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  1. Great thanks man.. Am I trying to keep my right leg straight then in the backswing basically? What should it feel like when I'm doing this move correct? Should my torso be leaning over to my trail side while my hips are moving laterally to my lead? also been told I chicken wing it a bit on the downswing not sure if you agree?
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 13/85 My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push slice or straight slice still trying to achieve that ever elusive 'draw'! Had some great feedback from a previous swing vid and was hoping for more of the same as I'm still not doing something right as I can't play a consistent draw for toffee thanks! Videos:
  3. Hi guys! I've tried implementing some of the above discussed tips but still struggling with hitting a straight slice / push slice. attached a video, comments and criticism welcome, all i can think is maybe it's club face related?
  4. People! I hope you're all well! juat looking for a bit more information on hand path and how that relates to the club head and also the club path how can this be applied to playing a draw etc peace!
  5. Has anyone got any advice for hitting the ball higher? I'm getting some mid flight penetrating draws with my long irons but would like to try increase the apex of the trajectory...
  6. Hey man, that link you posted earlier has been an awesome help. I was down the range earlier trying out some of the keys and tips and it was working a treat. I didn't realise until reading the thread as well, that when the club drops, if the handle wasn't pointing slightly in front of the ball (from a down the line view) your club face would cut across the ball no matter your swing path. This was like someone had turned a light on for me! Although it's the bit I'm struggling with most I honestly think this is the biggest reason I've struggled to play that draw shot. Thanks!!
  7. Great advice and points! Anything on dropping the arms into the slot when using lower body, or is just a reaction to the correct move guys? Cheers
  8. I have matey :) already had some nice feedback! Yeah? I can sort of understand what you mean by that. When I start with my lower body I feel like nothing I do will allow the club to drop Into the slot, almost like it's always shift in to and out to in or over the plane, and when I try to drop on a more in to out path it like you say feels very 'stuck'
  9. Right to left not left to right lol sorry
  10. Hey guys! New to the forums and would just like to say, I'm very glad I signed up so far! I've had some real helpful and insightful replies so cheers! :) Right on to my question, I hope this is the right area for this post! I've read and understood that the downswing obviously starts with the lower body. My issue and question is, How much of a conscious move is this for the averge golfer? I've been told that my lower body naturally gets itself into a good position and I don't need to worry to much about feeling like I'm turning my hips to start my swing. This has only confused me though
  11. Hi boogie, thanks for the rapid reply dude Tried this at the rage today, you was definitely right I had a lot of movement going on and know it's gonna be a great help so cheers for pointing that out. A lot of my shots today when trying this were 'snap hooking' or I found id get quite a low flight left to right, but at least they weren't going right further right!!
  12. Oh right! Sorry about that, I had an issue uploading... see if this works :) [VIDEO]https://youtu.be/H396TJuSNIE[/VIDEO] [VIDEO]https://youtu.be/tSVwmczWEjQ[/VIDEO]
  13. Hey guys, I've always struggled with a push slice/slice. I've always wanted to play a consistent draw. I initially thought it was a problem with how i was releasing the club. (As I understood, a push slice is caused by an in to out path with an open face). However watching my videos I don't know if release is the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks I've been Playing Golf for: 4 Years My current handicap index or average score is: +13 My typical ball flight is: Fairly Straight or a slight Fade
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