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  1. I imagine I'll be covering this in Bag Drop soon... Date: September 14, 2011 From the concept to the course, the new VR Pro Limited Edition Forged driver was made with and for the sports’ very best. Utilizing unique player insights and demanding standards has helped produce a club that delivers Tour-level distance with maximum workability and performance. The Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged driver is the latest addition to the premium VR franchise. Already in the bag of Nike Golf athletes Paul Casey and Anthony Kim, the Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged driver will be available at retail on November 1, 2011. The Tour-driven pear shaped head design is 430cc and made of a forged construction that addresses the tour athlete’s need for great feel, ultimate control and maximum workability. A leader in introducing ground-breaking golf products through the power of advanced innovation, Nike Golf has taken full advantage in the premium driver category. The Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged driver utilizes a new Nike innovation, NexCOR face technology. NexCOR face technology maximizes distance for the widest range of players through a new speed-expanding multi face thickness design. The NexCOR infinity design creates a bridge for an ultra-thin, ultra-hot face and unmatched ball speed. The sole of the Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Forged driver features Nike’s recognizable variable Compression Channel technology. The Compression Channel extends the entire length of the sole and helps to increase speed at impact at more spots on the club face, delivering greater distance on all the go-to shots that athletes use to work the ball. The full-length Compression Channel combined with the variation in the thickness in specific locations, allows the consumer to generate more ball speed which translates to greater distance. Built through a true four-piece forging process, the face, crown, sole and hosel are combined to maximize the NexCOR face and center of gravity location for optimal distance and control. The New MRC Diamana ‘Ahina shaft incorporates Mitsubishi Rayon’s signature Multi-Dimensional Interlay technology (MDI) to deliver a stiffer mid and tip section than its predecessor. The Nike VR Pro Limited Edition driver was designed for golfers who prefer a more traditional 430 cc pear-shape head, and who demand Tour-level performance. Quick Image:
  2. Tom, While you're certainly entitled to your opinion, there's one problem - the title of the list is of the top five golfers, not the top five charachters, or a judge of longevity. Scores and ultimately champioships matter, not humanitarian awards. For all we know, Harrison Frazar (#122 in the world) might be a loyal husband/father who attends church and work at a soup kitchen Mondy thru Wednesday. That would make him likely a player of higher moral standards than everyone else above him in the OWGR, but compared to his competion, he kinda stinks (even though he'd obviously kick my butt ). Sorry dude, in this case, the numbers do matter.
  3. Going on now!!! http://thesandtrap.com/b/pga/2011_pga_championship_final_round_chat
  4. Thanks for posting that link, I looked for it when I got home from work yesterday and couldnt find it.
  5. Oh really? It's amazing how this quote thing works. How about we hit the rewind button and check out the previous post on this subject... I dont know about everyone else, but that first sentence pretty much kicked your entire post off with a negative connotation in my opinion, and it was definitely towards Tiger. Like I said, if you dont like Tiger, I've got no problem with that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don't understand why one would feel compelled to hate on him any time he comes up. After a while, it gets really old, and I personally see it as a pretty significant lack of maturity. But hey, whatever, you weren't the first, and I'm sure you wont be the last. It does however make your opinion on the entire situation pretty obvious. At least be a man and own up to it. Good day, sir.
  6. FYI - anyone who has one might wanna check this out http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/hotlist365/2011/08/callaway-golf-issues-recall-on.html
  7. Can we have one thread pertaining to Tiger that doesn't have someone pooping all over him or people that are fans of his? Is that too much to ask? If the title of this thread was "Share your memorable Firestone moments" or something like that, then yeah, maybe that response would have been okay. However, a very large number of everyday, normal golf fans (not including media, or snarky bloggers, or ESPN, or Brandel Chamblee) are excited to see him play Firestone - the first time we've seen him since The Masters The Players so why try to bring all that down? I'm not saying that you're not entitled to your opinion - you certainly are, and you're free to express it whenever and wherever you want, but numerous threads in the past contained enough animosity towards Tiger to last quite a while. Your dislike of him couldn't have been expressed in one of those? You're even free to create a "I dislike Eldrick Woods" thread or even a full group if you'd like. The majority of us are excited to see him come back though. Let us enjoy the anticipation of his return and speculation on the quality of his play in the couple of days leading up to Firestone, without letting your loathing of him tarnish it. Just once. Please?
  8. Are TST staff members eligible? Great idea by the way, I've been busting my butt for the last 6 months to lose weight, get in better shape, get more flexible, etc., and I firmly believe it has made a positive difference in my game. So yeah, even if staff members arent eligible, I highly encourage everyone to enter, as it WILL promote a better overall game.
