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  1. Thanks Saevel! If there is no standard for shaft flex, what is flex measured by? Is it where the club flexes along the shaft and also by how much flex the shaft allows?
  2. My first post - as such, I want to say thank you to the great members and instructors who've contributed over the years to the knowledge built up within this forum. Special shout-out to famousdavis for gifting us his ping eye 2 knowledge back in '11. Hope to get a set someday, loved the gusto. I would like to add a used 15* 3W and an 18.5* 5W to my bag of clubs, but I need some guidance on making sure I purchase club(s) with approximately the correct shaft, since I cannot afford to get set up by a professional right (which I plan on doing in 2-33 summers) now as a 27 year old with a budget who returned to the game after 18 years. I am okay with approximate for now... Say I were to just bootstrap together the relevant pieces of information for my size and swing and how I want to play the game, what are the main three or so characteristics of the shaft I want to take into consideration? (and are possible for me to approximate their "correctness" without the aid of computers) I am guessing they might be weight, flex, and length... does anyone have some insight to provide for me, given my thoughts below? Weight - I have a 45g stock shaft on my current hand-me-down '08 Taylor Made driver. I have TT S300 steel shafts on my Titleist irons. I can't feel my driver head with a 45g shaft, and like the weight of my steel iron shafts. Is a 66g graphite shaft heavy enough to make the weight feel closer to my iron feel or should I look at something in the 70 or 80g range? I don't know what is considered a light shaft or a heavy shaft or in between. I forego my driver and play my 4-iron off of the tee, which I move 215 +/- 10yds Flex - I want to limit spin and control accuracy more than distance. Am I right to look for stiff or x-stiff shafts? I am not sure what all the affects on the ballstrike the flex of the shaft are. Slicing keeps me awake at night. Length - are there any rules of thumb for determining length? (distance of fingers to floor maybe?) Do I want a different length between the 3W and 5W if I intend to hit the 3W from the tee and the 5W from the deck (and want to hit it like an iron)? Insights into all or any of the notes above would be greatly appreciated to myself and all others in my boat. Lastly, if there are any threads which you are aware of that I should read through, let me know...I searched my best first. Thank you!
  3. Hello from Minneapolis!

    Cheers, thanks to all the wonderful posters who've build this site with their great threads and comments! Learned a lot from it already and have had some good laughs to boot. Hope to be able to contribute as well! Pete

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