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  1. The design of the new site is great if I know a specific course I want to play. But I like to compare hot deals between courses and then in different areas. The old layout made this easy to accomplish. The new layout makes this problematic and it takes more work. For those who laud the new site due to its flashy look; I prefer substance over style...
  2. Said to me: "Take six months off, then quit." "You are standing too close to the golf course." "Good contact."
  3. Interesting to see the extreme frustration and disappointment from some of the older golfers. The soft conditions really tamed the long drives. Normally I cannot learn from the men, as their game appears so effortless; but these guys were obviously pressing and taking many risks. I know I get into trouble when I bite off more than I can chew on the course. Strategy and course management need to be a major factor when I play...
  4. Hello all. Pre-shot routines and looking for errant shots are the biggest culprits IMO. Players play at the speed they believe effects their score in a positive way.