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  1. I'm gutted too. I've loved following your progress! Please come back soon and let us know how you are getting on! I've loved seeing all your stats! Thanks for the efforts so far! Sick of armchair critics, just let the man get on with it, it's not like he's asked for any advice!
  2. Loving all the stats, and it just highlights the difference in your meticulous approach to dans!
  3. Cheers, just try not to laugh too hard when you look at my rounds
  4. Cheers Pete, I'm following now. Looking forward to getting my game golf, although the biggest surprise on mine was that I wasn't hitting it anywhere near as far as I thought I was definitely overly optimistic on my previous estimates!
  5. Hi Pete, just wondering if you could post a link to your game golf? Would be interesting to follow you and keep up with how your rounds go. No prob see if you don't want to though! I'm looking to get a Gamegolf for a combination of birthday and Christmas this year, fingers xssed! I've used the phone app but it's a bit distracting having to whip the phone out every couple of minutes cheers
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