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  1. taking a huge leap of faith re Golf dream

    If I was a 30 handicap and had your opportunity, I would still take it. But I love golf, so for me it would be win win. Get on tour, or worse case scenario, devote a few years of my life to something I love. If you love golf go for it. I just hope that you don't find yourself in the position that you love golf now, but once you eat, sleep, and live golf, that you do not enjoy it as much. That would be the largest failure, even if you do go pro.
  2. How'd You DO That... ?

    There are three ways I use to work the ball. Please someone correct me if I am doing something wrong. Number one is to simply close/open the clubface with a normal swing. I find this the simplist but have the hardest time controlling this one. Number two is to change my swing plane. A more vertical swing plane with give me a fade/slice (because of the outside to in) and swing more around my body to draw/hook. For me, this works best for woods/irons because I can not change my plane a whole bunch and make good contact. The last way is to close my stance for a draw/hook and open for a fade slice. I find this gives and extreme in/out out/in, and I use this for my wedges because I find it harder to put sidespin with such a lofted club. As for your buddy, I can relate. I have a hard time working the ball and keeping good contact, so it's rare that I try and work the ball, and even more rare that I pull it off successfully. Once, I remember I was par on a nine hole course. On the eighth hole, I found my drive in trees in the right fairway, 130yds from the green. Had no straight shot, bushes prevented a punch, and any sort of fade, so the only option I had was a punch hook straight up the rough and low to stay under the trees. I called it and the guy I was golfing with was saying yeah right. So I took an 8i, (normally it would have been a 56deg) closed my stance, but the ball at the back, closed my clubface, leaned my club forwards, and took a three quarter in to out swing. I hit the ball, and lost sight of it. My playing partner ran onto the fairway, walked back towards me and said sadly, "It's on the back of the green..." I saved par.
  3. What's Your Swing Speed?

    Hadn't swung a club for 6months, was hungover, and sore after a hockey tourney. Went to golf town to buy a new driver, clocked at 115mph avg. At the mid of last year my driver was clocked at an average of 130mph. I am hoping that the X-Stiff I bought will make a difference. The sim showed a consistent draw. At the same time I was hitting a callaway ft-i stiff. Push, pull, slice, duck hook, everything.
  4. Swing-tips for 'demanding' shafts.

    Just a thought but you may be playing with too stiff of a shaft. If you have a hard time swinging a stiff shaft over 230, a regular or possibly a senior flex may be better for you.
  5. Need some help

    I think that you are opening your clubface at contact. This will explain the higher ball flight, the increased slice and the loss of yards on all your clubs. The open clubface on your driver will cause more sidespin which will slice, as well it increases the loft which will increase backspin, which increases ball flight and decrease roll and distance. Same with your irons, if you open your 5i at contact, it will play more like a 6i, and explain why you left it short. My opinion. Clubface open.
  6. wedge spin?

    There are three contributing factors to spin (bite) the ball. Grooves, ball, and swing. If you are not playing a more expensive ball. You are not going to spin it. What type of iron is it. I had a Canadian Tire special and then I bought a cleveland, and the differnce was huge. You get what you pay for. Also if you are taking a full swing with a 60 degree. And this is a 70yard club, someone who hits the ball 90 yards with the same club has more clubhead speed, which means more backspin and more bite. Maybe you already knew this, but I didn't see the ball type or wedge type in your sig, and it make a HUGE difference.
  7. My Swing (ERdiesel)

    I agree with Rexx. Backswing is fantastic. I paused it right at the top and it was PGA tour-esque. I think Fairway CY had the right idea, it did look as though you bent your arms just before contact. There is a ball on the range right infront of your hands during setup. When you swung the club you could see your hands and now the ball was behind, which if you hit the ball pure would explain the need to bend the arms to contact the ball. the bent arms would explain the inconsistency. My quick suggestion would be to try to take a couple of swings keeping your hands closer to your groin during your swing, making MORE of a ''V" between your shoulders and the club face. that should straighten out your leading arm, increasing consistency and even possibly distance. Hope this makes sense, let me know how it goes.
  8. I used to have a 64*. Because I liked to have soo much shaft lean on my chip shots with a square face it produced a nice high lofted chip. Difficult to hit and be consistent with a full swing though. Now, as i have gotten better I play with a 60* and if need be I can open the face to do anything I want. Master of the flop shot.
  9. Swing speed and distance consistency.

    You know your absolutely right. I went to the range and grabbed my irons and said to myself "This is the right club I don't need to kill it." Just like kafka01 said, I kept clubbing down and thinking to myself that I need to hit it harder to even get it there. Noticiably, I had better contact, much more consistent. The only problem was my driver. I still feel I need to bomb it out there when a nice steady swing on the sweet spot produced fantastic results. I guess I just need to say to myself before every swing "Take it nice and easy." I appreciate everyone's input and thank you for your helpful advice. On another note. Does anyone have a suggestion for a ball for swing type. I still want the control/spin around the green but I'm not sure that for my driving I need a high spin ball. Does anyone have any input/suggestions??
  10. Tough position...what would u do?

    My opinion: He should not have asked. You should not have been so upset over it. What would I do; Lent him my driver and been upset, we are too nice.
  11. Swing speed and distance consistency.

    Very good advice, I always thought that I should try easing it down a bit, but I kinda thought that a full swing would be more consistent than an arbitrarily slower swing. Excellent. I have always wondered how to get a good handle on my distance. This is a fantastic idea, I feel like a retard for never thinking about. My skycaddie will do a fantastic job. Another great step. Currently I struggle with ball contact and control, but once I have a good handle on that, I can optimize my trajectory and spin like you suggest. I only wish it was simple. Then fixing my problem would be simple. My problem is that I don't find this simple at all. Swinging the same is a problem. Thank you all for your advice. I take alot away from it. Any more advice on how to make my swing more consistent would be most helpful. Would eaising it down a bit help? Anything else???????????
  12. Here is my problem. I have a hard time with ball striking, and any advice I see for amateurs is about increasing swing speed to gain distance, not about making good contact and consistency. My story. This will be my third golf season. My first I held an 18 handicapp, and by the end of last year I have dropped it to 12. During this off-season I decided to have my clubs fitted - which was great. But was told by the pro, that I have a 'gift;' a swing speed above tour average. Here is why this is a problem. On my home course there is a 174yd par 3. I started with a 7i and seemed to always fly the green. So I grabbed an 8i, and thought that same swing should get me close. Flew the green. Kept trying that with no consistency in distance, more often going over the green than anything. So, my 9i isn't bad for about 160yds. And I thought that short is better than long. (fairway is better that thick rough) And told my playing partners that if I fly the green I'm qutting golfing. Well, I flew the green, but still love to golf so I keep playing. No this green is not below the tee box. It is about the same level. Sooo, how do tour players control distance? I don't mind coming up short if I make bad ball contact, but I hate going long when I have good contact. Any advice I usually see or hear is 'for amateur swing speeds - like yours.' Which drives me nuts. I am not sure that I need the high spin balls, and definitely don't buy in to the 'increased distance' sales pitches. So what advice do you guys have for me. Sorry about the long explanation/rant. But it drives me up the wall and it's hard to get solid advice. Thanks.
  13. Making better contact

    Are you 'vertically challanged?' The only reason that I say that, is too long of clubs could cause a more over the top swing, and hitting it on the heel. Perhaps shorter clubs. If not try standing further away from the ball. Twice as far from it is you think. It will feel like your streching. If you try that, your body will try to fix the over the top swing to contact the ball, and you will also find it very difficult to hit it on the heel. Let me know if this helps.