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  1. Callaway FT-i

    I'm sure when Mickelson wins a couple of tournaments using it as his "blaster" driver - sales will go through the roof. Ps - Ed - sorry about the pics - couldn't find them anywhere else and was to lazy to photoshop out the URL's.
  2. First impressions What does everyone think?? (see attached pics) Apparently Callaway worked with Mercedes over the aerodynamics on the back of the club?? [Ed: Did you not happen to see the big URL - one that isn't "golfwrx.com" or "thesandtrap.com" or even "golfgods.com" - on the pictures?]
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a Graphic Designer. Too much work and not enough golf!!
  4. Greetings from Surrey, United Kingdom

    The few time I have played Silvermere I really enjoyed it. Especially good fun sitting in the clubhouse ducking balls andwatching people struggle with the 17th and 18th.
  5. How do you like to get around the course?

    Walk and carry. Carrying makes it easier to find those pesky balls that have gone astray!!
  6. best club youve bought?

    Odyssey 2-Ball putter. Great for those long lag putts.
  7. Hi everyone - great site - I've been skulking around for a while reading the forums and I thought it was time I at least said hello. I'm from London (England), have been playing golf for about 6 years and without any formal lessons I have managed to get to a level where I can hit low 90's / late 80's with reasonable regularity. I took the plunge last week and had my first lesson in a concerted effort to learn how to swing from someone who knows what they are doing. I am really looking forward to putting some time now in to improve my game and get in some decent scores. Anyway - catch you all in the forums. Biggsy
  8. Pic of my follow through, maybe...

    I don't know about the swing (or the shorts) but it looks like a lovely open fairway you are aiming at!!
  9. How many putts do you average?

    My last 5 rounds: 94, 38 putts 89, 36 putts 94, 39 putts 92, 38 putts 88, 34 putts I think as one of the guys said above - when I putt well - it makes a significant difference (obvious I suppose). It's just getting rid of those pesky 3 putts!! Hopefully if I can get my approach shots a bit better - it will stop those 30ft first putts that are often left well short and lead to a 3 putt.
  10. Another question about club selection

    I always think it's a bizarre question to ask someone on a course. Generally we all know (approx) how far we hit our own clubs, so why does it really matter what someone else has hit?? If the answer you get is different to what you expect, all it is going to do is put a thought in the back of your head that you have the wrong club and that will probably make you take a bad swing.