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  1. Hi everyone! Been a bit since I posted here (end of last year) since I busted my left shoulder (subluxation). I've played about 10 rounds this season thus far, but having real trouble with my driver. I'm constantly topping the ball, slicing, or only hitting about 100 yards. From a few videos a friend of mine took for me, it seems that I'm afraid to hurt my shoulder again, so I keep pulling my left arm in towards my body just short of fully swinging. With that said, I've been researching golf swing training aids (such as the Impact Snap) to try and correct my swing mentally. I've
  2. How many posts or time is needed to reach "Established Member" status?
  3. There seems to be an issue / bug to go back and edit a post. After I make a post, I cannot go back to edit. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Or maybe it's just my profile? Thanks, Ryan
  4. Ah, thanks for the note about not being able to embed images. On another note, for some reason, I cannot edit my first post, so here are the images I was talking about... McLaren GTR
  5. Saw the McLaren while grabbing my coffee this morning... Then saw this GT-R when I went for a walk at lunch. Guess the nice fall weather brings out the impromptu "better get the car out before the snow flies"... I also own a 1969 Mustang Fastback. Nothing special, just an automatic cruiser with a 302. Can't find a picture of it at the moment, but when I do, I will update my post with it. Any other car guys on here? -Ryan
  6. Competition aside, just watching them drive the ball 380+ yards makes me envious. I'd kill to have a constant 1/2 of that drive.
  7. What mvmac said. However, I do seem to play better as my cooler becomes lighter. Has me on this theory that it's a swing-to-weight-to-mind-tricks game.
  8. I'll add that I have been teaching myself how to golf via YouTube videos and reading. Perhaps I don't have a proper golf swing which has added to this?
  9. Hi All, As I wrote in my welcome thread, I dislocated my left shoulder near the end of September, or what I thought was a dislocation. After speaking with my orthopedic doctor, he indicated that it was only a partial dislocation, sometimes referred to as a "shoulder subluxation", along with a torn labrum. My doctor feels that I can recover with just physical therapy, but I'm not feeling so confident. One thing he did say was, "As you get older, your muscles and tendons tighten up, so you will be less likely to dislocate or partial dislocate again". But, I'm only 30, and have a history o
  10. I also do not, but as @Golfingdad mentioned, I may also pick up some of these for my bag.
  11. Thanks again everyone for the replies. I'm going to get my shoulder fixed (hopefully ready for next season), then go do some swinging at my local Golfsmith and see which I am better with. :) -Ryan
  12. Thanks so much for the replies and warm welcome. This forum is absolutely fantastic for helpful information! I guess I will have to wait and see which I hit better with (either the 5W or 3H). I busted my left shoulder at the driving range a few weeks ago and have an MRI next week to find out if I need surgery or not. I was looking to add this last club to complete my set, but it sounds like I should hold off, get my shoulder fixed, then hit the simulator to figure out which club I hit more consistent with.
  13. Hi all, As I wrote in my welcome thread, I'm new to golf as of this year. I'm looking to add either a 5W or a 3H club to my bag. At first, I was all ready to purchase a 5W since that seemed to be the "standard". However, the more research I do, it seems that 5W are going by the wayside and everyone is picking up a 2H or 3H. (Read this article last night) For someone as new as me, do I pick up a 3H to get used to playing hybrids since that seems to be the thing these days? Or pickup a 5W and continue to work on my game and get my technique down? Thanks for the help in advance! -Ryan
  14. Same thing for Chrome for me. And a quick congrats on the conversion over to the new site. I work in IT so I know what it's like to have to convert something and hope it all turns out good on the other side.
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