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  1. Shoot in the 80s. Putt better. They both go hand in hand.
  2. Agreed. I'm still gaming my old faithful Ping G2s after trying both the G10s and G15s. Newer isn't always better, just gotta find what works best for you. Just make sure your looking at Game Improvement irons.
  3. I have an 18* Ping G10 2 Hybrid that I replaced my 5 wood with. It worked out great for me.
  4. Well, I coach high school football and the last thing I feel like doing on Saturday morning after football Friday's is golf. Plus, if Bama is on TV I'm watching! RTR '12!
  5. I own a TXT and love it, but I'd agree with previous poster. If I had a choice and money not a factor I'd go with Club car too. RTR '12!
  6. For several years my Driver was just a passenger as well (teed off with 3 wood) but the last couple years I have gotten fairly consistent with it, plus I just enjoy swinging it. The way I look at it is I'm paying to play and even if I don't hit it well, I enjoy swinging it so I'm gonna let the big dog eat regardless. Lol. RTR '12!
  7. Same here. I've used several of these sellers and a few others a lot of times and never been burned. RTR '12!
  8. I'd like to get my wife involved in golfing but with two young kids and living in a town with no family it's just about impossible for us both to go together. RTR '12!
  9. $120 at The Grand Bear and $90 at The Preserve, both on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  10. I consider myself an average golfer. I play 1-2 a week during the months of April-July. I coach high school football and once August hits I won't pick up a club again until around March or April. I usually shot in the 90s. Good days low 90s, bad day 100s.
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