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  1. I did a ball fitting at one of the golf superstores a few years ago and wasn't satisfied. First they asked me what brand of ball I wanted to try, and then it turned out they recommended the most expensive ball of that brand. I would like to be able to start from scratch and have them give me recommendations on different brands and models based on my swing parameters, maybe narrow it down to 3 balls that wont make a difference with which one I pick.
  2. So switching from the Q-Star Tour (forgot to add "tour" in my op) to the Z-Star the only possible advantage would be performance around the green, and not distance off the tee? This makes sense because I have tried the premium balls, and the cheaper balls and never noticed a consistent change in distance off the tee. I did notice though that the q-star will hold its line more when not struck well off the tee which is good, but also will not fade as much on holes where I want it to. Just something to get used to.
  3. About 6 months ago I decided to start playing the Srixon Q-Star and have used them for every round and chipping/putting practice since then. My scores haven't got any better or worse overall since then, mainly because of tee shot accuracy, but my Iron approach distances and shots around the green have become more consistent than I can ever remember. I've been thinking about trying a different ball, but I'm afraid I'll lose whatever feel or consistency I've gained. So would it be better to try something different to gain a few yards, or keep practicing and playing with what I have been,
  4. Has any one tried this or heard any good / bad reviews? Thanks
  5. We did just have a pool built this spring and I have been doing a lot of swimming, which I haven't done in 30 years. Wonder if that could be the cause for the stiffness. Thanks for the all of the suggestions, I definitely don't drink enough water either.
  6. so now that i'm in my mid 40's, and have had a desk job for the last 18 years i think it caught up with me. I used to like practicing or playing 9 after work, but recently I've been so sore and stiff that I don't feel like it. The last few times I went to the range or played a round I feel like my flexibility has went to none. I have access to a number of gym memberships through my work, but have never went. I would like some suggestions for what to work on at the gym to try to increase flexibility, stamina, etc., for a beginner. I feel I could probably fit in an hour a day, maybe 4 times
  7. I play as a single pretty often, usually 9 holes in the evening. I don't mind joining other groups if i'm asked. It's a little awkward though joining a threesome, especially if were riding. One time I went out with this younger guy maybe early 20's and he had just started golfing. He started off taking multiple mulligans, looking long for lost balls, etc. After his mulligan on 2 went into the woods, I told him I was going to play my ball and go on by myself. He said whatever man, go ahead, a little upset I could tell.
  8. Bill926


    I agree. I always wonder how I can hit my AW 75 yards and straight every time with what feels to me like a smooth half swing, but I struggle to hit a 5 iron 175 consistently with a full swing. I try to work on it on the range, but the over swinging always comes back during a round.
  9. Same here! It would be interesting to know if the new ball would make a noticeable difference to most amateurs.
  10. "Shadow Guy" lol. I've been him before.
  11. This is a good guideline for beginners, juniors, etc. I would think its fine to play longer if you know your own game and can actually get off the tee box and hit longer irons consistently. Its the ones that play from 6800 yards and it takes them driver, 3 wood, 3 wood, 9 iron, wedge to get to the green on the par 4's every time are the ones that should move up.
  12. Probably the wrong forum to bring up this topic because everyone here knows what yardage they should play from. This seems like a good example. Since most groups are going to play from the same tee anyway you can have the men's tees that get moved around for variety day to day or whatever while keeping the yardage the same for the most part. And then have the championship tee's next, well behind the men's. If anything give more shorter options to the ladies, juniors or beginners.
  13. So I was at the range Saturday morning, and from where I was at I had a good view of the first tee. This course happens to have 5 sets of tee's. The first hole is a par 5 and if you play the yellow (the first inside the back tee's about 6500 yards) you need to carry your tee shot about 120 yards over water, with the driving range to the right and OB left. Out of all of the groups that chose to play the yellow, half didn't clear the water and the other half put it in the range. You can drive 50 yards to the next set and the water and range are almost out of play.It just got me wondering why
  14. Is the technique with the lower lofted clubs the same as with a wedge, i.e. same setup and swing with different club?
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