided the key indicator yourself "I occasionally get one over 200 yards". Driver should go easily beyond that with any speed over 80. I am a perfect example. When I saw my regular flex starting to shorten up and losing distance, I changed shafts and the distances came back. A golf club shaft is not just a stick. It is made with precise flex centered at a particular point on the shaft. It has a kick basically 3 different spots. Low kick, mid kick, high kick and differing weight in grams. You have a shaft problem, pure and simple. Get fitted for shafts. I cant count the number of people that come for a lesson because they cant get any distance. Assuming they strike the ball reasonably clean with a square club face and have a decent swing, its is the shaft 100 percent of the time. Believe what you want but if you swing 85ish, with proper launch angles, you Driver should go well over 200, your 3 wood 200 -205 and 5 wood will play from 185 to 195. I say proper launch angles for one reason. The less spin you put on a ball, the farther it will air carry and roll out farther. Check your spin rates and launch angles with your clubs while your at it.
  2. Push = ball too far forward ?

    A dead straight push is cause 99 percent of the time by chasing the ball down the line instead of letting the club swing around your body. If the ball is curving, your leaving the face open. Most likely rolling it open on the back swing.
  3. How would you play this shot

    pick the club that will land the ball 2 to 3 feet on the green and roll to the hole. Could be a wedge, could be a 5 iron depending on distance to the hole. Only you can tell after you practice using this method so you know which club goes how far. If its 50 feet to the hole and up hill and you know your gap wedge will land 3 feet on the green and roll out 46 or 47 feet. If its up hill, use one extra club. I chip with every iron in the bag. I want to land 3 feet on the green and roll to the hole. Much easier to roll a ball back there than fly one close and make it stop. Use the same line you would use if it was a putt.
  4. There is no book useful to learn a swing or to play golf. A book can not tell you what your doing wrong. A book will tell you to turn your hips, it cant tell you if your doing it right or the timing is good. Unless your a natural, it can only be done by a professional watching you and correcting faults. Remember, to change a swing and make it automatic takes 18 months to 2 years to get the muscle memory to make it repeatable every time.
  5. Mental

    Forget books, in fact forget everything. By this, I mean you should make sure your brain is not thinking anything when you swing. Empty your mind (swing thoughts ruin swings). When your ready to swing, empty your mind and exhale your breath. When you exhale, you will feel your body set firmer, it just does drop slightly. Hit the ball. Your brain is a funny thing. It will tend to do the last thing you thought about before you swing. Seen too many guys say to them selves, dont slice the ball. guess what happens, yep, a slice. Empty your mind, exhale, and take a smooth swings. Shortly your blow up holes will disappear. Your skill level is very good. You swing so well because you have developed muscle memory for the swing. It has become pretty automatic for you. Guess what? This means you dont have to think about it, so dont, empty brain and smooth swing.
  6. Pulling dilemma...

