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  1. Sorry you don't like my word choice. I don't have to prove myself to you, i know my game. Forgive me for saying this but, I don't want my personal info all over this site. I asked for honest opinions, regardless of the person's handicap. Good day.
  2. Thank you for the replies, at the moment, i am about to begin my first competitive season at a junior college after red shirting my freshman year to have another year to get better. My plan is to win nationals individually this year so I may transfer to any division 1 school of my choice (hopefully LSU).
  3. I Just turned 18, first time i ever picked up a golf club was 3 years ago. My current handicap is +2. I've fired tournament rounds in the 60's. Lowest round is a 5 under 67, which ive done more times than i can remember. The best of those 67's was where i had a double bogey and came in 5 under still.. Could of been -7 if i only made par, Maybe next time lol! Anyways what do you think my chances of playing professionally one day after college would be?
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