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  1. Bwahaha easy guys I thought that may strike a nerve... I don't often troll but when I do I admit it lol. I've read through every thread about aim point on this site. I've also watched a lot of aim point videos and carting a card ruler and a turpedo level onto each green with me has no appeal... I have to think this guy will watch the same videos so so convince us otherwise with out insult if you would be so kind... And @iacas if there is one thing that I can teach you in my experience it's that telling people how much experience you have is meaningless because if your good people will k
  2. I hate aim point... It's funny that the guys that preach aim point also get angry about pace of play... I know once you learn it it's probably better and just as fast but it seems complicated and reminds me way to much of work...for some reason Geoff Magnum resonates with me and the idea of surveying a green on your approach walking up, having a target and working mostly on speed control just feels like the way to go... Maybe when I can quit worrying about slowing people down with my long game that will change. So take that for what it's worth...the opinion of a high HC player who just likes
  3. A win streak in any other sport carries over from season to season so why should golf be any different? If it bothers you put an asterisk next to it ;). But I'd agree they should be consecutive holes in order or you'd need another asterisk and that can get messy and ruin a story.
  4. The first time I've started Jordan this season and he goes +8. Pretty sure I stink at fantasy golf too.
  5. Marlins Man made it to Lawrence for the OSU game.
  6. They said his swing fell apart and he'd bounced back and forth to other tours... He said at the end that he didn't even have a tour card coming in. He seems like a very soft spoken guy and I think he was as surprised as anyone to have won and now have a chance to keep playing. Kind of a nice story unless your a Phil fan and saw his 5 footer lip out on 18.
  7. Hold it, hold it, hold it I still have 12 days till you can use that F word to describe me lol. It may have been late grade school/early middle school I remember the look was long gone by the time I hit high school. Maybe in a few years they'll be wearing combat boots and flannel...there are a few guys on the tour that could probably pull off the Grunge look.
  8. It's kind of funny that back in the day if you went to a decent strip joint they required an collared shirts... Hmm
  9. Bwahahahaha reminds me of middle school. I hope that trend doesn't catch on again let's leave that in the past...
  10. It's always good to beat Kentucky and congrats to Isu for knocking us down a couple more pegs the other night. The big 12 really is to close to call this year lets hope it translates well to March madness. Then maybe I won't look like such a sap for picking it so heavy in my bracket again.
  11. They do have the same eyes lol. Peter Dinklage would have made a good snoke. I haven't watched GOT for a couple of years but I need to start on the latest book considering how long I've been complaining about it getting released.
  12. Just so happens there is a peice of ground adjacent to the club house at our local country club up for sale. The parcel is owned by the decendants of the people who originally owned all of the land that the country club was built on so it has no covenants and the housing authority has no say over it. The possibilities are endless but my thoughts are to begin by bulldozing the house and moving in an 80's model mobile home complete with all of the amenities including custom faded paint and a pool(inflatable) in which I would float around all day in my arm chair floaty, beer in hand waving at ea
  13. It sounds like I missed the game of the year the other night KU vs OU. I saw the score at half time but I was worn out so I decided to go to bed. Did anyone else catch it?
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