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  1. I want to do more walking this summer, but I don't enjoy carrying my bag. Recommendations for a push cart? I'm going to look on Ebay to see if I can find something.
  2. We have a course here in town for junior golf called Bloomfield Links. You can pay $100 for the whole year and that gives you unlimited access for your kids. You can also pay $600 for unlimited lessons from May 1-October 31. The course I work at also offers a youth clinic in the summer that lasts 3 days. I'm just interested to see what age my son will actually enjoy and want to go to the course.
  3. Here are some fitting options. http://golf-info-guide.com/golf-ball-fitting/?gclid=CL3J_K7gkMsCFcQjgQodXOQDkg https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/ball-fitting https://www.globalgolf.com/golf-balls/selector/ http://www.hagginoaks.com/golf-ball-fitting-system/ http://www.golfball.me/ I like Bridgestone E6, but golfball.me recommended Titleist NXT Tour for me. I called my cousin who is a golf pro in FL and he said the NXT Tour or NXT Tour S would be the best fit for me. I purchased some NXT Tour S golf balls from www.lostgolfballs.com yesterday and I will be playing
  4. I have a son who will be 2 in May. He has a plastic set of clubs that he loves to play with at home. I'm looking to get him a starter set for his 2nd birthday. I'm wondering at what age did some of you start taking your kids to the golf course with you? I work at a golf course during the summer time and my wife will bring him out there for lunch a couple of days a week. I will let him walk on the putting green and roll the balls in the holes. I'm obviously not going to push him to some type of structured practice, but what age should I start taking him out there to let him hit golf balls
  5. I got fitted for a shaft a couple of months back. The specs that we talked about were: Flex: Stiff Weight: 55-60 Torque: Around 4.0 Low/Mid Launch I was looking for quality brands. With shafts, do you get what you pay for? There are a lot of expensive shafts. Being a teacher, I have to stay within a budget. I can't afford a $250-$350 shaft. Thanks for all the feedback.
  6. What's your recommendation for a high quality driver shaft?
  7. That can be viewed a bunch of different ways. No matter how much you practice, at the end of the day most of your ability is God given. Some people have it and some don't. He was saying that if you spend the majority of your time working on short game, you can pretty much eliminate 2 chips and 3 putts. So... Analyze your 2 chips and 3 putts and then subtract those strokes.
  8. Good read... But I've got a couple of cousins who are head pros in South Florida who would say just the opposite and have said it to me multiple times. They have told me to spend 70% of my time chipping and putting and the other 30% on the range. Getting up and down around the green is what makes average golfers become really good golfers.
  9. Good thing is... I'm able to get a discount through my cousin. I'm a teacher, so the extra grand isn't there either. I have 2 cousins who are head pros in South Florida and I go through them to get my apparel and equipment. I also work at a golf course in the summers, but my discount there isn't as good as the discount through my cousin.
  10. Price really isn't an issue. I'm ordering them through my cousin who is a head pro in South Florida, so I'm getting a pretty decent discount. I've looked through the Titliest fitting guide and there are multiple options that don't have an upcharge and then there are other options with an upcharge. The FST KBS Tour and FST KBS Tour 90 don't have an upcharge. The rest of the KBS shafts do. TT has 6 options that aren't an upcharge, but multiples that are. They do also offer a couple of Nippon options that aren't upcharged. QUESTION: A couple of people have said that KBS has a
  11. My biggest selling point for the shaft I choose is consistency and control. I don't have any desire to look for distance. I don't mind playing an extra club if I have to increase distance.
  12. I liked the KBS shaft when I hit it. I've hit some Tru Temper shafts but not with the AP1 clubhead on it. I'm going to get fitted then go hit the AP1s with the correct flex and gram shaft at Golfsmith after to see which shaft I prefer.
  13. I'm about to get fitted for some new AP1 irons in a couple of weeks. 2 of the shafts offered are KBS and Tru Temper. I hit the KBS Tour at Dick's Sporting Goods and thought it felt pretty good. Anyone have suggestions or opinions of which one they think is better?
  14. I'm mostly looking for something to use on the practice range to figure out distances, so I can take that information to the course.
  15. Me and a friend at work have been talking about personal launch monitors to purchase to begin tracking distances for each club. We have both been looking at the Voice Caddie SC100. It went on sale for $169.99 recently. Has anybody used this product or do you have another personal launch monitor that you recommend? Obviously I can't afford the $10-30K launch monitors used by retail stores.
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