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  1. How could you possibly know that his chances are good? He says he went from never playing to +2 in 3 years, but there are no links to media or the the "tournaments" he mentions. My guess is that there would be quite a few articles in local media about him if he were that good. When he can direct us to those we will at least know who to keep an eye on. Sorry to come on as all negative (surprise, surprise), but a +2 handicap makes him better than pretty much everyone on this site and better than 99.99% of players anywhere. Why is he asking us? He should know how good he is. He will have played against the best players in his area and they would know how good he is. As would his local professionals.  What is the purpose of asking people who've never met you or seen you play? I have never met a plus handicapper who lacks confidence in their game and certainly never seen a low marker ask others if they are any good. If we are shown a golfing CV, yeah, great. But they are never forthcoming and we get these threads four times a year.  Look at this quote from the OP: [COLOR=181818]"The best of those 67's was where i had a double bogey and came in 5 under still.. Could of been -7 if i only made par,"[/COLOR] [COLOR=181818]What top level player talks like this? Why not say "If I had made a double bogey on the 5th and bogeyed the 8th I wouldn't have broken 70"?[/COLOR] [COLOR=181818]Plus 2 golfers do not play the "if only" game. They talk about what they actually did.[/COLOR] BTW, he's 18, not 12, just in case someone wants to call me a "dream killer" My point is that at +2 he can measure his own game. No need to seek reassurance from 20 markers who have never seen him play and have quite possibly never seen a professional hitting balls in the flesh. Rant over.:-*

    Sorry you don't like my word choice. I don't have to prove myself to you, i know my game. Forgive me for saying this but, I don't want my personal info all over this site. I asked for honest opinions, regardless of the person's handicap. Good day.

  2. You probably know much of it already, but if you want advice as to which areas of your game will pay dividends the book Lowest Score Wins is a good one. It has lots of statistical information about which areas of the game are more important that others when it comes to scoring low, as well as strategies to help plan your way around the golf course.

    I'll forsure check it out, i appreciate it

  3. I Just turned 18, first time i ever picked up a golf club was 3 years ago. My current handicap is +2. I've fired tournament rounds in the 60's. Lowest round is a 5 under 67, which ive done more times than i can remember. The best of those 67's was where i had a double bogey and came in 5 under still.. Could of been -7 if i only made par, Maybe next time lol! Anyways what do you think my chances of playing professionally one day after college would be?
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