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  1. I would love to try this. I ALWAYS want to hit driver off the tee, sometimes when I shouldn't. Just something satisfying about the sound the driver makes. I've thought about leaving it in the truck several times but never have. I don't know if I would do this on an executive course or my normal 9 hole par 36. But I think before the snow falls I will. Likely I will take 5i, 7i, sw
  2. My son is 12 and just started playing this year. I bought him a Wilson Staff ladies driver and just never told him it was a women's.... He never noticed the printing on the shaft and its not pink. He just wasn't tall enough to hit my driver and not short enough for juniors. His irons are my old irons and he does pretty good with those. I hit the driver once and didn't love it, but I may swing it again tomorrow to give it another try.
  3. I might be anal( pun) about it, but I always make sure I go before I leave for the course.
  4. Domestic: Tat regio "Imported" : Ramon Allowed SS
  5. Every round is practice. I read so much stuff here and try some new things every time I go out.
  6. What things are on your golf wish list? For me I would like to upgrade fairway woods soon. I also would like to get a range finder or a GPS watch. Still comparing models and deciding if the watch is worth it.
  7. I have a tee time tomorrow morning at 7:02. I asked for the earliest time they had and didn't really think anything of it. I checked today to see what time sunrise is tomorrow and it is not until 7:24. I don't typically pay attention to "official" sunrise times. Are they pretty accurate? Will I be playing the first couple holes in the dark? I would assume that the course knows what time the sun comes up and wouldn't schedule a tee time in the dark. Anybody ever tee off before sunrise?
  8. 100! That's my lowest score ever. Played at Wyandotte Shores ( 9 hole twice). For next week if I can clean up the two penalty shots, a snowman on 8 and three 3-putts I think I can shoot for a 95. That was my goal this summer. Under 100 and less than a sleeve lost per round. ;)
  9. I mentioned in a previous post about upgrading to a new driver recently (SLDR-S). My old driver was an Affinity XP. So I already know it was a cheap driver, but I figured they were all relatively close. I have had the chance to play 4 times now with the new driver and it has completely altered my shot shape with the exact same swing. With the Affinity EVERY shot was a slice unless I backed it down to about half speed. With the TM my shots start out left and bend back to the right now. I have the weight set to neutral. Is the sldr masking a swing flaw that the Affinity exploited or was the
  10. Recently upgraded my driver to a 14* SLSR-S. I imagine this will render my current 3W pretty useless at 15*, so I'm thinking of upgrading there too. I like the TMJetspeed, but can't decide on the 3 or 5. I'm leaning toward the 5. I hit my current 5 better than my 3, but still don't really know how much 1* of difference really makes... I have a 4 hybrid now, but do not hit it very well at all so I don't think I'll be considering any hybrids. I also carry a 4i if that helps at all. Thanks
  11. I asked my home course when in the year they shut down for winter and was told when it snows. I will continue playing until that day and then hopefully find somewhere in the winter that stays open or an indoor course (if they exist). I was wondering how late into fall/winter you guys in the Midwest or colder winter areas continue to play?
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Nick. I've been lurking for a while but decided today to actually join. I live in Lincoln Park, Mi. That's a suburb south of Detroit. I have been playing golf all summer. I had played maybe a total of 5 rounds before this year, but this year II have about 30 in so far. I decided to play in a charity work scramble in May and just feel in love with the game. Now I play every Monday at my home course Wyandotte Shores, and usually sneak in one or two other days during theweek, family permitting. Ha-ha I am still stuck on the max handicap of 36.4 and if it went h
  13. 7 iron on a good day. Still working on distance and mechanics so I don't have a lot of power behind my swing.
  14. 260 and have never gotten even close since. Typically less than 200 if I want to control it and keep it near the fairway. If I try to give it too much it'll slice 240 or so, but I only count straight distance. Lol
  15. I carry a fifth in my bag, but I only go to that when there's no cart girl or it just takes too long for her to come back. I never buy water or juice though. I'm usually drinking one when I get there and no one has ever told me I can't bring it with me. After that I fill up from the water on the course that they offer.
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