  9. I quit back before Thanksgiving last year, and I'm really glad I did. I just decided I wasnt going to buy anymore. During those first few weeks, I'd bum one here and there from a couple guys at work, but would never buy a full pack. Fast forward to last weekend, and I hadnt had one at all since probably early December, but I was a little hammered at the bar at the Hard Rock, and these fat girls were smoking near me and my buddy. I had to have one. So of course, I turn the charm on, and end up getting one from one of them. I may as well not have. It just wasnt as good as I remembered. So yeah, I think I'm pretty much done for good. As for the cravings on the course (and elsewhere sometimes), I will have a cigar, but I don't really inhale it. And of course, I dont have them nearly as often as I would a cigarette.
  10. I'll say this much for them - they are bright and "summer-y". Or 1960's acid trippy, take your pick. Having a few different ones in rotation would be cool. So would a user-configurable background or even overall theme.
  11. I'm in the same boat, and JackLee pretty much nailed what I ended up with (+1" long, 2° upright). I'm 6'2"-6'3"-ish, and after getting clubs that actually fit, it made a pretty significant difference for me. I think that would be a good starting point, but like Gerald said, there will be differences based on whether or not you have long or short arms, etc.
  12. Just wanted to remind everyone, we're starting in 30 minutes.
  13. Sorry for the delay, but here's the link: http://thesandtrap.com/b/uncategorized/2011_players_final_round_live_chat Starting at 1 PM Eastern, noon Central. See you then!!
  14. True, the TW and VR logos are nice. Another one I really like is the J Lindbergh "JL", mostly because that's my first and middle initials
  15. I actually liked Nike's old golf logo better Of course I love the regular old swoosh too. Another one I really like, though not exactly an equipment logo, is the TPI logo:
  16. Esteemed Defenders of the Double Bogey-Filled Scorecard - This coming Sunday, May15th, we will be hosting a live chat for the final round of THE PLAYERS. To all you that participated in past events including this year's Masters, I dont have to explain - I expect you to be there. To those that weren't there, you should jump in, we have a blast. I'm thinking we'll start around 11 AM or noon CDT, but I'm not 100% sure right at this minute. I'll be posting details as soon (as an edit or reply in this thread) as we have it set up as well as a link to a reminder you can set for yourself. Make plans and get ready to kick back and watch the conclusion of this tournament with everyone here. See ya Sunday!!
  17. One way to tell is going to be the pattern of your divots. If they're almost always toe deep, you'll probably want to have a look at them again and possibly bent upright. One part of the fitting process is hard to get wrong though, and that is shaft flex. even if your swing is all over the place, you should have fairly consistent swing speeds with each club. Length is pretty simple to get too, as you should be setting up the same way every time, therefore the distance between your hands and the ground should be pretty consistent. So it all is going to go back to lie adjustment, which can be altered as your swing changes. I'm actually writing this weeks Bag Drop right now, and part of it touches on this for a sec. Hope this helps!
  18. Well it's about damn time!!! Welcome back Glad to see you back here!
  19. I got hooked up too, my shop ended up having them out for purchase. Looks like you got the 20XI-S? All they had here were the X's, which I'm fine with since I play the One Tour D as it is. Will post a pic in a few of that box. Gonna get to try them out tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing how they play. Glad to hear you had a good experience with them.
  20. Believe it or not, I've had the grips and installation tool for a few weeks and havent had the chance to do my own. I did use their tool to install NDMCs for a friend, and it was really simple and quick. I was very impressed. But yeah, I cant wait to try PURE's actual grips out.
  21. Very cool, especially since they dont officially release until Friday. I'm gonna have to stop by a shop on the way home to see if they've got out for sale too.
  22. I've always like UST's stuff, primarily the V2 and the AXIVCore series. I like the feel, and I've always gotten good results with them. I am tempted to try the Aldila RIP now though. I've hit a few different Diamanas, and liked them, but never wanted to shell out that kinda cash. I've also always heard good stuff about Graphite Design's shafts, but I've never had the chance to try any of them.
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by NEOHMark I thought the new and (supposedly) improved, restructured swing was supposed to help prevent things like this from happening again? One of the articles I read about it said it was caused by his foot getting caught in the pinestraw and being in an awkward position, not necessarily from any stress from the swing itself. I think before (and I could be wrong) it was a deal where the constant stress and torque stretched the ligament over time. The previous injuries to the knee came more from wearing it out as opposed to this, which seems like it happened all at once due to the foot getting caught and the leg being in an awkward position when he was squatting down. Like I said, I could be wrong about the previous knee injuries though. From ESPN : Quote: Woods described his current injury as minor -- a mild sprain of his medial collateral ligament in the left knee, along with a mild strain to his left Achilles. Woods said the injury occurred when he had to squat to play a shot from under the Eisenhower tree left of the 17th fairway. His left foot got caught in the pine straw as the momentum of the swing carried him backward.
  24. I gotcha, my bad, like I said before, I'm not really all that familiar with others. I had always blindly assumed it was the same with others as it is on mine, but thanks for clearing that up!
  25. Yeah, exactly what I was getting at. And it drives me insane to see those guys that you're talking about. My best guess is compensation for a small twig n' berries.
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