    stop turning your left hip so early.
  7. Stop swinging your irons like a driver. I will bet your swinging your irons way to hard. You can hit a ball as hard as you can and make perfect contact and it will go. You can slow down your swing a little, make perfect contact, and there will not be more than 3 yards difference, so slow down and use a softer ball also that are also lower spin balls. The less a ball spins, the farther it will go. We all dont have to hit ProVs. Go to the range, take some practice swings and see EXACTLY where your club contacts the ground. I mean each club. Where ever your club hits the grass first, is where you need to play the ball. I see people play the ball in the middle of their stance and consistently hit fat because the first contact is an inch behind the ball. Again, DONT SWING HARD LIKE A DRIVE. Use a slower back swing to allow a smooth transition to the downswing and all should be well shortly. The other misconception is distance. I do not care how far a particular club goes, I just make sure it is in the middle of the fairway or green. 290 in 3 inch deep rough is not near as good as 240 in the cent of the fairway. you might also try 17 degree 3 wood and 19 degree 5 wood for more air carry.
  8. stop moving your head. keep your lower body still and dont rock backwards or forward during the swing. Moving your head is the largest contributor the second being your raising up during your swing. Rasing up is caused by generally being too close to the ball. All three are easy to stop if you discover which you are doing.
  9. Its very simple. If you driver swing speed is around 77 or less, change shafts to a Ladies flex. (assuming your using a senior flex now) You shafts are not working for you. In other words, your swing speed is not loading the shaft on the down swing and allowing it to transmit its power into the rear of the ball. Go to a golf store, swing some ladies shafted clubs. You will find our yardages spreading out. With normally lofted clubs, you should find around 6 to 8 yards difference between clubs. The driver will have a larger spread because it has a longer shaft.
  10. The driving range is not a waste of time. However, there is a lot of time wasted on the driving range. If you want to play this game well, 75 percent of the balls you hit should be with wedges in your hand. pitching, gap, sand, and lob. You must know exactly how far each will go using 4 different back swing lengths. Using your hands as the back swing distance indicator, the 4 are, pocket high, belt high, halfway between belt and shoulder, and shoulder. Bear in mind, these are easy gentle swings. Once you learn this and can do them each time, you can dial in wedge shots and pitch shots that will land within a yard of each other. Just make a log of how far each back swing goes with each club. Once you have this, on the course you get the yardage to the hole, look at your book to see what club and back swing you need to land the ball and roll out close to the hole. You will find overlaps in the distance between wedges. This is good. It will allow you to asses what type of shot you need. Just pick the club for a higher flight and softer landing for a front pin or maybe a club that has a swing that will cover the same yardage for a lower shot that rolls out more for a back pin placement. You dont score with Drivers and 4 irons, you score with wedges and putters. Driving range, I hit 5 balls with a nine iron to get lose. 5 balls with a 7 iron, 5 balls with a 4 iron 5 balls with a fairway wood, and 5 with a driver. The other 75 are wedges. I then go to the putting green and hit 10 putts from 3 feet in a circle around a hole and 10 putts around 20 feet with a goal of being inside a 2 foot circle of the hole. This gives you a good indicator of green speeds. I personally use Jack Kuykendall's E square swing and am a certified instructor. My handicap varies from -2 to +1 with my lowest scores a 64 and a 61. You can verify this on his website.
  11. Kuykendall's LPG swing

    Ok, the thread is old. However, some of the post obviously do not understand how the LPG swing works. I have used the LPG swing, then the LPG with Alternate back swing and finally, the e2e (E Square) swing. I am no super athlete, just a 64 year old man. I started working with one of Jack's instructors in the Dallas area, I am now certified to teach all of Jack's swings. I have gone form 30 handicap down to a variable between -2 and +1. Jack's methods work. You must do the proper drills and use training aids to perfect the swing. With E Square, you will find you dont get a lot of distance at first. It is a very common. The cause is your not taking a full back swing. I watched the video demo with the guy and his 7 iron. He kind of has the swing down, but not exactly right. He hits a couple of 7 irons and the ball takes off like a 5 or 4 iron. His follow through isnt right and he isnt stable as he moves his head slightly. Just go to Jack"s website, WWW.KUYKENDALLGOLF.COM. You will find an article under "Interesting first reads". It is my story. My 2 best rounds are a 64 and a 61. Most of my rounds are in the 68 to 73 range. Learn e2e swing. Use the training aids. Practice practice practice. I practiced 4 and 5 times a week. Once you have the e2e swing down, you can actually hit the ball with your eyes closed. Every golf swing is all about the setup. With a bad setup, you will always hit a bad shot. Setups must be exactly the same every single time. Once you learn the e2e swing and are extremely consistent, you will be amazed at some shots you can make to get out of trouble. How about hitting a low stinger out from behind trees that slices 90 degrees and ends up on the green you cant even see? Done it. How about a 40 foot tree that is 20 yards in front of you and a pin 160 yards away. Using a 24 degree club with the face open about 15 degrees and my stance open about 15 degrees. The open stance and open club face add loft to the club. Took a full back swing and swing down my foot line. Ball goes up and over the left side of the tree and turns about 15 degrees right and lands on the green rolling to 6 feet. Yes, these shots are not that difficult if you have perfected the swing and practiced. Reading forums and such that give incorrect information will not help you one bit. Get Jack's training aids and videos and you can teach yourself.