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  1. Have you tried to look at your balance in your feet? I have run into the same issues with my golf swing throughout my career, and my high school coach once said when he has too many beers , he tends to get the weight at setup too much over the toes. This can make it seem like you are going to shank before you take the club back. Almost like you are crowding the ball. I have consciously place more weight in my heels once I set up and this helps me feel more "away" from the golf ball. Plus, for me, it helps me use the ground more and my compression in my downswing feels more solid.
  2. Thank you Golfer2223. I actually have been working on placing something outside the ball to cure the dreaded shanks and that does help which compliments what you are explaining. When I first started playing, I had massive shaft lean to the target side and I played the ball more back in my stance (causing the hook/draw). I have worked on improving my set up but interesting observation about the ball position. I do think I may sneak the ball position a bit forward in my stance. Thanks. I will give that a try. On a slightly related note, I noticed in all of my swings that my weight ap
  3. Good stuff @saevel25 and @mvmac. Thanks for the comparison.
  4. Thanks. Forgive me but isn't Bubba an extreme example? There are many swings on tour that have little to no daylight between the knees on a DTL view. Not that I don't disagree that a little more "freedom" with the lower body would help, but when a player turns the hips back more, they need to work that much harder to get the hips ahead of the swing on the downswing. Won't this introduce an additional timing aspect in the swing?
  5. Hello all, I am posting two additional videos I took recently. And I have included a FO view. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks!
  6. I found this thread and I thought I would post to let you know that you should shop around before purchasing a cart cover. A friend of mine turned me onto Formosa covers. These covers are WAY more durable than Classic Accessories. Holding them up together, there really is no contest. Plus the features are much better, i.e. proper bag access, zippers that run the proper direction making it easier to get in and out of the cart, etc. Not to mention, this cover is WAY less expensive than the corporate version covers... Give it a chance: http://www.formosacovers.com/
  7. Thank you Colin007. I feel good with the swing except for my nasty miss. I am hoping to correct the backswing a bit to help put me in a plane that eliminates both a too inside or a too outside swing.
  8. Hello All, I have finished my season for competitive golf here in Michigan and I am looking for some drills to improve my swing plane over the winter. When I was really hitting the ball straight, my swing thought was to drag the club back "straight" along my target line for a few feet. I will say, this feel wasn't real because the club will eventually travel inside the target line and begin to travel up the plane but the feel seemed to produce results. This also seemed to even out my numbers on trackman and produce very straight ball flights. I abandoned this swing key earlier this year bec
  9. What is the best way to accomplish or drill this? I tried to get a little more hip turn in the backswing yesterday and it felt more like sliding to me. I tried opening my feet and setting my legs more "bowed out" as in the video but I just could not get a good feeling. I have heard of drills by tucking a glove under my right arm pit to help with getting disconnected and fanning the clubhead...should I continue with that?
  10. Thanks MVMAC, I like that analysis. I hate the fanning aspect of my takeaway but I have never been able to get away from it. I have had people tell me to take the club more inside, or limit my hand action during the takeaway but both actions felt very un-athletic to me. I will give the hip turn a try when I am out next. Also, I will be sure to post a front on swing soon.
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 13 years My current handicap index or average score is: +3.0 My typical ball flight is: "Butter Cut" right to left The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The SHANK!!!! Hey Everyone, My first post on the site! Looking for some advice I have been going through period where I miss everything on the low heel, especially with the driver, 3wood, and hybrid. I have read through the cures for the shanks on the site and nothing has really helped me so far. I am hoping someone can take a look and let me kno
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