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  1. did mine when I joined and it hasn't changed.....I looked and nope, still an Old Man
  2. I haven't played enough golf in last couple to even have a handicap. But going to get serious about golf in 2016. Taking lessons and going to driving range and vetted entire bag revamped. So I can only get better. Question will be how much time and just how well it is possible for 62 man to shoot and still stay married and work full time. ? So will see. My goal is to get to low 90's. Will see how it goes. But got to have goals so will remember this thread next August
  3. I went this weekend and talked to three of the instructors. Liked one really well that came across as someone I could both learn from and listen to and understand what he is saying. He works with a lot of senior golfers as well. And gives any videos he takes to his students. My first lesson is next Saturday. Will keep you posted. And thanks for all replys and suggestions. All help appreciated.
  4. Welcome to the Forum Mazin.
  5. Swell come to the forum bima93
  6. great review Randall T, I am getting ready to go through the entire bag fitting so was good to read someones input on their experiences for being fitted for any club. Thanks and enjoy the new driver
  7. Good point on it being up to me to practice what I am taught. One thing I left out above is I have an indoor ( bubble ) driving range just two miles from my house that offer some great rates for practicing and is right on my way home from work which will be a great help.
  8. I know I need lessons ..and more than one or two. Have narrowed it down to two places. Both offer custom club fitting and lessons on site. Both have launch monitor system. Both are about same distance to drive. Both have more than four instructors on staff. Both give lessons all winter( and being in Michigan that is a must ) googled both for reviews and one has a lot more because they been in business longer but the reviews for the older were really good. So I have narrowed it down to which place. But how does a person go about chosing the right instructor. Not all teach same and each will have different methods. I am 62 and not new to golf but been 20 years since I played. So what critiera do you use to choose the right instructor. And how many lessons would be minimum you took Thanks for any input.
  9. It was in the mail box. Thanks Iacas. My weekend reading assignment ?
  10. Quote from the golf course ranger " I don't think I have ever seen anyone play that hole that way before" I told him if he wanted to see it again just follow me to next tee......let's just call it ugly.......but was a beautiful day to play
  11. I ordered mine on 9/21 through PayPal but haven't received any shipping info yet, but looking forward to reading it
  12. but the suicide rate only dropped from 22 per 100,000 to 15 per 100,000. Yes it dropped but what other reasons were contributing factors.http://www.mindframe-media.info/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/11868/Suicide-Figures-ABS-2015.pdf and the over all rate did not drop 50 percent. I am a life time member to the NRA. I am an instructor. Yes there needs to be changes. But if you look at over all gun deaths in the US how much is due to gang violence. I live near Detroit where the police chief is urging citizens to arm themselves. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will not stop violence. Education will help. Having ever gun owner take a safety course would help. Identifying mental illness at an early age and getting treatment for it would be a big step but then you would be labeling people for life as " crazies" you really think that would go over well in this political correct societiey we have. There is not a correct answer nor is there a right way to fix it. Enforcing laws we already have would help. Not being able to buy out of state would help. But buying on line is a big business and is safe in most cases. So what is the answer? I don't know. But being a life time member of the NRA we discuss this all the time. At our classes we acess all our students to make sure they are component to own and operate a gun. But we are not doctors . So are we doing the right thing? Not sure but we do what we feel is safe. More regulations are not the answer the law can not enforce the laws we have now. America is and always has been a nation that has the right to bear arms. But responsibility in owning and carrying a gun is a right that to me should be earned and not to be taken lightly. How much does drug use and gang wars contribute to the total homicide total. Do we need laws to stop gang shooting. That alone would most likely drop the rate in half. But you hear anyone tout that Why not? But how in the world would you enforce it ? look at this list and almost ever country that has more homocides than the US has some of the most strict gun laws in the world (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate ) . With most owning a gun is against the law period. Yet people are getting killed at a higher rate than the US. There is not an easy answer nor a quick fix. Violent gangs and criminals are a big part of all homocial statistics. But you never see those broken out of the total. There is a lot of people that should never have or own a gun. But there a lot more that have ever right to own them. So us just talking about is a big step. Bringing awareness of it to the public is a step. Teaching anyone that cares to ask how to safely handle a gun is a big step. My grandsons can unload and load and shoot a gun safely. But that doesn't mean I am going to buy them one for Christmas. I don't have an answer. We as NRA members know there is issues. But taking my guns is not the answer nor do I believe more laws by themselves will help the problem. But the more we talk about it and bring awareness to the issue the better.
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