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  1. Hey guys my ball striking has been pretty good lately but my putting has been lacking. I feel my putts aren't going straight,have good speed, or have control over them. I use a single overlapping grip and I was using that for everything do you think I should maybe switch it up and do a baseball grip? Or a left hand low grip to maybe get more control? Thanks
  2. The absolute weirdest thing has been happening lately today on the golf team I played horrible granted I was a little under the weather and I had to play with 2 kids who really destroy my mental game while playing but wtf was going on my iron play was awful I had no idea why but it was my wedge it was the weirdest thing I kept hit my wedge literally horizontally right like I had absolutely no idea.what was causing this what part of the face was it coming off it was the absolutely weirdest thing can someone plz help
  3. So you are saying i should just stick with it, the overlapping grip?
  4. Guys i have no idea whats going on with my grip, ok so i started out with a baseball grip but it started to feel really weird and awkward then had my first ever lesson and switched to and overlapping grip and it was amazing so great, for about 2 weeks...now with overlapping i still hit my driver and putter well but my woods,hybrid,irons,wedges feel so weird and im hitting them absolutely awful today, so on the 9th hole (this is for the school by the way) on my like 3rd shot i switch to a baseball grip and blast it with my 3 wood then hit a hybrid shot with baseball grip well, wtf is going on like seriously shud i switch back to the baseball grip tomorrow or what like i have absolutely no idea and ik after ljke 2 weeks baseball grip will start to feel weird i have no idea whats going on plz help.
  5. I have made my highschools golf team. I started seriously working/playing golf about a month ago and played my first round ever in the summer and played a couple rounds after than but really started taking it seriously and playing it regularly a month ago and i really have a passion and love for the game. This year i made the team just by a hair and this years team was much easier to make than usual but i just had to share. The coach was talking to me and said straight out that im the 16th man (last man) on the team and said he understands i dont have much expierence and reccomended getting lessons, which im getting my first lesson tomorrow. I didnt even shoot that well but the coach thinks i have a ot of potential to be a great player and i really think i can be. If you made it this far please give me some pointers on highschool golf and what it was like thankyou for reading.
  6. Today i was playing at the local golf course in my city and i shot an eagle on a par 4. Easily my best shot ever by far. I started golf about 2 to 3 months ago so im not really the greatest and i still have yet to get a birdie. But i have now gotten an eagle... an eagle before my first birdie i actually thought i over hit the shot out of play so i put down a new ball but then my playing partner said "hey you got a callaway right"? And i was like yes? Yes i do? And bam eagle and dont know if it will happen again for a long time (im 15 btw) so ya has this happened to anyone else lol and im gonna keep searching for that birdie!!
  7. So i posted a thread several hours ago about how i was feel strained at the driving range and a couple people were telling me routeens they did at the driving range. So i would like some advice and feel like it would he helpful for all. I dont really have much of a routeen i just dont try to hit the same club more than once or twice in a row. But can you all tell me your driving range routeens and how to get the best out of your bucket of balls?
  8. Does this problem occur for anyone else? I was at the driving range today and hit like 200 balls because there was a lot of buckets people didnt finish off well i went to the driving range yesterday too and for some reason i keep having this problem that after i hit a decent amount of shots my grip and hands and overall swing starts to feel very awkward and i start to hit very bad. I dont understand why this is and it doesnt usually happen on a course but its annoying even though its at the range what happens is i cant square the club up right and when i bring my club in the backswing it just feels really awkward and not correct. I mean im guessing this is because its so many balls one after another and lack of focus but i mean is there any other reasons and does this regulary happen with people?
  9. lets say i putt and chip for an hour to 2 hours every single day for 60 days straight, and lets also say that i am a relatively new golfer that started this summer and shoots around a 55, do you think doing this would increase my scores pretty drastically? and if so by how much like how much would it really help and be worth it? i understand that putting/chipping makes up for half or even more than half your strokes so it basically makes it the most important part of the game. So how much would doing this much practice really help and lower my scores?
  10. I was thinking about getting birdie balls because they are limited flight and and i have heard they resemeble a real golf ball well and not all the time can u go to the driving range or course because it really does run up a bill im only 15 and my parents dont usually let me buy stuff online does anyone know where u can buy these birdie balls at stores? Here are some local stores that might have them but idk golfsmith,golf gaaxy, scheels, dicks sporting goods. Does anyone know if those stores might have them or any other stores that might? Plz help! Thx
  11. Alright first off awesome site finally made an acc so i can enjoy it more but heres my question. Well first off let me start with this i started playing golf this summer and have fell in love with it and try to play atleast some type of golf every week ranging from an actual course driving range or just working on chipping and putting but i would like to take my game to the next level i want to make my highschools golf team this spring i shoot probably around 55 to 60 right now and to make the jv squad you gotta shot about a 45-48 now if i keep practicing if i get some lessons from pga professionals and a month before tryouts i play 15 rounds of golf in that month (i would buy a monthlymembership from a course) are my chances to be able to shoot in that 45-48 range pretty good even though i only started this summer and remember i would still be getting lessons too periodically
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